How to Export Outlook Calendar to Apple Calendar? – Top 3 Methods!

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import outlook calendar to apple calendar

Summary: Are you wondering about how to export Outlook calendar to Apple calendar? If so, keep reading to find out the top 4 simplest and most efficient ways to convert an Outlook calendar to an Apple calendar. By providing step-by-step instructions, we have made this task quite simple.

Digital calendars are now widely used for several tasks, including event scheduling, date specification, meeting planning, and serving as a helpful reminder for users on key dates. Organizations and people most commonly utilize the calendars provided by Apple and Outlook.

It becomes difficult for an Outlook user to import their Outlook calendar into their Apple calendar when they convert to Apple. If you’re wondering how to export Outlook calendar to Apple calendar in a simple manner that everyone can comprehend, we’ve covered every scenario. So let’s get started without wasting any time.

User Query –

“I used the Outlook email client while working on Windows, and Outlook saved all of my data. I recently purchased a new Macbook, and I would like to move from Apple Mail. I need help importing my Outlook calendar into my Apple calendar. Can someone please help?”

How to Import Outlook Calendar to Apple Calendar?

Outlook offers users the option to store calendar data in.ics format in addition to the commonly used.PST format for export. Apple Calendar, Calendar, and other calendar programs support the iCalendar file format, which is sometimes known as ICS or iCal. You have two options: sync your Outlook calendar directly with Apple Calendar or export it to the iCal format and send it to Apple. Here are our top three explanations:

#1. Convert Outlook Calendar to Apple Calendar with Outlook

The following two steps will assist you in exporting your Outlook calendar to iCal Mac:

#Part 1. Export Calendar from Outlook to iCal

  1. Launch the Outlook program to get started.
  2. In the left bar, click the calendar icon that is visible at the bottom.
  3. Now choose Save Calendar from the menu by clicking the File tab.
  4. Select the path from the pop-up screen and click the Save button.

#Part 2. Import iCal to Apple Calendar

  1. Launch Apple Mail and navigate to the calendar.
  2. To import an Outlook calendar into an Apple calendar, select File and then Import.
  3. Use the previous step to browse the.ics file that you saved.
  4. Finally, press the import icon.

Cons of this Technique –

  • Users are unable to export a specific Outlook calendar to Apple Calendar using this method.
  • Bulk Outlook calendar export to Apple calendar is not possible with this method.
  • Is a time-consuming, repetitive procedure.
  • This method is not recommended for non-technical users.
  • Outlook’s ability to create ICS files may occasionally fail.

#2. Sync Outlook Calendar to Apple Calendar

You can use Mac Calendar to help you sync your Outlook calendar with your Apple calendar. To export an Outlook calendar to an Apple Calendar, follow these steps:

  1. Just open the Apple calendar on your Mac.
  2. After selecting Preferences, select Accounts.
  3. Pick “Microsoft Exchange” under “Select a Calendar provider.”
  4. Click Next after entering your Outlook login information.
  5. Click Next after choosing Calendar from the Sync settings.
  6. To sync the Apple calendar with the Outlook calendar, click Add Account.

Cons of this Technique –

  • It’s possible that this method won’t properly sync all of the Outlook calendar data.
  • In the case of bulk synchronization, it may fail or display errors.
  • Does not enable the export of an Outlook calendar with only specific information to an Apple calendar.

#3. Professional Way to Export Outlook Calendar to Apple Calendar

The most effective method for exporting an Outlook calendar to an Apple calendar is to use a sophisticated tool designed specifically for this purpose. CubexSoft PST Converter is the most well-known tool used by professionals to export multiple Outlook calendars to iCal at once, along with only the data they require. Without requiring the installation of an email client, this application exports Outlook Calendar directly to Apple Calendar.

Numerous sophisticated features are available in this software to make your work easier and enable you to import a calendar in any format from an Outlook account to an iCal Mac. You should definitely try this software if you want to save time and get what you need.

Follow Step By Step Guide to Import Outlook Calendar to Apple Calendar in Bulk Mode

If you need to open Outlook calendar to Mac calendar simply and conveniently, then perform the below-mentioned steps –

Download, install, and launch the software on your Mac OS.

After that open the program and Click on the Add Files or Add Folder button to load the Outlook calendar for the conversion process and click Next.

Now you can see the all selected data items. Click on their respective checkboxes to choose them for migration and then press the Next button to continue.

Select “Saving Output Options” from the drop-down menu list.

After that, press the Export button after giving or using the sub-options that are available for each saving choice as needed. A live conversion window will appear to start the process, which can be tracked.

The program will show a pop-up message on the screen saying “Conversion Completed”. When the complete process is done. You can close the process by clicking the OK button.

Some Unique Features of this Software

  • The application provides Add Files and Add Folder options for choosing PST files.
  • The program has an extremely user-friendly interface that makes it simple for users to operate without technical assistance.
  • It enables batch data conversion from Outlook calendars to Apple calendars in.ics format without sacrificing data accuracy.
  • Calendars, appointments, and events are successfully exported from Outlook to the iCalendar file format by the software.
  • The program runs smoothly on all Windows versions, including Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and so forth.
  • The program preserves all calendar element formatting without sacrificing any data.
  • It provides an “Output Folder Location” box so that users can conveniently store the converted ICS files for later access.
  • Users can quickly and easily convert large PST files without experiencing any corruption issues with the aid of this tool.
  • To export an Outlook calendar to an iCalendar file, the software works without the need for an external application.

Time to Conclude

The top 3 ways to import an Outlook calendar into an Apple calendar were covered in this article. You can quickly export your Outlook calendar to an Apple calendar using the aforementioned methods, no matter what you need. You have two options: use the feature-rich tool designed specifically to export Outlook calendar to iCal, or employ manual methods. Decide which option best meets your needs.