Directly Import OST File to Gmail by OST to Gmail Tool

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Tips to Migrate OST to Google Account with OST to Gmail Tool

Are you searching a way of how to import OST file to Gmail? If yes, then you are just at the right place because the following section will focus on the best and reliable solution with the help of which you can easily move .ost file to Gmail by using GAMMO Tool. By applying this technique, users can take the complete OST file backup to Gmail account.

Overview – Outlook.ost File to Gmail

MS Outlook is one of the known and widely used email application to send/receive emails. It also delivers users a criteria to work in the synchronization with Exchange Server. When a user is in synchronization with Exchange then MS Outlook saves entire data in a file having .ost extension. It contains identical copy of complete data items that are present on server. Also, it facilitates to work offline when connected with Exchange Server.

In different words, OST ensures the offline presence of Exchange server data. Just as other data files, .ost files are susceptible to corruption also. And due to this, users in large number needs to migrate OST to Google Account. Also, it is a fact that Gmail has unfailingly proved to be the milestone in emailing program. So, in the blog we will highlight the situations that force users for migrating OST file to Gmail with GAMMO Tool.

Need to Move OST Folder to Gmail

As Gmail is a browser based email client, so users have a freedom to retrieve the account from any location around the globe, irrespective of the system they are using. It is true that it is hard to open OST file on any other system than the one on which it was configured. Also, OST file accessibility requires appropriate connectivity with Exchange Server.

Solutions to Import OST to Google Account

There are multiple solutions to export OST file to Google Account:

Solution 1. Direct OST to Gmail Tool

Solution 2. Convert OST to PST and Move PST File to Gmail using GAMMO Tool

Solution 1. Import OST File to Gmail with Direct OST to Gmail Tool

OST to Gmail is one of the ultimate and secure utility to move OST files to Gmail account directly. The application is simple to use and programmed with self-explanatory operational clicks so that both home and professional users can use the utility to easily import OST mails to Gmail with attachments. Download OST Converter FREE DEMO edition on any Windows machine that allows to import first 25 OST files to Gmail free of cost. Follow the steps and check how to move OST files to Gmail account:

Helpful Note – Utilise the Google App Password process to directly import OST file to Gmail account.

Step 1. Download and open OST to Gmail Tool on any Windows OS.

Step 2. Go to Select File/Folder option and add OST files using Add File, Add Folder or Load Outlook Profile option.

Step 3. Software will list all the folders of OST file on the left pane of the tool with checkboxes. You can choose them by ticking on checkboxes as per need and do selective OST file conversion to Gmail.

Step 4. Now navigate to Saving Options button, click drop-down arrow and choose Gmail option from the available list of formats.

Step 5. Enter the Gmail login details in which you want to import OST mails. Simultaneously, choose other options as per need i.e. Ignore System Folder Hierarchy, Change Language, Copy to default folders, Use Advance Mode and Create log for messages not converted.

Step 6. Finally, click on Convert button to start conversion of OST file to Gmail.

Step 7. Once the process is done, a message will appear on the screen “Conversion Done Successfully”.

Solution 2. Convert OST to PST and Move PST File to Gmail using GAMMO Tool

Method 1.  Archive OST File

This process is used when a user wants to transfer complete mailbox items with emails, calendars, tasks, notes etc. from OST folder to Gmail through PST file format. It is a solution which is called auto-archive method that delivers users a choice to choose desired number of days post that needs to be backed up. Follow the steps mentioned below to archive .ost file.

  1. Open MS Outlook.
  2. Go to Tools >> click Options >> Select Auto-Archive >> click OK.
  3. Run every option of Auto-Archive post and list the number of days. Also, choose location to save Auto-Archive file and press OK.

Note: Archive feature does not support archiving OST file contacts.

Method 2. OST Mail File Export

MS Outlook contains Export feature which is simple as well as fast to move all Outlook.ost contents to Gmail. The option can also be helpful for moving contacts as well as calendars in .csv and .xls file format. But this feature is rarely used because it does not assure to secure data when migrating OST file to Google Account.

Method 3. Copy Items to New Outlook Data File

Users can move OST mailbox content to Gmail. For this, it is important to first generate Outlook PST file. After this, apply drag and drop method and move OST data in this new created PST folder.

Note: Default OST file folders such as inbox, notes, contact etc. cannot be transferred by this method for importing .ost to Gmail.

Method 4. Hassle-Free Solution

All the above discussed methods are manual solutions that does not guarantee the accuracy of OST file after migration. And due to this, default OST folders cannot be moved. Therefore, OST Converter allows to make process easier for users to migrate .ost to .pst. The tool is designed in such a way that MS Outlook and Exchange Connectivity is not important for conversion. Also, the exact data integrity is maintained before and after conversion of OST file to PST. Once .ost files are exported, it is even effortless to import OST to Google Account by GAMMO Tool.

Import Migrated OST file to Gmail

There is no direct method available to import OST to Google Account except GAMMO Tool. GAMMO is Google Apps Migration for MS Outlook. It has the capability of importing Outlook folder to Gmail. Follow are the steps to implement the process to migrate OST to Gmail or Google Apps.

  1. At first, Download and Launch GAMMO Tool by visiting official Google’s website.
  2. Start an export process by signing-in Google Apps.
  3. Select PST file and choose migrate all options to import OST file to Gmail.
  4. Select the required data items to import from OST folder to Google Account.
  5. Choose the option Migrate to start migrating OST file to Gmail.
  6. Once the process is finished, you can easily retrieve all Outlook folder data by the process to import OST to Google Apps without affecting the data quality.


Gmail is the most important means of communication in today’s era. Users making use of any other email application sometimes face lot of issues and looks a way that can help them out in migrating OST to Gmail. And in the above section we have discussed various ways which allows to export OST file to Google Apps account in a perfect and stress-free way.

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