How to Add, Connect & Import MS Exchange Server to Gmail – Step-by-Step Process

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Are you making use of Exchange but now want to move from Exchange to Gmail and cannot add Exchange account to Gmail app? Then not to worry anymore, you are at the right place. The following write-up has been discussed so that we can provide you appropriate Exchange Server to Gmail Tool to add Exchange account to Gmail web. Gmail is one of the most popular email exchange service and is used by millions of users across the world. Due to this, the Microsoft Exchange users wants to switch onto Gmail in order to experience the functionality of Gmail account. Let us understand the entire blog by highlighting a query of a user who wants to add Exchange to Gmail:

“An organization is preparing a migration from Exchange to Gmail for all their campus email needs. Due to this, they has to face some challenges in reconfiguring the organization account with Gmail. Therefore, they are in need of a solution that can help them out in precise migration with the help of which they can easily access Exchange Account data in Gmail profile.”

“Recently I switched from Exchange to Gmail due to organization need. I am trying to access Exchange mails in Gmail account but getting an error again and again. Now, I am in a situation where I do not know how I can read my Exchange mail data in Gmail.”

Expertise Recommended Approach to Connect Exchange to Gmail

Exchange Server Backup is one of the most advised solution to add Exchange account to Gmail. Exchange to Gmail Tool is effective in both situations: having standard Gmail account or Gmail host. Gmail support POP3 server to retrieve emails whereas MS Exchange does not support any type of protocol for message retrieval. Therefore, it is quite a difficult process to import Exchange to Gmail.  But, this solution has made it easy for us with the help of which we can move Hosted Exchange mails to Gmail account in few seconds.

Steps-by-Step Process to Import Exchange Server to Gmail

Follow the steps carefully which will help you out in importing Hosted Exchange Server database to Gmail account.

  1. Download and run Exchange to Gmail Tool on the system.
  2. Choose Exchange Server option from the source list and enter the credentials of Exchange Server to login.
  3. Select Gmail option from the given saving formats.
  4. Enter the Gmail login details in which you want to import Exchange account data.
  5. Apply the required filters for selective process, if necessary.
  6. Click Backup to backup Exchange mails to Gmail.

Interesting Features of Exchange Server to Gmail Tool

Exchange Server to Gmail Tool is a perfect and cost-effective migration solution, which is designed with simple and easy GUI. Below are some of the main features of the tool listed which helps in accurate and effortless execution:

  • Import Exchange Server to Gmail with emails, contacts, notes, tasks, journals etc. accurately.
  • Delivers advance filters that includes Subject, To, From, Date for selective migration.
  • Enables to migrate multiple Exchange Server user account having Impersonated Admin account.
  • Supports the entire editions of Windows OS and MS Exchange Server.
  • Preserves Exchange Server email attributes i.e. Meta headers, formatting, images, links etc. during the process.
  • Allows to transfer Exchange to Gmail, Office 365,, Hotmail, Amazon Workmail, IMAP Server, Yahoo Mail, G Suite and more.
  • Generates log report in TXT file, which contains the migration information and can be saved as a record for future use.
  • Only requires the login details of source and destination and the tool will directly move Exchange mailbox to Gmail account.
  • It is a standalone migration app and does not require the installation support of any email program for completing the process without an error.

Need of Importing Exchange/Hosted Exchange Account Mails to Gmail Web

  • Exchange Server/Hosted Exchange Server requires technical knowledge to operate it. Whereas services of Gmail can be accessed easily by both technical and novice users.
  • Maintenance fees of Exchange Server is high because it carries large email server. And, Gmail is a free email communication service.
  • Google support 40 different languages, news categories, online conversations and downloading messages on the computer to access messages when you are not having internet connection.
  • Exchange Server can only be accessible by business users whereas technical and non-technical users can easily make use of Gmail.
  • Exchange Server/Hosted Exchange Server is designed particularly for Windows. And, with Mac and Linux users are in the rise, the demand of better tools for such OS are increasing.

Exchange Server to Gmail Backup Tool is a professional trustworthy migration utility, which guarantees 100% accurate result. The software is suitable for both personal and commercial use. The application has served multiple users and organizations successfully and also provided the support to migration projects. The utility even receives recognition from the user.

Client Words:-

I wanted a proper and complete migration of Exchange mails to Gmail account. I was having more than 30k files carrying all the crucial data. I have searched a lot for a solution, gone through of many forums, blogs and other sites but unable to find the right utility. Later, I found Exchange to Gmail Tool by using which I have successfully moved all my Exchange Server mails to Gmail account. Thanks to CubexSoft whose developers have designed such an amazing solution for us. I am completely satisfied with its features and working and will surely advise other to give it a try for once.

– John Torode

Last Words:

Exchange to Gmail Tool offers freeware edition, which enables to import 20 Exchange Server mails to Gmail account free of cost. With the help of free demo, one can analyse and understand the functioning of the application before purchasing the license key. So, once you get satisfied with its working, opt the license key and transfer unlimited Exchange mailboxes to Gmail without loss of data.