Where Mozilla Thunderbird Stores Messages and Other User Data?

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Mozilla Thunderbird is the most advanced email application which stores messages and other user data in the default saved file which is called as Profile. This profile folder has complete data of Mozilla Thunderbird account and it contains all messages, passwords, and preferences of the user. Most of us have the default single profile but you may also create multiple users in Thunderbird application and in that case, the Profile file will be created for each user.

Elaborated Theory for Profile File of Thunderbird

The Profile file contains two sets of data of Thunderbird. This file saves your local mail data and copies of messages that are available on the mail server. Mail server messages can be stored if you configured your Thunderbird account. In Profile file, you can find that data which is created by the changes in Thunderbird account, it may be the changes in account settings and toolbar. The profile is set by default when you install the Mozilla Thunderbird application on your computer system. You can invoke it and create a new Profile if you want to set a new name otherwise it will continue with the name Default.

Where Mozilla Thunderbird Stores Profile?

Now, many users want to know where the Profile of Thunderbird is. First, you need to understand that the created profile data are static and it will not changes, but if you upgrade your Thunderbird email client it may create a new profile file without losing the data of the last Profile files. In any circumstances, if your Thunderbird application not working potentially, then you can use these profile files to get all your data back.

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How to Find Default Profile of Mozilla Thunderbird

With Thunderbird

  1. Utilize the Menu Button or Bar.
  2. Now, you can find the Help menu from which you need to click on the Troubleshooting Information option.
  3. Then, you can reach the Application Basics section where you need to choose Profile Folder.
  4. Click on Open Folder tab.

After this process, Windows Explorer will show you complete information of your Thunderbird Profile files such as the name of the file and location where it located.

Without Thunderbird

The default Thunderbird Profile files are hidden, you cannot these files directly on your desktop. Through the help of the following steps you can find these files:

  1. To Run the dialog box you are required to press Window key+R.
  2. Now, type %APPDATA%\Thunderbird\Profiles\.
  3. Press OK tab through which you can reach that screen where you can get the Profile folder.
  4. To open the folder, you need to double-click on that folder. If you are using a single user Thunderbird application then this folder will be named as default.

Note: To reach directly on the screen of the Profile folder, you can press the Window key and type %APPDATA%\Thunderbird\Profiles\ simultaneously.

Backup Thunderbird Profile Data

Through the help of the CubexSoft Thunderbird Converter tool, you can perfect this backup process without any error or loss. This software allows users to backup Thunderbird to PST, PDF, EML, MSG, etc. To convert Thunderbird to PDF files this software allows users to select other options like advanced PDF options and attachments options. This software also processes Thunderbird emails and save them into cloud-based email applications (Office 365, Exchange Server, Hotmail.com, Gmail, G Suite, and so on) directly.