How to Permanently Delete Photos from Acer Laptop? – Compressive Solution

Sarabjeet Kaur | data eraser data wipe Software Technology | 5 minutes read | Modified on: 21-11-2023
How to Permanently Delete Photos from Acer Laptop?

Are you trying to find a direct method to delete pictures from Acer laptop? We’ll offer multiple techniques for how to permanently delete photos from Acer laptop depending on your needs. To find out more about this topic, continue reading.

On your office computer, useless image files may quickly take up valuable disk space. You may find yourself with thousands of photos dispersed throughout hundreds of folders if you frequently download images from the Internet or have installed applications that post images to your PC. This can reduce system performance while still performing the task at hand. You may find out how to delete pictures from Acer laptop by using the Windows search approach that is given below.

Find Image Files

  1. To launch Windows Explorer, press the Windows Start Button and then choose Computer.
  2. Type the following command into the search field of Windows Explorer: image. This is a search filter which tells Windows where to look for all of the pictures on your system.
  3. Give Windows permission to look for picture files; note that this may take some time as Windows looks for all files. When the search is running, wait until the green progress bar at the top of Windows Explorer goes away. In Windows Explorer, the search results are shown as a table with headers and columns. For example, the Name field contains the file name. Depending on how you or someone else configures the column headers in Windows Explorer, Date Modified, Type, Size, and Folder may also appear. If you see the list with those four columns, move on to the next step. If not, move on to the following step of the process.
  4. To view a drop-down menu with available column headers, right-click the “Name” column header. From the list of four columns in the previous step, locate the hidden column. Find the Type column in the drop-down menu and double-click it if you can’t see it. When Windows Explorer adds the column to the table, the drop-down option disappears. To add the Name, Date Modified, Folder, and Type, Size, columns to the table, follow the same steps again.

Remove All Images from the Laptop

  1. Choose the method you want to use to find and remove photo files. Click the “Size” column heading to sort the files by size and find the photo files that use up the most hard drive space. But, you can sort them by file type by clicking the “Type” column heading if you want to delete photo files that belong to a specific file type.
  2. Choose “Delete” by right-clicking the picture file you wish to erase after scrolling through the list. Click “Yes” to transfer the file to the Recycle Bin when a dialogue box asks to do so.
  3. Hit the “Show the Preview Pane” tab in Window Explorer’s upper-right corner. The Preview window is turned on and off by this button. Because it enables you to preview photos without opening an image viewer program, this window is useful.
  4. Click the image you want to delete from the search results list to view it in the Preview pane. If you want to remove it, just follow the previously mentioned instructions. Keep reviewing and removing image files as needed.

Remove Every Picture from Your Acer Laptop by Damage the Hard Drive

For users who think they won’t require the Acer laptop hard drive in the future, this technique can be helpful. You may damage the disk drive in a number of ways if you are certain about it.

Physical destruction works very well if you don’t plan to reuse or resell the material. It also increases the expense of data disposal for a corporate IT manager. In addition to the costs associated with physical destruction, which may include secure transportation charges, there is often a replacement cost for the material that was just deleted. What other options do you have for recycling your media?

How to Delete Pictures from Acer Laptop and Use the Hard Disk Again?

If you wish to permanently delete the data stored on the hard drive, like pictures, but still want to use and sell the drive in the future. Then, you can go with CubexSoft Data Erasure Tool which instantly fix the “how to permanently delete photos from Acer laptop” efficiently. This tool has a simple and intuitive GUI that makes the program simple to use for all professional and home users.

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Features of Picture Eraser Software

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  • With the help of this utility, users can select which files or data to remove, including specific files as well as drives.
  • This Picture Data Wipe Tool allows users to completely erase their data while keeping the highest level of data safety.
  • The app comes with multiple advanced filter options that enable users to remove specific or certain data by applying Date Range, File Mask, and Overwrite Data with. Additionally, by using the File Mask option, you can remove particular file extensions.
  • This outstanding utility flawlessly works with every version of Windows and Mac Operating System. 

In summary

For all of us, data is essential. For this reason, if you wish to permanently delete the data, you must erase it. How to erase all images from Acer laptop was one such question. Depending on your requirements, we’ve provided a number of techniques to wipe it. Choose a professional Photo Erasure Tool that offers 100% guarantee for data removal and provides a certificate for the same if you’re concerned about the accuracy.