How to Add Holiday Calendar to Thunderbird?

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Many users of Mozilla Thunderbird application want to know the process for adding a holiday calendar to Thunderbird. In this blog post we will discuss the process through which any user can easily add a holiday calendar in the Mozilla Thunderbird application.

You can perform this process by using two different methods.

Share it on Your Computer

In this method, your complete holiday list stored on your computer system which can be viewed with or without the internet. In this list of holidays, you can edit holidays according to your requirement. For instance, you can add state holidays to this calendar.

Subscribe to it on the Internet

This is the holiday calendar which is loaded on the web, you can subscribe to this calendar list. This can be maintained by that person who uploads that calendar on the web.

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Store Calendar on Computer

  1. Open the Mozilla Thunderbird holiday calendar page or you can reach the other website that provides a calendar with all national holidays.
  2. Install that calendar on your computer system by right-clicking on the link of that calendar and then choose Save Link As option from the drop-down list of multiple options. This will be shown with the suffix as ics.
  3. In your account of the Mozilla Thunderbird, you need to click on the Menu Tab.
  4. Now, select the File option and then Calendar File through the use of Open tab.
  5. Select that saved holiday calendar.

Now, you can view the complete list of holidays.

Subscribe for the Calendar

  1. Open the holiday calendar page of the Thunderbird account or you can move to the other calendar sourced from the internet.
  2. Select Copy Link Location option by right-clicking on the link of the calendar.
  3. Now, through the help of the Menu section click on the File and then New option.
  4. After that, Calendar option can be chosen.
  5. Click On the Network option and then Next tab.
  6. From the list of the file format, you need to select the iCalendar (ICS) option.
  7. Then you need to right-click on the Address section and then utilize the Paste option.
  8. Hit on the Next tab and then Finish.


This is the best and easiest way to add a holiday calendar to Thunderbird account, you can utilize this process without any error. These steps can be followed by all users as there is no technical view of the steps.

Save Thunderbird Calendar to Other File Format

Some of the users of Thunderbird email application also want to know the exact procedure through which they can save calendar from Thunderbird to Outlook PST file format so you can try the Thunderbird Converter software. With the utilization of this perfect solution, you can easily get your calendar data into Outlook PST format along with all emails and contacts.