EML to Office 365 Converter Tool to Import EML Files to Office 365 Account

  • Migrate EML files to Office 365 with Attachment
  • Simply Convert EML Files to Office 365EML Export Tool to Export EML files into multiple file format.
  • Capable to convert unlimited .eml files into O365 at once
  • Retains entire emails folder structure
  • Workable on entire EML files of all emails app
  • Capable to View & Read EML files freely.
  • Import EML to Office 365 with 100% accuracy

* Download Free EML to Office 365 Converter Trial that allow to convert 10 .eml mail messages to O365 without any charges.

The EML to O365 tool helps to directly import .eml files into Office 365.
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Highlights of Benefits – EML to Office 365 Converter

Batch EML into Office 365 Windows Compatibility

Batch EML files conversion to O365

The advance & HOT EML to Office 365 Converter is trouble-free solution to import EML files to O365 with the consumption of minimum time. The tool supports batch function and with this facility users can successfully import unlimited EML files of a folder into Office 365 in one round, thereby saving their much crucial time from individual migration processing.

EML emails upload to Office 365 Online

Maintains Attachments & Images as it is

The powerful EML to O365 converter app holds the eml attachments & images secure during the conversion processing. You will get entire eml files with attachments as they were saved previously. Moreover, all the conversion process is effective for users’ satisfaction, emails attached files data will be maintained unchanged.

EML database into O365

Supports to View Inaccessible & Corrupted EML Files Properly

If your files are not open, inaccessible or corrupted and want to view properly then it is also an effective solution to open corrupted EML files which helps to view .eml files and easily convert into Office 365. By using the app, you can show your files exactly without any issue or charge.

Best EML to O365 Tool to import emails in Office 365

Retains Data Properties of EML Files

Emails metadata information or other data of emails such as to, cc, bcc, subject, hyperlinks, images, plain text, formatting, font style, etc. are saved exactly unchanged. So after conversion processing of the EML to Office 365 Converter tool, you will get your emails data with complete details and information.

Resume & Pause Facility

Resume & Pause Migration Facility

The tool offers users with facility of continued uploading of data. The app provides a smart Pause & Resume option during the conversion procedure. Using this option, you can pause or resume the migration process of EML files to Office 365 without any issue and complete the process as per your convenience or requirement.

Filter option

Filter database Option for Elegant Search

The app provides filter option to open or check files smartly. This option enables to search an individual email using the search option in the preview. Filter option (from, to, date, subject, size, sent, received) assists them to make the finding process easier & quick.

EML files supported

Supports all types EML files

The app is capable to successfully support all eml files based email clients such as – Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, DreamMail, eM Client, Outlook Express, etc. to convert into Office 365. So without any hassle, you can import EML files to Office 365 effectively & precisely.

No Lomitation for conversion

Easy & No limitation for files Size & Quantity

Graphical User Interface of the app is very simple and no technical information is required to operate it. By using EML to Office 365 Converter, you can import unlimited EML files into Office 365. Moreover, any large amount of EML files data of any size can be converted into O365 without any trouble.

Screenshots to Import EML Files to Office 365

EML files to Office 365 Migrator utility is developed for users’ help to successfully import .eml files to Office 365 without any error. Some working screenshots of the software are given below, see that what is the exact look of our software during the migration process.

add EML files

Step 1 : Select EML files from the left side of the computer data list in the Software & Click on Export Button.

choose the required file saving format to save EML files

Step 2 :Choose Office 365 option to save files & enter login details of O365. Click on Convert Button.

click on convert to start conversion process

Step 3 :With green progress bar, the Software completes the conversion with successful message.

Know How to Import EML Files to Office 365 in Working Steps

Although EML to Office 365 Converter software is very simple to operate, yet to know about the complete working steps of the app, follow the given conversion guide in simple steps which help to understand the whole procedure –

Step 1 - Install, Download & Launch the Software

Quickly Download, Install & launch the software on your desktop of your computer. It will be shown as given below –

launch EML to O365 Tool
Step 2 - Select EML files from the Saving Location

On the left side of the software, entire data is shown with tree structure. It enables to directly browse the location of the saved .eml files. Tick on the EML files which you want to convert into Office 365 document.

