Import Thunderbird Emails to Postbox

Admin | Email Backup email migration Technology | 2 minutes read | Last updated on February 8th, 2023,

In this post, I will explain the most recommended method to import emails from Mozilla Thunderbird to Postbox. To perform this manual procedure, there is no need to have any kind of technical knowledge.

Before the start of this process, I suggest you backup Thunderbird emails and also backup your Postbox email as in this manual method to move Thunderbird emails to Postbox account sometimes some emails are not properly transferred.

Procedure to Import Thunderbird to Postbox App

  1. Close Postbox functionality to start the process
  2. Now, from your Mozilla Thunderbird account, you need to select the Compact Folders option from the File tab which is located on the main menu.

Note: This may take few minutes, but if you have large-sized data then it may take several minutes.

  1. After the completion of the compaction process, close your Thunderbird account.
  2. To select the emails from Thunderbird you need to find the Source mail folders:

For Windows: C:\Documents and Settings\[Windows user name]\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\[your profile]/Mail

For Mac: [your home folder]/Library/Thunderbird/Profiles/[your profile]/Mail

Mail folder contains the POP Mail

  1. Open the new window and then navigate the destination folder of your Postbox account:

For Windows: C:\Documents and Settings\[Windows user name]\Application Data\PostboxApp\Profiles\[your profile]\Mail\Local Folders

For Mac: [your home folder]/Library/Application Support/PostboxApp/Profiles/[your profile]/Mail/Local Folders

  1. Now, you just need to copy your Thunderbird emails and paste in into the Postbox Profile folder

After this procedure, you can view your Thunderbird emails in Postbox account.

Save Thunderbird and Postbox Emails in PDF

If you want to save your email files in the most secured format of files i.e. PDF, then you can follow the steps of the CubexSoft MBOX to PDF Converter tool through which you can save all MBOX files including those files which are exported from Postbox and Thunderbird to PDF file format through a single processing way.