[Solved] – Most Common Lotus Notes (HCL Notes) Errors and Solutions

Ritu Roy | Email Backup How to's Outlook Software Technology | 3 minutes read | Last updated on February 8th, 2023,

HCL Notes email client is the most used and famous application, but nowadays users want multitasking and minimum drawbacks email applications. One of the most in demand and multi-tasking email clients is the Microsoft Outlook application. It is advanced features, minimum limitations, flexibility, and easy account configuration (including Exchange and cloud) and convenience make Outlook a better option which causes many users to choose wisely between IBM Notes and Outlook email clients.

In this article, we will be explaining some common issues and problems of Lotus Notes.

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Some Common Issues Happens IBM Notes

Meeting Feature Limitations

The Meeting feature in HCL Notes has the following drawbacks:

  • In HCL Notes, meeting room invitations is confusing and messy to some range. Due to this unnecessary reason, user’s important time and effort is wastage.
  • There is no flexibility in ensuring the accessibility of individuals for particular slots of a meeting. The user invited for the meeting will be marked for the entire time of the meeting rather than for the specific slot for which he requires to be available.
  • Once a Lotus Notes operator removes any meeting invitation, it does not study the linked files and attachments for automatic deletion. Therefore, needless items still uses storage space causing large size of the database file.

Inefficient Search Capability

Clients understanding the following drawbacks and limitations through the mail searching feature:

  • Not capable to use a search in several archives at the same time.
  • The advanced search facility is almost unseen inside of menus.
  • The search question is incomplete to the selected folder only.
  • Can do a simple search only – no difficult search questions
  • Search results cannot be saved

Spell Checker Issues

In Lotus Notes spell-checker is complex, difficult, and quite frustrating. Sometimes a user skips a minor misspelling in the content, it continues to check for the same in the message body (unless it is in the dictionary).

Unnecessary Message Managing

Message management is also a big task in Lotus Notes. There are many confusions and limitations. A few mentions are below:

  • Unread messages keep on in the same order as they received in a mailbox; therefore, hard to identify them later.
  • No knowledge about the total number of highlighted messages in a folder.

The Slow Rate of Backups

Due to the Lotus Notes file structure and large size of the database, it would take a long time for taking a backup by the manual process. And thus, the backup rate is quite slow and is a cause of annoyance even for regular and long-time users.

Moving Database from HCL Lotus Notes to Outlook

For the reason of the complication and problems of IBM Notes features, settings, and functions, some clients have got some good reasons to export mail from IBM Notes to a better email client like Microsoft Outlook.

There are multiple free methods to migrate NSF files to PST format, but as explained the manual way is quite a slow and also a complex process for non-technical users. It has risks of data damage and loss. So, we think avoiding these methods as it would be more waste of time and effort.

And here, we come with one of the best and our efficient software i.e. CubexSoft NSF to PST Converter that migrates data from IBM Notes NSF file to PST in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and other editions. This software supports single or multiple local and domino server NSF files for migration and provides selective conversion through various filters options. The best thing about this software to export IBM Notes data to Live Exchange Server. And the conversion is all easy with advanced tool.