Add EML files from software left pane
Step 3 - Preview entire EML files & click on Export button

After selecting .eml files, check or view selected EML files with multiple filter options and then click on Export button for next proceeding.

Preview selected files & Click on Export Button
Step 4 - Choose Office 365 Option & fill Office 365 Login Details

Now Click on “Selecting Saving Option” and choose Office 365 to save files. Then fill the login details of your Office 365 account.

choose Office 365 option to export EML files to Office 365
Step 5 - Click on Convert Button

After that click on Convert Button to start the conversion process.

start the conversion process

After that, check your Office 365 cloud account, entire EML files database will be exported into Office 365 surely.

FAQs about How to import EML files into Office 365

I am having EML files exported from Windows Live Mail, but the app is no more there in my system. Can I still import EML files to Office 365 account using this software?

Yes, EML to Office 365 Exporter is an independent application and doesn’t need any other app to perform its task. You can easily transfer your EML files to O365 webmail account without installation of Windows Live Mail or any other application.

Can I use this software on Mac OS X?

No, the software is completely Windows based and is not compatible with any Mac OS system. However, you can use this application on all Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) editions – 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista etc.

What is the file size limitation of this tool?

There is no such file size limitation and you can convert any number of EML files of any size into your Exchange Online account without any issues.

I have a few folders, each containing EML files extracted from different email clients. Can I import all these folders into Office 365 at once, or I have to do it separately for each folder (since they belong to different email applications)?

No, there is no need to separately import your EML folders to your O365 OWA. EML to Office 365 Converter is designed in such a way that it only needs EML files (no matter to which email application they belong). You just need to select the folder/folders which you want to import into hosted Exchange online database and the software will perform rest of the task.

Note : The software supports EML files of all EML based email applications – Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, eM Client, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Pocomail, OperaMail, Spicebird, The Bat!, and more.

Can you please explain the step-by-step process to import EML files to Office 365 webmail?
  • Download and launch the software
  • The list of Desktop item will appear on left panel of software window. Navigate to the location of your EML files
  • A preview of the selected EML folder will appear on the top right pane and email details will be shown on the bottom right pane of the software window.
  • Click on Export. In new window, a list of saving options will appear. Choose Office 365 for transferring EML files into O365 account.
  • Enter your Office 365 credentials and finally click on Convert
  • The software will start the EML to Exchange online export process, alongwith displaying the progress status.

Note : Office 365 option is available only in the Technical and Enterprise license of the software.

Requirements & Specifications of EML to Office 365 Converter

Stars Rating of EML File Export Tool
Rated 4.8/5 based on 35 customer reviews
Program name EML to Office 365 Converter
Version 1.0
File Size 24.0 MB
Program Type Shareware
System Requirements Pentium II 400 MHz, 64 MB RAM, Minimum 30 MB Space
Operating System Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP etc Windows Server 2016, 2013, 2000
Office 365 Login Details of your Office 365 Account is required to directly import .eml files into Office 365 Cloud Account.

Demo Limitations

Download free EML to Office 365 Converter Download online tool that enables to import 10 .eml messages into Office 365 without any charges. This function helps users to check out the conversion processing or understand about the working process of the tool.

Testimonials Our Clients' Views About How to Open an EML File on Office 365


"Thank you CubexSoft, after using this EML into Office 365 tool; I got complete migration outcome of my data. I am completely satisfied and happy after using this solution. It works smartly and provides helpful functions. So I recommend this solution to successfully convert EML messages into O365."

Marco Polo |United States 

"I was in trouble and needed to convert thousands of .eml files from Windows Live Mail into Office 365 urgently. Then I used the CubexSoft tool which I got from the suggestion of my friend and really I achieved complete migration outcome for EML files into Office 365. Though I am not a technical person, still I used it easily and got entire attachments data"

Macallason |France