How to Migrate, Export Yahoo Emails to Office 365 in an Easy and Effective Way?

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Nowadays, emails have become one of the most important means of communication between home users and professionals as well. And, to have an email communication, users can utilize any email client as per need. It is also has been cleared that applications are improvising their standards and user requirements to next level. As technologies are increasing and so the challenges are arising who are looking a way to move from Yahoo Mail to Office 365. Users wants to copy all their data to a different application in a situation when they are not satisfied with the one they are making use of. Yahoo Mail is one such emailing program that does not fulfil the user requirements appropriately. Therefore users face an issue and visits different forums to find the solution of “how to migrate Yahoo Mail to O365?” Also, if a user is switching the business from small to large scale then also it is essential to have an application which delivers professional working interface to users. In order to experience more advance level of communication or want to secure the data, then it would be beneficial to move to Office 365 from Yahoo Mail. To solve the issue of a user, we have discussed multiple approaches in the write-up that can help in migrating Yahoo emails to Office 365.

Reasons of Exporting Yahoo Mail to Office 365

In order to have a proper understanding of user needs to perform Yahoo to Office 365 migration, we have discussed the most common issues put up by users. With such type of queries one can get the idea of why users wants a way out to import Yahoo Mail to O365.

In todays’ world, where the technology is increasing day by day, Yahoo Mail has become little outdated as compared to other new web-based email client like Office 365. In order to grab all the new exciting features provided by Office 365 application, I have decided to move from Yahoo Mail app to Office 365 environment. Therefore, I am finding a solution that can help me out in migrating Yahoo Mail data to Office 365 in perfect and precise way.

Yahoo Mail is appropriate for small scale organizations with limited services and Office 365 provides more flexible environment for business related activities. After viewing Office 365 specialities like safe and secure, meeting scheduling etc. I started to look for an approach to migrate to O365 from Yahoo emailing app. As, I am unaware of how will I move my Yahoo Mail data to Office 365, so if anyone knows the related solution, please provide ASAP!

I am using the trial edition of Office 365 premium business from last few days because it delivers more professional environment to users. So, I am having lot of Yahoo Mail files in my system as I was working on it before, I tried number of times to transfer data from Yahoo to O365 account but every time I failed in executing the process. That’s why I am searching a tool to convert Yahoo Mail to Office 365 in simple and easy way.

Solution – How to Migrate Email to Office 365 from Yahoo?

Migrating from one email application to another has become a trend among users these days. They keeps moving between applications to experience more advance functionalities. One such common migration nowadays is of Yahoo Mail to O365. So, here we have highlighted various useful tips that a user can use to perform the same effectively.

Manual Way to Migrate Yahoo to Office 365

One thing user should keep in mind that there is no single direct method available to convert Yahoo to O365. Therefore, it is must to first import Yahoo Mail to Office 365 through Outlook method and later move the imported Yahoo Mail to Outlook Web App.

Convert Yahoo Mail to Exchange Online through PST File Format

To export Yahoo Mail to OWA account through Outlook data file format, a user should follow the steps mentioned below:

At first, change Yahoo Mail account security, enable the option “Allow apps that use less secure sign-in”.

Now open MS Outlook >> go to File >> Click on Info >> Select Add Account >> Click Manually Configure Server Settings >> Click Next.

From Add New Account, select either POP3 or IMAP option and click Next.

Enter all the required credentials in Yahoo address email and password. (Check on Remember Password box if you do not want to enter the password every time.

Type in the incoming mail server field and type in outgoing server field.

Click More Settings >> in POP and IMAP Account Settings enter name for the account.

Select Outgoing Server tab >> Check My outgoing server (SMTP) needs authentication >> Select Use Same Settings as My Incoming Mail Server option.

Go to Advanced tab >> type 995 for POP3 server and type 465 for SMTP.  Choose SSL for encrypted connection and check the option “The Server Requires an Encrypted Connection”.

Click OK >> click Next >> click Finish >> Exit and Restart Outlook.

At last, click Send/Receive and select Send/Receive all Folders option. You will see all the Yahoo folders present in Outlook app.

Go to default location to check if migrated Yahoo file is saved or not.

Move Exported Yahoo Email to Office 365 OWA Account

To transfer resultant Outlook data file to O365 account, user can choose the method as discussed below:

Method 1. Use Network Upload

  1. At first, install Azure AzCopy on the machine and copy SAS URL.
  2. Upload all files to O365 account.
  3. View uploaded file to continue the process.
  4. Create the import job in O365.

Method 2. Using Drive Shipping

Copy files in BitLocker – encrypted hard disk.

Transfer the drive physically to Microsoft.

Once the hard disk was received, the data personal start uploading received MS Outlook data to a location which is temporary in Microsoft cloud.

You can take help of Office 365 Import Service to convert exported Yahoo data to O365 Account.

Why not to opt Manual Process?

There is a possibility that a user could fail to import Yahoo Mail to O365 account manually because of the following reasons:

  • Manual Process is lengthy and a complicated process for non-professionals. So, it will become a time-consuming process. Also, technical knowledge is must.
  • Risk of data loss is involved.

Recommended Way to Import/Transfer Yahoo Mail to Exchange Online

No direct method is present to implement the same. So, in order to have accurate and error-free migration and to overcome all the manual procedure limitations, one can try third party utility and perform Yahoo Mail to Office 365 backup and import PST file to O365 account efficiently.


After understanding all the issues faced by a user regarding “How to migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365?” we have discussed different ways for the same. A user can choose the method as per need. Manual Procedure carries some limitations, so it is better to go for Yahoo Mail to O365 Restore to transfer, migrate, import, export Yahoo Mail to Exchange Online.