Smart Outlook to Google Workspace Tool – Connect, Backup, & Forward Outlook PST Files in Google Workspace/Google Account

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Nowadays, many professional users, students, doctors, and businessperson cannot complete their day without Google Account/Gmail/ Google Workspace. It is a freeware platform offered by Google. Now Google Workspace has the most used and active platforms for email registration on different platforms. If we turn back, we will know there was a time when people operate Microsoft Outlook for registration on different platforms, but now the time changed, and now the maximum user needs to add PST files to Google Workspace.

In this article, we will discuss how to forward Outlook PST to Google Workspace with a manual as well as an automated Outlook File Conversion Tool.

Helpful Note – Through Google App Password, you can quickly and directly import PST files to Google Workspace account.

Circumstances behind the PST to Google Workspace Conversion

There are various reasons why users need to switch Outlook PST files to Google Account. Some of the main reasons are:

Advantages of using Google Account/Google Workspace:

  • Google Workspace offers huge storage space, one can save a large amount of data in Google Account.
  • It is familiar with all operating systems and devices so that it can be easily and quickly configured in Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and Microsoft Outlook.
  • Google Account is a web-based email application, which contains zero maintenance charges. And the entire data is stored on Google servers. Therefore, one can directly open it from anywhere and anytime.
  • Gmail/Google Account permits adding Hotmail and Yahoo accounts so that you can manage them with a single account.
  • Google Workspace preserves your entire database safe and protected.

How to Connect Outlook to Google Workspace?

Here, we will discuss two solutions, and both techniques can convert PST files to Goggle Account without Outlook.

Method 1. Export Outlook to Google Workspace via GWMMO Utility

Method 2. Forward PST Files to Google Workspace/Gmail via Third-party Tool

Recommendation: Users can use Outlook Export Software that provides a quick and direct method to connect and add Outlook emails in Google Account with all details and information without Outlook.

Note: Before start, the manual process, make sure you backup all Outlook data files on your local machine and also make sure you follow the guidelines carefully to avoid any kind of data loss. Both the solutions are explained in a detailed manner.

#1. Utilize GWMMO Method to Import PST to Google Account

The GWMMO (Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook) application is a tool that permits the clients to move Outlook data files to Google Account/Google Workspace with calendars, journals, notes, contacts, etc. if you want to find an accurate way to transfer PST to Google Workspace, then this method is your solution. Follow the below explained steps to complete the conversion process using this tool.

Note: MS Outlook installation is required into the operating system. Otherwise, this application displays the following error and cannot work.

Now, follow the step-by-step guide for PST to Google Workspace Migration by GWMMO Tool

  1. First of all, download and install the Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook app on your machine from its official website.
  2. Then, enter your Google account ID and hit the Continue button.
  3. Now, click on Allow to grant permission to the tool for the conversion
  4.  Opt Outlook user profile or PST file to migrate. Tab to Next button.
  5.  Here, choose the data (calendar, contacts, emails) you need to convert. Click on the Migrate button.
  6. The software will show complete ongoing progress on the screen.
  7. PST to Google Workspace conversion completed successfully. Click OK.

To verify the above procedure, open your Google account and check if all the PST data files are imported.

#2. Migrate Outlook PST to Google Workspace through Smart Tool

The free manual method involves a number of steps to connect Outlook emails to Google account and most user finds the manual solution is very difficult and complicated to follow. So, here we are also provided an expert’s advised software i.e. Outlook to Google Workspace. It helps you to instantly connect, backup, forward, add emails from PST to your Google Account. Everyone can easily use this automated software to resolve the query like how to backup Outlook PST to Google Workspace within a few simple steps.

After reading this blog, any user can easily learn how to forward emails from Outlook to Google account. One can use any solution between free manual and automated to copy Outlook emails to Google Workspace account. But I would like to advise you to go with the automated or professional solution because it has no chance of data loss during the migration procedure and gives a guarantee of 100% success result after completing the procedure. Where manual solution involves high risks of data loss throughout the procedure and requires technical knowledge to follow this process.