How to Wipe MFT Free Space? – Try A Direct Solution!

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The Master File Table, also known as a logbook, keeps a record of all the files that are currently on your computer or storage device. You can use all of the storage media’s space by erasing MFT. How to delete MFT free space is covered in this blog. Use file erasure software like CubexSoft File Eraser to make sure that the deleted MFT index files cannot be recovered, not even by data recovery tools. The software has the ability to permanently delete any MFT free space that MFT index files and thumbnails have left behind.

What is the Master File Table (MFT)?

The Master File Table, which functions like a logbook and is unique to NTFS, is. It keeps track of all the files that are accessible on that storage drive. Other details, such as its size, time and date stamps, permissions, and data content, are additionally saved either in MFT. The volume keeps increasing as new files are added. It is the main justification for OS’s partial storage reserve, which is less than all of the available capacity.

Why is MFT wiping necessary?

The process of file erasure must first be understood in order to appreciate the significance of wiping MFT files. The file and its MFT index pointers are not permanently erased when you format a file or remove it from your system (Shift+Del or emptying the recycle bin). Suddenly, they are no longer visible. Using data recovery software, anyone may simply recover the file and MFT components.

When you delete a file, the system simply marks the entry for that file as “free.” This “free space” can be used to add new files to the system. However, a data recovery program can quickly find the deleted files and restore them using the MFT table.

Because you don’t want anyone to be able to restore your erased files, you must wipe the deleted MFT files. Another reason is that, after clearing the MFT, you can use all of the available space to store your files.

How to Erase MFT Data Files Securely?

As explained in the previous section, formatting or utilising system settings to delete files does not completely erase them. You’ll need to use file erasure software to accomplish that. A Data Wipe Tool operates by overwriting a file on top of it once or more. In this manner, the files are rendered unreadable and are not retrievable by data recovery apps. In order to stop any data recovery software from recovering the files you destroyed, a file wiping software can overwrite the MFT free space.

CubexSoft Disk Wipe, which may be used to permanently delete files, directories, free space, application traces, and Internet history from your PC, Mac, or any storage device, is one of the most reputable file deletion applications. It is a reliable software, with a simple interface, which efficiently erases all MFT free space.

How to Wipe MFT Free Space with CubexSoft Data Wipe Software?

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Step 1. Download, install, and launch the software on your Windows PC correctly. After that open the program and perform the wiping process perfectly.

Step 2. Insert the data on the application, which is needed to be erased from the MFT by clicking the Select Files or Select Folders options. Also, use the Logical Drive, select the desired drive that wants a wipe, and then press the Next button.

Step 3. The program will analyse the loaded files and load them on the software as a list. One can cross-check them and continue by pressing the Next button.

Step 4. Set filter facilities to delete required items such as date range, file mask, and overwrite data.

Step 5. Now, choose the Wiping Methods by clicking the drop-down arrow showing in front of it. The software will show selections like Zero (1 Pass), Random (1 Pass), Wipe–Simple (1 Pass), and more. After choosing the desired wiping techniques, hit on Wipe button.

Step 6. After doing all steps, the software will show a new Windows and will ask for confirmation. Pick the Yes button, if you need to continue with the wiping process.

Step 7. Now, use the window that is displayed to see the live data wiping process. It displays the current file or folder, and the total number of files and bytes that have been deleted.

Users will see the notification “Data Wipe Process Successfully Completed” once the application has completed the erasing process. To successfully complete the process, click OK.

Final Words!

We have mentioned above, actual storage space is never as large as what is represented. You can make space available on your storage device by permanently erasing MFT free space. The article discusses the reliable method to do that. Additionally, by permanently erasing the MFT space, you stop data recovery applications from restoring the deleted files. It is advised to utilise file erasing software to permanently erase MFT empty space.