How to Move Emails from Webmail to Outlook with Attachments?

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If a user is utilizing the webmail service for sending/receiving emails and now want to move entire Webmail folders to Outlook and unable to find a right solution. Then, not to go anywhere, the blog will provide an appropriate Email Backup Tool that facilitates to move emails from Webmail to Outlook.

The term Webmail refers to email apps that are browser-based such as Roundcube, SquirrelMail, Horde, GoDaddy or different web based emailing services. With the help of the method, one can move all Webmail emails to Outlook with attachments at one time. Some of the reasons of moving Webmail emails to Outlook listed in the further section.

Reasons to Move Emails from Webmail to Outlook

If you are, using Outlook and you are already aware about its functionality and how strong it is. Microsoft Outlook provides heaps of features for email management. Here are some of the reasons given that will clear out why to move mail from Webmail to PST.

User- Interface – The user-interface of specific webmail application looks quite unattractive and includes limited features. Whereas, Outlook delivers understandable and easy GUI with remarkable features.

Contacts, Tasks, Calendar – Webmail services does not provide feature to keep calendar, contacts, tasks, events, journals etc. Whereas Outlook is filled with all such benefits.

Easily Available – A user can access old emails in Outlook without having a proper internet connectivity. But, with Webmail, a user need an internet connection for the accessibility of Webmail emails.

Create Email Archive – With Outlook application, a user can create backup of all emails in PST format. Whereas, in Webmail, a user has to contact Hosting provider or require access of cPanel for email backup that only used after creating a different Webmail account. So, email archiving is easy in Microsoft Outlook.

Apart from all such reasons, there are some other aspects too due to which users move Webmail emails to Outlook.

In order to migrate Webmail emails to PST, download and open Webmail to Outlook Tool. The application includes free demo edition that allows to check and experience the software working and features free of cost. The freeware edition of the application allows to backup first 20 Webmail emails to PST free of cost.

Step-by-Step Process to Migrate Emails from Webmail to Outlook

Step 1. Launch Webmail to Outlook Tool on any version of Windows OS.

home screen

Step 2. Click desired Webmail option from the source list appearing on left software pane.

Scan & Formatted Scan

Step 3. Specify the desired fields such as Email Address, IMAP Host, IMAP Port number, Password, Admin Server details etc. Click on Login button.

scanning process

Step 4. Now, the tool start displaying the list of folders of specified email account with checkboxes.

load gmail folders

Step 5. From the right side of the software pane, list of saving options will appear, choose PST from the same. Also, set the destination path and filters to save the resultant file as per need.

Select Folders Sub-Folders

Step 6. Click on Backup button to start migration of Webmail emails to PST.

Export Process

Therefore, by implementing the steps, a user can directly move all Webmail emails to Outlook with attachments in an exact way.

Why to use Webmail to Outlook Tool?

There are number of benefits of using Webmail to Outlook Backup Tool. Some of the main listed below:

Easy to Access Graphical User-Interface

The Webmail to Outlook Tool provides easy and understandable user-interface that can be handled easily by all type of users. A person without technical skills can use the utility easily and migrate Webmail emails to Outlook.

Webmail to Outlook with Attachments

If a particular file is carrying an attachment, then the tool will migrate the same with attached file automatically. Moreover, the data related to attachment of a particular email remain intact and accurate throughout the process.

Maintains Email Attributes during Process

Webmail to Outlook Tool not only move files from one place to another but also helps in maintaining the formatting properties of an email or attachment. The attributes of entire email such as header information, images, hyperlinks, content etc. stay unaltered.

Supports all versions of Windows OS

Webmail to Outlook Tool is a program that is runnable and downloaded on any version of Windows OS i.e. Win 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista etc.

Reliable and Secure Email Migration

Webmail to Outlook Tool guarantees safe and secure Webmail to Outlook migration. The application instantly list all the folders of Webmail and enables to move all of them at once securely to Outlook 2019 and earlier editions.

Last Words:

The article has focused on the solution of the query “how to move mails from Webmail to PST”. There are number of Webmail services now such as GoDaddy, Hostgator, AWS, Exchange Server, Office 365,, Yahoo Mail and more. Sometimes, due to the popularity of different email application, a user decides to switch from current Webmail to more enhanced emailing program. And, Webmail to Outlook Tool is a solution that provides the migration of each Webmail Servers to multiple Webmail/IMAP/Cloud/Desktop email clients.