SmarterMail to Gmail Business – How to Migrate & Import SmarterMail to Gmail with Complete Guide & Tutorial

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Are you one such user who is searching for SmarterMail to Gmail Webmail solution, then pause your search now, because this write-up is going to explain step-by-step process for SmarterMail Forward to Gmail. After going with this write-up, anybody can simply & admirably export SmarterMail to Gmail directly without exporting or importing mails from one place to another.

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How to Migrate Email from SmarterMail to Gmail perfectly

Today, most of the users use Gmail and many Gmail users would like to go with Gmail for business purpose.Moreover, some SmarterMail users also have requirement to switch account and its data in Gmail but frequently facing difficulty in the migration of SmarterMail to Gmail because both web apps do not have export or import option for emails migration. At this time the SmarterMail to Gmail backup tool helps them to powerfully import email to Gmail from SmarterMail without changing any data details. The tool created to migrate email from SmarterMail to Gmail Web account directly maintaining all emails properties – attachments, images, metadata, formatting, hyperlinks, etc. To know about how to export SmarterMail to Gmail in simple way, follow the given simple step –


  • Choose any option from Select Files or Select folder to add SmarterMail GRP files for migration. Or you can choose “I am exporting multiple users” option for exporting multiple SmarterMail user accounts data at once.

  • Then choose the file which you want to export in Gmail account from loaded list. Click on Next button to proceed next.

  • Now choose Gmail option from the select saving options

  • After selecting Gmail, provide login details of your gmail account & you can also apply advance filters for selective migration. Then click on Connect button.

  • After clicking on Connect button, the software starts connecting with your gmail account for beginning the process.

  • Then the software starts migration process and complete with a successful message.

The SmarterMail to Gmail migration tool is rapid solution and also provide complete data conversion outcome with 100% accuracy. It is developed with well-tested functions and anyone (non-technical & technical users) can use the software at any time and handle without any issue. Still, if you would like to know about its benefits then read below features points –

Highlights of Features –

  • Capability to directly migrate email from SmarterMail to Gmail account without any change.
  • Capable to convert multiple SmarterMail users account at once.
  • Supports simple GUI so anybody can handle its working process and get emails from SmarterMail to Gmail.
  • Filters for selective data migration to Gmail from SmarterMail.
  • Provides original attachments & Images without any change.
  • Maintains all emails properties – metadata, formatting, hyperlinks, unread & read status, etc.
  • Batch migration process to migrate all SmarterMail emails to Gmail at once.
  • Supports all Windows Operating Systems – Win 10, Win 8.1, Win 8.0, Win 7, etc.
  • Provides log report of executed process with lots of information – number of converted files, saving type, destination path, date & time, etc.
  • Good internet connection is necessary for complete process
  • Login details of both web apps are required for direct emails migration.
  • Folder structure of emails is maintained by the software.
  • Provides safe & secured migration data outcome from SmarterMail to Gmail.
  • Capable to convert unlimited SmarterMail emails to Gmail without limitations of emails in size & amount.
  • It is standalone application and no need to install and add another program for converting SmarterMail to Gmail.

Frequently Asked Questions to migrate email to Gmail business from SmarterMail

Q. Please describe how to migrate emails from SmarterMail to Gmail?

A. Follow the given simple steps to convert & export SmarterMail emails to Gmail –

  1. Download & open the software on your computer screen.
  2. Choose SmarterMail as source app and provides login details. Click on login button.
  3. Now mails are loaded, select them for migration and choose Gmail as your output option.
  4. Then provide Gmail login details and click on Backup button
  5. Migration process will starts and show with green progress status bar. It completes with a successful message.

Q. What are the requirements of the software to use for SmarterMail emails to Gmail migration?

A. Windows OS, 50 MB hard disk space, RAM minimum 512 MB, Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor(x86,x64) or equivalent processor, good Internet connection & login details of both webmail apps are required to get emails migration from SmarterMail to Gmail.

Q. Does the software convert SmarterMail emails to Gmail directly or convert into a file or provided migration by another solution?

A. Yes, the software is capable to directly load SmarterMail emails folder & convert them in Gmail account directly without any issue.

Q. How many mails or mailboxes can be converted by the software at a time?

A. You can convert all (unlimited) SmarterMail emails to Gmail without any limitation of emails in size & amount.

Q. Can my attachments of SmarterMail emails be converted into Gmail by the software?

A. Yes, the software will surely transfer SmarterMail emails to Gmail with all attachments in their original form.

 Reviews about SmarterMail to Gmail Tool

One of the Great experience with this superb SmarterMail to Gmail migration tool. I like its simplicity and advanced functionalities. Using the software, I could simply get my SmarterMail 34986+ emails into Gmail for my business purpose with all its elements. Thanks to provide such a great tool.

lemyvon – USA

I love the software and its ease for SmarterMail to Gmail migration. I found it from Google and first of all I tried it with free 20 emails conversion to Gmail from SmarterMail, then decide to go with its full edition and converted my all SmarterMail emails to Gmail. I used its date filters option to convert my emails from a particular date to current date. Thanks for that.

Robert – France


In the above write-up, we described a complete process to migrate SmarterMail to Gmail directly. This solution is compatible with only Windows OS platform. Anyone any simply handle it for complete mails migration to Gmail form SmarterMail. Using the advanced SmarterMail Backup tool, you can get all mail backup to Gmail from SmarterMail. Still, have doubt or confusion then go with free demo edition and transfer 20 emails to Gmail from SmarterMail absolutely free of cost. Therefore, try and get solution to import email from SmarterMail to Gmail in simple steps.