How to Migrate SmarterMail to PDF?– Detailed Guide

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Want to know how to migrate SmarterMail to PDF file? If yes then you must read this article, here I will explain how users can simply transfer multiple SmarterMail files to PDF format directly. SmarterMail email server is commonly used by professional organisations, the matter saves on SmarterMail Server is for official purpose. In SmarterMail ,multiple users’ data saves, so I recommend users to opt for a genuine method to migrate SmarterMail data. By understanding this fact, I am going to facilitate one of the finest applications here. Follow this article till the end. Let’s also discuss some users’ doubts first.

Users Queries

Hello, I am Zoe Martin, I use SmarterMail Server for communication purpose, and I have a need to export my SmarterMail emails to PDF format. And I have approx. 1000+ emails which can be quite hectic to export one by one manually. That is why I am looking for a direct method that may enable to transfer multiple SmarterMail GRP files to PDF format at once. Kindly recommend me any automated solution, thanks.

Hey, I am Luther Andrew,  I am searching for a method to create singe PDF file of my multiple SmarterMail files. As I have requirement to get a copy of my emails which must be non-changeable. And PDF document as we know cannot be edited. Please guide me on this issue.

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Which Is The Most Reliable Method to Export SmarterMail to PDF?

CubexSoft SmarterMail Converter is definitely the most trustworthy application to transfer SmarterMail to PDF format. This app enriches with advanced functions that enables to proceed with migration with ease. Besides, PDF format, users are facilitated with multiple saving options  such as vCard, PST, EML, MSG, Office 365, Gmail, Exchange and many more. Users may opt for any saving option as per their requirement. This app is 100% safe and enables users to transfer files from SmarterMail to PDF effortlessly. There is no such technical skill have to be acquired to  run this app, it can be handled very easily without any technical skill. This software is Windows OS supported and also provides free demo option to users. Now let’s check how it works, thereafter we will see other important features of the utility.

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How to Migrate SmarterMail to PDF? -Instructions

It is required to follow few simple steps to transfer SmarterMail Email to PDF format, let’s discuss them below:

Step1: Start with launching SmarterMail to PDF Converter Tool on machine.

Step2: Click on either option “Add Files” or “Add Folder” to select SmarterMail GRP files.

Step3: Now choose required items clicking on the checkboxes.

Step4: Press on Export tab and select PDF saving option.

Step5: Now, there are multiple options, so that users can get output as they want for example:

  1. File Naming Options
  2. Advanced PDF Option
  • Save All emails in one PDF file
  • Converts Files Attachments  
    • Embed Attachments to PDF
    • Extract Attachments Separately

Step6: Now click on “Browse”in order to select destination path.

Step7: Use Advanced Filter Options to Convert SmarterMail.

Step8: Now finally press “Convert” button.

Step9: Here migration procedure initializes press “Ok” to end task successfully.

Step10: Now users may view log and check the output.

Advantages of SmarterMail to PDF Converter

  • Transfers multiple GRP files to PDF in single round
  • Enables to load & convert whole SmarterMail folder at once.
  • Option available to choose particular files from uploaded files and folder.
  • Preserves all components of SmarterMail emails like attachments, metadata, etc.
  • Supports conversion of large-sized files also.
  • Easy to understand functions, no need of any technical skill.
  • Gives options to save attachments accordingly.
  • Option to extract attachments of emails separately.
  • Enables to create a single PDF document of multiple emails.
  • Advanced filters options for specify certain files to export.
  • Allows choosing destination location for the output resultants.
  • Shows complete log-report containing all the relevant info of the migration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will SmarterMail to PDF Tool allow me to export 500+ emails?

Answer: Yes, This software enables to export unlimited SmarterMail files to PDF. There is no such restriction imposed on the quantity of files.

Is it a trustworthy option to convert SmarterMail emails to PDF format?

Answer: Yes, the app ensures 100% accuracy, it keeps all GRP files’ content as it is without any error.

Can I download the software on Windows 7?

Answer: Yes, all editions of Windows Operating Systems are compatible with the software including the latest one Windows 11.

Is there any demo facility available to know how this utility works?

Answer: Yes, Users may download demo version of the utility without any charges to evaluate functions well.

How to Migrate SmarterMail to PDF? –Resolved

The above stated SmarterMail to PDF Software installable on any Windows Operating Systems version such as Windows 10, 11, 8, 7, 8.1, and many more. This method is completely risk free and provides output data in a minimal time, users may opt for this without any doubt. It has successfully grabbed positive reviews from all over the world. To test the efficiency, it is advised to go with free demo facility which supports migration of 25 SmarterMail files to PDF format without any charges, after getting complete clarity of the app users may get a license key by paying minimal amount of money.