Why I Can’t Copy and Paste from PDF? Query Resolved

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why i can't copy and paste from pdf

We are well aware of the fact the PDF is the most secured format for saving documents. But sometimes this security becomes a major issue when the authorized users too can’t copy text from PDF. There are many situations when users receive a PDF file for extracting some of its text and using it in other some document for presentation purpose, but PDF content copying not allowed, due to restricted password. And then, the first question that arises in users’ mind is why I can’t copy and paste from PDF? or how to enable content copying in PDF? If you are also facing such a similar situation, then you are at right place. Here, we will discuss about resolving errors regarding PDF file content copying not allowed.

User Queries

I recently received a PDF File containing detailed statistics and timeline of our business growth right from the initial stage to the current status. I am the in-charge of creating a presentation for some of our clients. And I need to copy some important information from this shared PDF into my presentation. I have earlier worked with PDF documents too, but I am totally confused as to why I can’t copy and paste from PDF. I don’t have much time as I need to complete this presentation by tomorrow. Can anyone please suggest some helpful solution to resolve PDF file content copying not allowed problem. Thank you.

I recently came across a PDF file that I randomly opened just to find that it had some important information that I was searching for the last few days. Therefore, I decided to copy the required content from this PDF, but I am unable to do so. Then I remembered that I had put copy restriction password on it and after so many failed attempts, I am still unable to disable this restriction. With being unable to copy content, this PDF is of no use for me. Can someone please help me in enabling PDF copy permissions so that I can easily copy required text from it. Thanks in advance.

Various Methods to Resolve Can’t Copy Text from PDF Issue

There are various methods that will let you remove PDF copy restriction. So, what are you waiting for? Lets explore them :

Use Snapshot Tool

Using Snapshot tool, you can extract content from secured PDF. So, follow these steps to know the complete process.

  • Open Secured PDF file in Adobe Reader
  • Go to Edit >> More >> Take a Snapshot
  • Start selecting the area to copy with left click of your mouse, drag it with mouse pressed and complete the selection by releasing the mouse click.
  • Open MS Word and paste the copied text using Ctrl+V, into it.

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Method 2 # Adobe Acrobat

  • Open the PDF using Adobe Acrobat
  • Highlight the text that needs to be copied
  • Go to Edit button >> click Copy option. Now use Ctrl+C to copy the selection
  • Open Word file and paste the content using Ctrl+V.

Drawbacks of Manual Methods

Using these manual methods, users can easily remove PDF content copying restrictions. But they are not considered as the ideal solutions because of certain drawbacks. Like the copied text is pasted as an image and not a text, which will make it impossible to edit. Secondly, the manual methods are time consuming, and are not suitable for copying text from large quantities of documents. Therefore, to avoid these situations, the ideal way is to utilize a professional method that provides reliable and quick solution to eliminate PDF content copying not allowed restrictions.

Professional Solution to Remove PDF File Content Copying Not Allowed Restriction

Considering the drawbacks of manual methods, expert suggest using some professional utility will help you resolve your queries with ease. CubexSoft PDF Unlocker is one such application that provides easy and trustworthy solution to resolve can’t copy text from PDF issues. Besides that, the tool is simply designed that makes the entire process quite easy for all users. It is also available as a free demo edition and can be evaluated absolutely free of cost.

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How to Enable Content Copying in PDF – Know Complete Guide

  • Download and open the software
  • Add secured PDF files using add Files or Add Folder buttons
  • To remove unwanted files, you can use remove File or Remove button
  • Tap on Change button to choose the location to save output files
  • Click on Unlock button to start the process
  • After successful completion of the process, a message window appears. Click on OK button to finish the process.

Why Using Professional Utility is Recommended

  • Support batch option : The software provides Add Folder option to eliminate copying restrictions from all selected PDF files at once. So, there is no need for manually adding PDF files one by one, just adding the folder containing secured PDF files is enough for using the batch mode option.
  • Choose required PDF files to remove password protection from them selectively : While adding PDF files using Add File option, users get the opportunity of selecting only required PDF files from the source location. In case you have added some unnecessary files, then use Remove button to delete them from the software pane. Remove All button will remove all PDF files and clear the selection area.
  • Retains data integrity and folder structure layout precisely : during the entire process of eliminating PDF copy restriction, the tool maintain to preserve the data integrity of all PDF documents in exact manner. Not only this, the software retains the folder hierarchy too, which can be verified by comparing the output files with the source files, as both having the same folder structure.
  • Simple and accurate solution to eliminate PDF Content copying not allowed restrictions : Simple graphical interface is one of the major highlighting feature of the software that makes it conveniently handled by both technical and non-technical users, without any difficulty.
  • Efficiently removes known user password from PDF files : Sometimes, PDF files have dual password protections on them, i.e., they have both user password and master password applied to them. The software is capable of eliminating both password securities (you must have access to the user password ) without any problems, and saves the output files with no password security.
  • Option to save output files at users’ chosen location : the default location for saving resultant data is Desktop. However, you can change it anytime and choose the location of your choice for save the output files at your desired location.
  • Suitable with all Windows OS editions including Windows 11 : the tool is well suited with all Windows OS editions, including Windows 11. In addition, the tool lets you eliminate PDF content copying restriction from all PDF files, irrespective of the Adobe version they are created on.


Q. Copy option is not highlighted in my PDF? is there any problem with the file?

A. The only problem is that the PDF file has copy function disabled on it. You can check all other restrictions by going to the Security tab showing under File Menu >> Properties >> Document Properties dialog box. To enable copy function, you need to remove password restriction from the PDF.

Q. I don’t remember the password to disable content copying restriction on PDF. Does this tool still work?

A. Absolutely yes, the software is capable of removing unknown password restriction from PDF documents and allows copying and pasting permissions with ease.

Q. Can I use this tool on Windows 10 OS?

A. Yes, the software is workable on Windows OS editions, including Windows 10, 11, 8.1, 8 and earlier ones.


When someone receives a password protected PDF, most of their time gets wasted in recovering the password. Another alternative for this is removal of password protection from the PDF. Once the tool removes the password, all its disabilities get nullified and the document becomes available for copying, editing, printing etc. We have discussed about the professional utility that will help you eliminate PDF file content copying not allowed restrictions with ease. So, just download the free demo edition of the software and resolve your “why I can’t copy and paste from PDF” queries without any worries and difficulties.