IBM Lotus Notes Error File Does Not Exist- Problem Resolved

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IBM Lotus Notes is one of the most popular email client used by many organizations and users for their personal or professional use. It is the amazing application which not only comes for just a platform built of communication purpose, even it especially helps the whole integration of diverse applications that contains the database, document, journal, and many others.

Being heavily and greatly programmed email application, it is noticed that most of the IBM Notes users face problems in its working process. Hence, to resolve the issue this blog shares the different solutions which can help out to solute the problem which is so common error faced by the users, i.e. “File Does Not Exist in IBM Notes.”

Several Reasons and Solutions to Relieve from Lotus Notes Error

Well! There are many reasons available which create a problem in IBM Lotus Notes. In which some of the reasons we have discussed that are listed below along with its particular solutions:

Situation 1: Most of the times, while working numerous mishaps take place that leads to the incident of an error “File Does Not Exist” in IBM Lotus Notes application.


  • Sometimes, the network connection lost while working on the IBM Notes which turns into an error.
  • Some of the times you will try to open the file, which does not exist any longer or can be stored in the external device which is not properly attached to the system.
  • It happens when you require to import an attachment or even file, which does not exist in the directory.

How to Tackle Lotus Notes Error in Situation 1?

  1. Properly, check the network connection as well as adapters. After that, again take a risk to open your Lotus Notes emails.
  2. Remove the external storage device, and switch to another device for it, and then press on the email to open it.
  3. Be very careful about the computed location of the directory in which all your files are stored. Now, verify it again to make sure that the chosen directory location is correct or not.

Situation 2: While archiving the emails in IBM Lotus Notes Email Client


  • When the “File does not exist” error appears, then it may happen an archive .nsf file is renamed or can be deleted from the file directory incidentally or intentionally.

How to Solve this Error in Situation 2?

  1. Start and open IBM Lotus Notes application on your machine
  2. After that, directly go to the File tab >> then, Database >> Properties >> Archive Settings.
  3. First, check that file is missing or if renamed. If you see that data file is removed or deleted, create NSF file or rename the similar at particular location.

Situation 3: While Installing Lotus Notes after the updating IBM Notes

How to Resolve Error in Situation 3?

  • This issue can be prevented by easily downloading the fresh version with the same mailbox with which the previous edition was installed in the system. Once the new IBM installation is finished then, restart your Lotus Notes email application. It will help out to prohibit the occurrence of the error message.

Situation 4: While accessing the E-Mail in Local Replica


  • While using emails of local replica instead of server copy can be the reason for the existence of such error. Even the unintentional deletion of the Lotus Notes temporary files is one of the primary reasons for this error. Also, most of the times, activities of antivirus software also play a crucial role in the deletion of temporary Lotus Notes files.

How to Solve It?

  1. For relive this, you can again install IBM Lotus Notes Email client which can solve the error.
  2. Configure antivirus app without the deletion of any files from it can fix this error.
  3. You can update the new edition of antivirus application for the system.

Alternate Way to Solve Error File Does Not Exist

Users can go through with all above-mentioned procedure, and if all these fail then the last option to access your NSF files is the conversion. You can easily convert these entire NSF mailboxes into PST format using Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter software. The application is exactly planned in such a way that it makes convenient for users to transfer all the Lotus Notes NSF database into the Outlook application. Hence, any users can effortlessly use their converted data on Outlook platform easily. It gives you a safe and secure migration process along with so many benefits for user’s like- batch option, a preview option, and others.

Summarizing the Post

Any errors create a lot of problems in the continuity of work and its environment. Similarly, we have discussed above one of the error in brief i.e.  “IBM Lotus Notes Error File Does Not Exist” while opening any IBM Lotus Notes file. As a result, we have discussed so many solutions, also if you are comfortable to shift your Lotus Notes database on Cloud-based application then, you can use Lotus Notes to office 365 software which can operable on any Windows OS platform. If you want to go with these alternate solutions then you should try the software in the free demo before too but it. This solution will definitely solve your complete issue from its root.