How to Import Zoho Mail to Gmail, G Suite, Google Apps Directly?

Posted 6, Dec 2019 | By Editorial Team


  1. Gmail v/s G Suite
  2. Overview of Zoho Mail
  3. Reasons to Import Zoho Mail to Gmail
  4. Professional Solution
  5. Way to add Zoho Mail to Gmail
  6. Features of Zoho Mail to G Suite Migration
  7. Related FAQs
  8. The Conclusion

Gmail or G Suite – What is the Difference

Gmail is a strong webmail application designed by Google Inc. More than half of the world population is making use of Gmail account for sending/receiving email files. Users can access Gmail account from any system or from any desktop-based email client such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Mac Mail, Zimbra and more by implement the settings of IMAP or POP protocols. Gmail allows creating unlimited user accounts free of cost. It delivers 15 GB of storage space for each user. Gmail provides the benefit to send attachments of max. 50 GB size such as image, pdf, doc, xls etc.

G Suite, on the other side is upgraded version of Gmail that especially programmed for professional use to access business email IDs with Gmail service i.e. Earlier G Suite named as Google Apps for Work and Google Apps for your Domain. G Suite is a paid email service for corporate professionals that offers great remarkable features.

Overview – What is Zoho Mail?

Zoho Mail is a cloud-supported webmail service similar to Gmail that provides the functionality to send/receive emails worldwide. One can also configure it with desktop email applications to download email files locally using POP3 or IMAP protocols. Moreover, Zoho Mail is free from all the ads, which is best for privacy. The webmail app is equipped with simple GUI, drag and drop functionality, multiple level email folders, rules and filters, etc. Zoho Mail is offered with two editions one is free and another one is paid for both home and professional users. There is also a pro-edition of Zoho Mail, known by Zoho Workplace, which is a collection of multiple applications.

Why to Import Zoho Mail to Gmail?

These days, number of users prefer Gmail/G Suite webmail service instead of Zoho Mail due to personal as well as technical reasons. Some are discussed below:

  • Gmail and G Suite apps are introduced by Google Inc. It is a leading IT Organization since 1997 and thus became a trustworthy service among users.
  • Gmail and Google Apps provide additional features as compared to Zoho Mail. This can also be the reason of switching from Zoho account to Gmail/Google Suite i.e. Collaboration Tools, Search Functionality, Windows Phone App, Instant Messaging, Task Tracking, To-do list etc.
  • As per few users, Gmail is simple to use and helps in managing the stored data easily as compared to Zoho Mail.
  • Additional facilities such as 50MB per email capacity, 15GB free data storage space, navigation bar for accessing Google service, hangout, video chat, Google Wallet etc.

Professional Way to Connect, Forward, Add Zoho Mail to Gmail

Download and launch Zoho Mail Backup Tool to migrate Zoho Mail to Gmail or G Suite account with all emails and attachments accurately. The application ask to enter login details of Zoho Mail account in order to move Zoho emails to Gmail profile directly without data loss. It is a complete automated utility that does not need manual step to import Zoho to Gmail.

Steps to Migrate Zoho to Gmail/G Suite

After launching Zoho to Gmail Migration utility, follow the steps to read Zoho emails in Gmail or G Suite account.

Step 1. Launch Zoho Mail to G Suite Tool on Windows machine.

Step 2. Enter Zoho Mail login details and hit Login button to continue.

login to accounts for backup

Step 3. Software connect to Zoho Mail account, load its entire associated folder and display them with checkboxes on left pane. You can select the required mail data checkbox whose data you want to migrate in Gmail or G Suite.

folder list display of accounts

Step 4. Go to Select Saving Option and choose Gmail or G Suite from the list appearing. Also, set filters as per need i.e. to, from subject or date filter.

saving option selection

Step 6. Click Backup to start Zoho to Gmail migration.

backup of emails done

By implementing the mentioned steps in an exact way, a user directly move Zoho to Gmail or G Suite.

Features of Zoho to G Suite/Gmail Migration

  • Direct migration of Zoho to Gmail account with attachments.
  • Enables to import Zoho Mail to Gmail with entire email folders.
  • Keeps structure of folders and sub-folders intact during the process.
  • Forwarding Zoho to G Suite or Gmail with accurate data integrity.
  • Fast speed migration process without affecting data originality.
  • Multiple filters available for selective Zoho to G Suite migration.
  • Facilitate to forward Zoho Mail to Gmail, Google Apps from unlimited accounts.
  • Allows to choose desired folders for selective Zoho mail migration to Gmail process.
  • Free demo available for software analysis and understanding.
  • Provides 24/7 technical support services for customers.

Related FAQs of Zoho Mail to Gmail/G Suite Migration

How many accounts software supports to add Zoho Mail to Gmail?

The utility enables to move unlimited profiles from Zoho Mail to Gmail one by one.

Does the tool will preserve my Zoho email attached files during the process?

Yes, the software will preserve the email attachment and other components when migrating Zoho to G Suite account.

Is any supported app needed to use the software for importing Zoho Mail to Gmail?

No, the Zoho to Gmail Migration Tool runs without the support of any application. You only require internet connection of high speed for quick and error-free process.

Can I check the software working, as I just want to confirm if it is worth to buy or not?

Yes, no worries. You can test the software functions and features by using the free Zoho Mail to Gmail Tool download edition. You can migrate first 20 Zoho emails to Google Apps/Gmail free of cost and understand its complete processing.


The segment has discuss a direct way to import Zoho mail to Gmail account. Multiple manual methods are available but they are time-consuming and requires lot of technical skills. Thus, experts came up with instant and reliable as well as time-saving Zoho to G Suite/Gmail Tool. Application can run on any Windows OS version and takes care of all the email formatting properties and file structure without an error.