What is an .emlx/eml and How do I Open it?

Pooja Goswami | How to's Technology | 3 minutes read | Last updated on February 8th, 2023,

The article provides good insight about what EMLx and EML files are and how to convert them in other file formats. The other topics we cover are how to create EMLx/EML file, and how to open them in other platforms.

EMLx/EML Files- Introduction

EMLx/EML is the file extension used to store email message. Although, the reason for using these extensions are similar but they are not exactly same.

EMLx files often said to be Apple Mail email files since they are generated by Apple Mail Mac operating system. These files are plain text files that store single email message.

EML files on the other hand is an electronic email or E-mail messages file created by Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail and other email clients. Just like EMLx, these are also a plain test files store individual mail.

How can I Open an EMLx or EML File?

You can certainly open the EMLx file with the help of Apple Mail, the program available in the mac operating system.

However, Apple Mail is not the sole program through which you can open the EMLx file. As EMLx is a plain text file, you can use any text editor like Notepad++ or Windows Notepad. Nevertheless, it is better to open the EMLx file with Apple Mail program.

In case of EML, you can open the file with Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird and other email clients. There are some more alternative like Group Wise, Message Viewer Lite and EML Viewer for opening EML file. Just like EMLx, you can open the EML file in Notepad.

Although, if the EML files contain attachments then Notepad is not a good option to open the EML file. You cannot view EML attachments with a text editor. You can view other properties like to/from email addresses, subject, and body content.

Additional Information: If you happen to have, an EMLx or EML file of unknown source and has no associated email client then better to open it with Notepad++. Using a text editor, you can identity what is the format of file and what program is used to create the specific file.

EMLx/EML File Storage Location

EMLx file as we mentioned earlier is the file generated by Apple Mail on Mac operating system. The storage location of EMLx file can be:

~user/Library/Mail/ folder usually under the “Mailboxes/[mailbox]/Messages/ subfolder”

~user/Library/Mail/ folder/ and sometimes within the “subfolder /[account]/INBOX.mbox/Messages/”

Multiple email clients like Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, eM Client and Mozilla Thunderbird can create EML files. The storage location of EML files depend upon the associated email client. You can double click on the file to open them in any supported program.

Still Can’t Open it?

Users sometimes interpret EMI (one that has capital “i”)  as a EML file. EMI files are completely different file format.

LXFML files are looks similar in appearance by are LEGO Digital Designer XML files.

There are some other file formats like XML, EMZ, XLM and ELM which appears similar but don’t open with the same programs.

How to Convert EML/EMLx File?

The All-in One CubexSoft EML Converter is the best choice for converting EMLx/EML Files on both the Mac operating system and Windows operating system.

To convert EML files to PST, PDF, MBOX, MSG, EMLx, Gmail, G Suite, Exchange Server, Yahoo Mail, IMAP Server, Office 365, Outlook.com and Hosted Exchange Server, use EMLX File Converter. All you need to add EML/EMLx file in the software, select desirable option and tap on Export button. All the files successfully exported to desirable platform.