How to Export SME Mail in Office 365?

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The users of SME Mail Server based on Linux searches for an effective method to convert SME Mail to Office 365, so through this blog, let me introduce you an automated method that helps you to migrate SME Mail into Office 365 directly.

Let’s see some user’s doubts regarding SME Mails Server first:

Hello, I am Fredrick, I have been utilizing SME Mail Server by Linux since 2018, as it helps in maintaining my firm’s emails well, however I have no such technical knowledge about the Linux OS and Mails Server, so now I want to convert all such SME Mail in Office 365. I have so many of the accounts on the SME Server, I want them all in the Office 365 without losing even one. Kindly help me out of this situation.

As it is well known that SME Server is the secure and reliable source for sending and receiving email messages. But it is quite technical in terms of fixing any issue arising in mid between when it stops sending or receiving emails. So, now I want to switch from SME Mail to Office 365, as it seems quite easy to handle the Office 365 accounts.

I am an entrepreneur, and my administrating team operates on SME Mail Server for the purpose of email transfer and management. The situation is that the SME mail Server is not that pocket-friendly, as whenever there is an issue happen, heavy amount of money I have to pay for fixing, Kindly Suggest me a cost effective way of maintaining the emails. Thanks

Import SME Mail to Office 365 Account

CubexSoft Maildir to Office 365 Converter is a full-fledged technique that overcomes all the issues that hurdles the way to convert SME Mail to Office 365. So patiently read the blog thoroughly, as I am going to provide you a complete knowledge of the converter here.

Advantages of SME Mail to Office 365 Converter

  • Maildir Export is the securest and most reliable source for the conversion without any complications.
  • In a single processing of conversion users can convert bulk of SME Mail into Office 365 Account without any data loss.
  • Simple working mechanism so that anyone can operate it without any technical expertise or knowledge.
  • There is an option to see the Preview of the selected SME mails before it get converted into Office 365 account.
  • The software avails facility to save the attachments of the SME Mail separately.
  • The software keeps remain all the characteristics of the SME Mail same in the converted Office 365 account.
  • There is a requirement to fill the login credentials of the Office 365 account accurately.
  • Users have the availability of various filter options such as date filter, email filter, attachment filter.
  • It is a Windows supported software hence it works on all Windows OS for example Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP etc.
  • A Report generates automatically after the conversion in TXT file format consisting all the conversion detail. You may save the file.

Working Procedure of the software- How Does SME Mail to Office 365 Converter Work?

You just need to follow these simple steps for the conversion of SME Mail to Office 365 that are given below:

Step1:  Launch SME Mail to Office 365 Converter on Windows OS in your system.

Step2: Now go to Select file option situated in the top menu bar.

Step3: There are dual option to select SME files for conversion into Office 365 such as “Select File” and “Select folder”.

Step4: All such selected SME files you may see now on the left pane of the software. The checkboxes also attach with every folder or file, so now you can select the particular SME file that you want to convert in Office 365, as per your requirement.

Step5: Now you can see the selected files in “Preview” option. There is a “Save attachment” option also available.

Step6: Now directly go to “Export” option from the menu bar.

Step7: Here you see many output options available, Go with Office 365 output amongst them. Advance filters options also there, set them accordingly.

Step8: Now, you are required to fill some essential details like login detail and password of the Office 365 account.

Step9: Click “Export” that initiates processing of conversion with live status.

Step10: Now within some seconds you get pop-up “Export Completed Successfully”. Press Ok and it completes the task.

Let’s Wrap Up

The above-mentioned blog is fully devoted to how you can easily export SME Mail in Office 365 Converter. In the first segment, there are some user queries that are being solved in the second segment mentioning all the features or advantages. In the end, I elaborated the complete working procedure of the tool. Now you must try the free demo version of the tool, which is available on converting first 25 SME Mails.