Gmail Account Hacked – “Tips on How to Secure Gmail Account from Hackers”

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Nowadays, more than half of world population utilize Gmail for daily communication process. With Gmail, Google offered other email services too to get lot of new users. Today’s lot of professionals and individuals take Gmail for granted to send/receive emails. In spite of convenience, we do not realize that like all other things, internet is prone to hackers. Thus, in the article, we have discussed “how to keep Gmail account safe from malicious attacks and hackers”.

How to Keep Gmail Account Secure from Hackers?

  1. Do not apply Weak Password
  2. Enable 2-Step Verification
  3. Set Recovery Email and Phone
  4. Complete Checklist of Gmail Security
  5. Monitor Phishing Attempts
  6. Encrypt emails of Gmail account
  7. Check recent security events

Apply Strong Password

Many times, we unable to remember a password that we applied on Gmail account, but it does not mean that we can use weak password. Few people use date of birth as a password. Hackers make use of sophisticated tools that can help them out to break Gmail account password by generating combination of passwords. Thus, it is better to change your password frequently and apply the one that is difficult to decipher.

Moreover, it is recommended to make use of password managers. Also, make sure that you have not used the same password on other sites. It will be great if you make use custom phrase as a password. In an end, password should carry special characters and make sure that one letter should be in uppercase and rank high in difficulty.

Enable 2-Step Verification

These days, lot of apps started offering two-factor authentication but many people does not seem interested in it. By using two-factor authentication, a user can protect account when logging from public enabled network. Attackers unable to hack your account as they will not have accessibility of OTP that is sent onto your phone.  Check – How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication?

You can change personal settings of your computer as trusted so that you do not need to go through two-factor authentication.

Set Recovery Email and Phone

This is one of the most crucial step to secure Gmail account. Updating recovery email and phone not only helps in forgotten password recovery but also notifies for suspicious activities. The warning system will send an alert on both SMS and email. The alert generally sent when account will configured with new device or accessed from new location.

Complete Checklist of Gmail Security

Does anyone know Gmail has security checklist? It is quite a useful in-built functionality tool which is accessible by navigating to Accounts >> Sign in & Security page. A questionnaire will appear asking to review some information.

Monitor Phishing Attacks

Phishing is a kind of social engineering attack where an attacker will hack your password and all associated credentials concealing themselves as a legal site. For instance, a phishing site is entirely similar to the original website. However, one can say it is a credential-stealing machine.

Usually, Gmail will not ask to enter credentials, even if it is guaranteed that website is legit. Crosscheck grammatical or typo’s error, there could be a possibility that you can see a little difference in a URL. Moreover, it is recommended to refrain from posting personal info on social media sites.

Gmail Emails Encryption

Encryption is an advance security solution. Encryption helps to make sure that only recipient has an authority to read a message. In other words, it is kind of like key and lock technology. Those who have a key to that lock allowed to open it. Here, you can see if email is encrypted or not.

  1. Compose a message
  2. In Add recipient field, check lock icon appearing on right.
  3. Icon will show level of user encryption.
  4. Click on icon to fetch details.

Check Security Events

It is a perfect way to see the activity of Google account. It is nothing, only an advance log that allows checking of login activities of Google profile. It shows all the login information with location and time stamp. To use the feature, move cursor to Google Profile photo and hit Account.


The segment has discussed the ways to secure Gmail account from hackers. A web-based program that can be attacked easily in the form of phishing, malware and exploiting vulnerabilities. Moreover, it is reported that 91% of Cyber Attacks start with phishing email. Thus, to over such issues one can take help of Email Backup Tool. With the help of the application, a user can backup Gmail emails to Office 365, Exchange Server, IMAP, AWS, Yahoo and more cloud accounts. Even the tool allows downloading Gmail INBOX emails on PC by transferring them to compatible file types such as PST, PDF, MSG, EML, MBOX and much more.