Migrating Mailbox from Gmail to Office 365 in Easy Way

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Step by Step IMAP Migration to Office 365 with All Emails and Attachments

Are you seeking how to migrate mail from Gmail to Office 365 webmail with attachments? Then not to worry, here in this article, you will find the correct method to complete the task of how to perform IMAP migration from Gmail to Office 365.

Gmail is an abundant email client solution that caters to the needs of individuals and organizations of numerous sizes. But understanding the aptness of Microsoft Office 365 for enterprise-level uses, a number of organizations are switching over to it. Though, if you are considering forward to move your mailboxes and its connected data from Gmail Google App to Office 365, here are few steps describe what you need to follow:

Gmail to Office 365 – Tool to Migrate Gmail Mails to Office 365

Google Mail to Office 365 Migration Tool is an effortless approach for migrating multiple Gmail mailboxes to Office 365 directly. The application supports user-friendly interface so that technical and non-technical users will find the tool easy to operate and move Gmail account data to Office 365 without trouble. Download the free demo of Gmail to Office 365 Migration Tool and analyse the steps and features of the tool before purchasing the license key. Implement the below steps carefully and migrate Gmail mail to Office 365 in seconds:

Step 1. Download, install and run Gmail to Office 365 Tool on Windows PC.

Step 2. Choose Gmail option from the source list that is displaying on the left side of the tool.

Step 3. Enter the related login details of Gmail account in username and password and click Login button.

Step 4. The tool starts loading the Gmail folders in an exact structure in the left window of the software.

Step 5. Apply the filter, if needed using to, from, subject and date range options.

Step 6. Now, choose the option of Office 365 from the list of saving output options.

Step 7. Fill Office 365 login details.

Step 8. At last, click on Backup button to start Gmail to Office 365 migration process.

With the help of the steps, a user can successfully move Gmail mailbox to Office 365 with accurate email components and folder structure. Also, one can download and utilize its benefits on all versions of Windows OS.

Main Features of Gmail to Office 365 Migration Tool

Direct Gmail Migration to Office 365 The application is programmed in a way that a user can directly move Gmail mails to Office 365 with attachments accurately. The software only needs the login details of source and destination applications i.e. Gmail and Office 365 and then the tool will perform direct migration between them without any data loss issue.

Offers Multiple Filters for Migration Gmail to Office 365 Tool provides several filters that can applied for executing selective file migration. By using to, from, subject and date range fields, a user can move the desired files/folders from Gmail account to Office 365 environment in seconds.

Preserves Folder Structure of Gmail Gmail to O365 application is capable of maintaining and preserving the structure of Gmail account folders without altering the accurate data items. The software also enables to save single/multiple files from Gmail profile. And, during the process, the tool will take care of the folder structure. It will remain in an exact form as before.

Saves Mails of Gmail with Attachments If you are worrying about the attachments of Gmail emails, then there is no need to worry about, as the tool will automatically move Gmail mails to Office 365 with attachments. Moreover, the email attributes and content will remain accurate throughout the process.

Save Migration Details in TXT Format – When the Gmail to Office 365 Migration Tool completes the process; a message will appear “Conversion is Done”. Clicking on its OK button, the tool will open Notepad window that will show the entire migration details such as starting date, end date, time, saving option, destination path and status. This will be save in .txt format and can be used as a record for future use.

Why Need of Gmail to Office 365 Migration?

  • Office 365 delivers many remarkable features that makes it a prior choice for users over Gmail.
  • Gmail make use of labels than folders. Also, the interface is quite outdated now and also consumes a little time for sending mails.
  • Office 365 carries simple interface with drag and drop functionality. Moreover, it is convenient to use for user.
  • Office 365 does not require synchronization; it stores its entire database online.
  • Provides lot of space that allow users to keep all the desktop emails without archiving.
  • Office 365 application provides more advance functioning to users than Gmail.


The write up has been focused on how a user can migrate their mail from Gmail to Microsoft Office 365 account with attachments. Here we have described the complete steps for migrating mailbox from Gmail account to Office 365 cloud with Gmail to Office 365 Migration Tool, which allows you to migrate bulk emails from Gmail account to Office 365 webmail with all attachments at once. Get the free demo of the tool now on any Windows OS that allows to move first 20 mails from Gmail to O365 free of cost.