How Do I Completely Format My Computer Windows 10 without CD?

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How Do I Completely Format My Computer Windows 10 without CD?

Overview– Do you want to reset your Windows 10 without CD or USB? Learn the most efficient and secure solutions to format Windows 10 without CD or USB by reading this blog post.

You may want to format or reset your Windows 10 computer or laptop if it is running sluggishly or has other issues. Instead, you can decide to format your system in order to sell it or otherwise get rid of it. Whatever the circumstance, formatting Windows 10 is simple. Learn how to reset Windows 10 without even using a CD or repairing the disc by reading this post. Let’s get going!

Reminder– Your data won’t be completely lost if you format a Windows 10 computer. The data is still retrievable even after you format your device. Thus, instead of simply deleting your sensitive data, use a strong and best Data Wipe Tool to permanently remove it from existence.

Tips for Formatting Windows 10 without a CD

There are three techniques you can use to format your Windows 10 computer without a Disc.

Technique 1- Quick Format

The most popular format option for erasing access to files stored on a drive is a quick format. You can follow the provided working steps to format/reset the Windows 10 drive instantly-

  • Using Disk Management, you may easily format the Windows 10 partition to erase its data and create fresh storage space. Adhere to the instructions:
  • Type “Create and format hard disc partitions” into the Windows Search box to bring up the box.
1- Open Partitions on a Hard Drive and Format them
  • Right-click the disc partition and select Format.
2- Choose the Disc Partition to Format
  • Give the storage a new name in the “Value label” field.
  • Next, select the NTFS option under “File system” (recommended for Windows 10).
  • Then, pick Default under “Allocation unit size” by clicking there.
  • Choose “Perform a quick format” and mark it.
3- Implement a Quick Format

Reminder– When you select a quick format, the drive is immediately erased but no errors are checked.

  • After that, Click OK > OK to deselect Enable file and folder compression.

Keep in mind that a quick format removes the old file system with a new one, making it simple for Data Recovery Software to retrieve the data. So, we advise you to wipe data rather than just format it to be secure.

Technique 2- Complete Format and Reset Your Computer

With the Windows 10 partitions, you can select “Full Format”. It will assist you in completely formatting the drive partitions and scanning them for damaged sectors. But, depending on the size of the Windows partition, it would take a long time. With the “Reset this Computer” software, you can completely format your PC. You can use this built-in Windows tool to completely delete your system drive. Follow the instructions:

  • Go to the Setting and then, choose Update & Security.
  • Then, select Get Started under Recovery.
4- Under Windows Settings, Choose Recovery and then Click Get Started
  • To delete everything off your system data, including system settings, drivers, apps, software, etc., select “Remove everything” on the next window.
5- Remove Everything
  • Choose “Remove your files” from the list. “Remove all files just from the driver where Windows is installed” or “This is quicker but less safe.”
6- To Delete your Files, Choose One of the Two Options.
  • Press on Next after a warning notice appears on the screen.
  • Next, select Continue after being requested to Reset.
7- Choose to Restart the Computer
  • Close the window after finishing, then restart your computer.
  • Your Win 10 will be formatted.

I have successfully reset my computer, but I’m not sure if the information is permanently wiped out. How do I erase my data securely so that it cannot be recovered?

An effective Data Recovery Tool can retrieve your data from a formatted (and re-formatted) drive partition. So, it’s required for you to not just remove or format the drive but completely erase it.

Don’t Reset or Format, But Erase Data Using CubexSoft Data Eraser Tool

Recovery of deleted data is impossible. To ensure that the data is permanently lost and that there is no prospect of recovery, this procedure overwrites the existing data on all sectors of the system drive with zeros, ones, or random patterns. And you can use powerful file erasure software, like CubeSoft Data Erasure Software to permanently delete data from Windows 10.

It’s a DIY data-erasing tool that can erase all of the data on your system, including files, folders, photographs, audio files, movies, and other types of data. To assure safe erasing, it uses methods based on standards set by the US Department of Defense. Erasing all traces of it, it protects your data from loss or theft and from falling into the wrong hands. Follow these instructions to completely format Windows 10 without CD or USB-

Bottom Lines!

We talked about the ideal methods for formatting Windows 10 without a CD. To get rid of malware or solve other issues with your system, you can select to format it. To donate, dispose of, or sell your computer, you should completely wipe all of its data instead of just formatting it. Utilize one of the best and most secure file eraser software like CubexSoft File Erasure Tool for Mac & Win OS to protect your privacy and assure data security. This do-it-yourself program permanently destroys all types of data and makes them unrecoverable.