How to Remove Password from PDF Bank Statement – Know Complete Guide

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how to remove password from pdf bank statement

Summary : This article discusses about the best solution to remove password from PDF Bank Statement. Bank statements usually comes with password protection so as to avoid unauthorized access. But sometimes people find difficulty in opening these documents due to non-recalling of the password and therefore need to decrypt PDF bank statement. So, to help them resolve these issues, we have come up with this write up where you will get various methods to open and print bank statements in PDF.

Why is My Bank Statement Password Protected?

A bank statement is an important document that contains your financial statement and transaction history, for a particular account. Since they contain crucial financial records, banks add an extra layer of protection with password security, which can be opened by verified users only. Banks send these statements through emails and can be downloaded through internet banking too.

Have you ever felt this feeling of helplessness or annoyance or both, whenever you fail to open a PDF bank statement just because you don’t know/remember the password? But protecting a PDF bank statement is a norm these days, and you can’t do anything about it. So, what to do now? You must be wondering Can I remove password from bank statement. But before answering this question, let us first find out:

Why You Need to Remove Password from PDF Bank Statements

There are numerous situation where you need to unlock a PDF bank statement :

  • Lost/Forgotten Password : you are unable to login into your bank statement because of lost/forgotten password.
  • Easy accessibility : You want quick and easy accessibility to your bank records.
  • Online filing : you don’t need to enter passwords for opening PDF bank statements when keeping them in digital folders.
  • Quick sharing : while sharing with your colleagues or peers, you don’t want to send the password protected statement. Therefore, you need a PDF unlocking solution.
  • Financial or Legal Requirements : You urgently need the PDF statement for some legal or financial purpose. Therefore, decryption of PDF bank statement is required for instant accessibility and reference.

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Can We Remove Password from Bank Statement Manually?

Yes, there are certain manual methods that will help you remove password protection from PDF bank statements :

Method #1 : With Adobe Acrobat Reader

  1. Open password-protected Bank record statement with Adobe Acrobat
  2. Tap on File >> Properties
  3. Go to Security Method showing under Security tab >> choose “No Security.”
  4. Click on Save option to save the PDF statement without any password protection.

Method # 2: Using Chrome Browser

  1. Open locked PDF bank statement with Google Chrome by providing the required password.
  2. Now press Ctrl+P to print the document
  3. Choose Save as PDF as the saving option
  4. Navigate to the location to save the output file (without password)

Finally, you have the unlocked bank statement PDF.

Problems with Manual Methods

Although these manual methods are quite effective in removing password from PDF bank statements, but there are some limitations too, as discussed :

  • These methods might annoy beginners or non-technical users and complicate situations for them, as they are not familiar with all the technical aspects of PDF documents.
  • Manual methods may cause data loss issues, therefore can’t be considered as a reliable solution
  • Unlocking multiple PDF bank statements might prove to be a laborious task for anyone using manual technique
  • To help you avoid these hindrances, an automated approach is being discussed in the next section

Advanced Solution to Decrypt PDF Bank Statement(s)

To remove password security from PDF bank record files with effective results, it is suggested to use a professional PDF Unlocking Solution. CubexSoft PDF Unlocker is the best tool for removing password protection from secured PDF documents with ease. The tool support bulk mode option for handling multiple PDF bank statements at once. Moreover, its simple GUI ensures ease of use for all users who can easily remove password protection from PDF bank statements without any technical assistance. The tool is also available as a free demo edition to help users analyze its working process and all supported specifications

win download buynow

How to Remove Password from PDF Bank Statement?

  • First download and install PDF Bank Statement Password Remover Tool
launch software to learn how to remove password from PDF bank statement
  • Add locked PDF bank statements using Add Files/Add Folders options
add locked PDF bank statements
  • If you wish to delete any file from the software panel, choose Remove button. Use Remove All button to start the whole process from the scratch.
remove files
  • Choose destination location to save the resultant files
choose destination
  • Hit Unlock button the start the process, enter user password and hit OK button to continue with the process.
click unlock
  • After some time, the process will finish and display the message “Process completed successfully”
process done

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Key Benefits of PDF Password Remover Tool

  • Batch mode : The tool supports removal of password security from multiple PDF bank statements in batch.
  • No Technical Assistance Required : The utility is usable by anyone without any difficulty even with no or minimal technical knowledge.
  • Removal of unnecessary files : Use Remove/Remove All options for eliminating any PDF file(s) that you don’t want to unlock.
  • Maintains Data integrity : The tool ensures that no data is deleted/altered while performing the PDF password removal process.
  • Independent solution : You don’t need Adobe Acrobat Reader or any other application for using this tool for performing required task.
  • Choose selective PDF files : Use Add Files option to choose required PDF bank statements that you want to unlock, selectively.


Safeguarding your PDF bank statements is a wise idea for protecting them from unauthorized access. But sometimes, you need to remove password from PDF bank statements for sharing, reviewing, legal, online storage purposes. You can either use manual methods such as Adobe Acrobat or Google Chrome, but they come with certain restrictions. Alternatively, automated solutions provide easy and efficient process to decrypt PDF bank statement. You can choose any of the above-mentioned methods, as per your requirements and convenience and quickly learn how to remove password from PDF bank statement.