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convert pdf to gif format

Most professionals working with files give more preference to keep them in GIF file format. The primary benefit of GIF file format is its file size, which occupies very less memory space. This advantage of GIF file format is reason enough to frequent conversion of files from Adobe PDF to GIF file format. Besides taking less memory space, it also exhibits a clear message with optimum color pattern. It showcases the images available in PDF file content with professional look.

Overview of PDF and GIF Files

What is GIF?

GIF (Graphical interchange format) is usually used to present graphics on websites. It comprises of maximum of 256 colors and thus, are the best for easy shaped pictures having a limited color palette, a text, and several other simple elements. GIF files uses .gif as the file extension.

What is PDF?

PDF (Portable Document Format) was developed by Adobe Systems in 1992. It encapsulates the document formatting information like the original font styles, graphics, media files, etc. in exact form and makes no changes when displaying them in recipients’ machine. The PDF files are hardware and software independent and can be accessed with only Acrobat Reader only, on any Windows or Mac machine, smartphones, iPhones, digital devices etc.

When users convert a PDF file to a GIF file, they can relish the following advantages :

  • Easy and non-lossy compression of files
  • Small sized files
  • Assured Transparency
  • Hassle free creation
  • Professional looking images
  • Accessibility to Interlacing methods
  • Easily convey messages through GIFs
  • It is supported by all web browsers

Before moving ahead, lets read the following user query :

In my company, everyone uses PDF documents for documentation purpose, including me. But sometimes, we need to save these documents in GIF files which I am quite incapable of doing. If would be of great help if someone could help me solve my problem and help me find the perfect PDF to GIF Conversion solution, thanks.

There are many other users too, who are facing similar issues and looking for solutions for the same. If you are also one of them, then read the blog further to get the complete solution to convert PDF files to GIF format in efficient manner.

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PDF to GIF Converter – Technical Solution to Convert PDF to GIF File

GIF has multiple benefits due to which users wish to convert PDF to GIF high quality file format. There are many users who are searching for an efficient solution to convert their PDF files to GIF format. Good news for them as this process can be easily implemented using a professional PDF to Image Converter. It’s a simply designed application that is useful for both technical and non-technical users. The tool supports batch option to convert unlimited PDF files to GIF format and without any restriction on their files size.

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How to Convert PDF to GIF Best Quality?

  • To easily and accurately convert PDF to GIF file you need to first download and install the software
  • Now add PDF files using Select Files or Select Folders option
  • From the select saving options section, choose GIF as the desired output option
  • Click on Browse button to select the desired location to save resultant files.
  • Now click on Convert button to start the process.
  • The software will start converting PDF files to GIF format and displays live conversion status report
  • On successful conversion, it will open a new message window “Process done successfully”
  • As you click on OK button, it will then automatically open the log report and destination folder location.

Features of PDF to Animated GIF Converter

  • Permits to convert unlimited PDF files to GIF files in batch
  • Keeps the original formatting of PDF files intact during the whole process
  • Standalone application and doesn’t need Adobe Acrobat or any other application to convert .pdf to .gif
  • It supports to convert unlimited PDF files of any size to GIF files without any restriction or interruption
  • Preserves folder hierarchy in exact manner while performing the process
  • Convert all PDF pages to individual GIF images with no errors
  • Convert only required PDF files to GIF format selectively and save your crucial time
  • Interactive GUI assists both technical and non-technical users to easily convert a PDF file to a GIF file
  • Suitable for all Windows OS – 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 etc.

Client Reviews

Thank you CubexSoft for this amazing software. I was searching for a simple tool to convert my Adobe PDF files to GIF in batch, and this tool finished the entire task within a blink of an eye. The entire data was precisely saved with all accurate details. I am definitely going to suggest this tool to everyone who is searching for an easy and accurate PDF to GIF conversion solution.

– Sam D’Souza

All I can say about this PDF to GIF Converter Tool is excellent solution. It’s a powerhouse performer that exhibits all traits of being an excellent utility – simple GUI, support for batch option, freedom to save resultant files at chosen location and many more.

– Maria Gonsalves

After searching a lot, finally I got the perfect PDF to GIF Conversion solution that is handy to use and delivers perfect results. Thank you CubexSoft for giving us the opportunity of converting our PDF documents to GIF best quality format, without any efforts and data loss issues.

– Kelly R. McQuaid

Wrap Up

Through this blog, we have discussed about the reasons for converting PDF files to GIF format and the method to accomplish the same successfully. Using professional PDF to GIF Converter, this task becomes more easy, thanks to its interactive GUI, which makes it possible for even non-technical users to use it effortlessly and efficiently. There are zero chances of data loss or corruption and the software maintains to keep the data integrity intact too.

If you are still having any doubt about the software, then download its free demo edition and check it yourself. Using free demo tool, you can even convert PDF files to GIF format, but it will be restricted to first 5 PDF documents along with CUBEXSOFT watermark on all output files. To convert unlimited PDF files to GIF high quality format, you need to purchase the licensed edition of the software.