How to Erase All Photos from iPhone At Once? – Simple Tips & Tricks

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how to erase all photos from iphone at once

Do you wish to permanently erase all photos from iPhone at once? Is there free space on the device to store new photos or remove old ones? Regardless of the iOS or iPhone model you own, you’ll discover several techniques to quickly remove images from your iPhone, iCloud, and iPad in this write-up.

When it comes to erasing data to free up storage space, iOS devices are not an exception. Currently, iPad storage ranges from 16 GB to 1TB, whereas iPhone storage is limited to 16 GB to 512 GB. The device’s images and images take up the majority of this storage.

To make space on your iPad or iPhone, you can therefore feel under pressure to remove a significant amount of pictures, videos, screenshots, etc. Perhaps you simply wish to erase certain images permanently from your iOS device that are useless, such as blurry films, inadvertent pictures, and bad selfies.

Let’s see how to erase all photos from iPhone at once effortlessly. These techniques also work with the most recent versions of iOS 17, iPhone 15 & iPad.

#Part1- Before Erasing Every Single Image from Your iPhone

You’re going to remove a lot of pictures from your iPhone. Maybe dozens or even hundreds of thousands of your photos. It’s possible that in your haste, you erase those emotional images as well. So, before taking the big plunge, it’s best to make an iPhone photo backup.

#Part2- How to Delete Multiple Photos at a Time on iPhone? – {7 Techniques}

Even though the Photos app offers a fast way to choose and erase images from your iPhone, there’s never a guarantee that the images are truly gone from all of your devices as well as cloud storage.

Thus, we’re going to present several ways to delete all photos from your iCloud, iPad, and iPhone.

#1- Remove Every Picture from the iPhone’s Photos App.

The Photos app stores photos that you take with your iPhone or get through chats, etc. Using the Photos app, you may quickly remove any picture from your iPhone, including those in the Camera Roll and Photo Stream. Here’s how you do it:

  • Open the Photos app on your iPhone.
  • After selecting the Library, select All Photos.

Figure: Steps to choose images in the Library for removal on iPhone

  • At the top, press Select.
  • Click on the pictures one by one which you need to erase. You can also drag your finger across several images to choose numerous photos quickly.
  • Press the Trash button to remove the chosen photographs.

#2- Use “Recently Deleted” to Permanently Remove Images from Your iPhone.

Unless you remove them sooner, photos that are erased from the Photos app remain in your iPhone’s “Recently Deleted” album for a maximum of 30 days. Therefore, use the procedures listed below to empty the “Recently Deleted” folder in order to permanently wipe iPhone photos:

  • On your iPhone, launch the Photos app.
  • Select Albums.
  • Click on Select after selecting Recently Deleted.

Figure: Steps to wipe images from ‘Recently Deleted’ on iPhone

  • To remove a photo, click on it, then choose Delete. To remove all of the images from your iPhone permanently, you can also choose to “Delete All.”

Important Note: If you use iCloud images, when you delete iPhone images, they are also erased from other devices (Mac, iPad, iPod touch, or PC) that you have logged into.

#3- Eliminate iPhone Images from the iCloud

Pictures that you remove from your iPhone’s Photos app likewise disappear from iCloud. Therefore, all you have to do to erase photos from iCloud is use the previously described techniques to delete them from your iPhone.

#4- Use a Mac to Remove Pictures from an iPhone

You can also use a Mac to remove iPhone images if you use iCloud. Any photographs you delete from your Mac’s Photo Library will also be deleted from your iPhone.

Take the steps listed below to remove images from your iPhone using a Mac:

  • Launch the Mac app Photos.
  • Select the Library icon.
  • After choosing the images you wish to remove, press the Delete key.
  • To confirm, press the Delete.
  • Get the Recently Deleted button open now.
  • Choose the images from your iPhone and delete them forever.

#5- Use to Wipe Photos from your iPhone

iPhones also lose any photos that are deleted from Any device, including a computer, Mac, iPhone, or iPad, can be used to browse Just use your Apple ID to get into your account, then remove the iPhone pictures.

Take the steps listed below to remove images from 

  • Open and log in.
  • Select the Photos application.
  • Pick the pictures you wish to remove.
  • Select Delete by clicking. To confirm, click Delete one more.

#6- Powerful iPhone Photo Eraser Tool to Know How to Erase All Photos from iPhone at Once

CubexSoft Data Erasure Tool is one of the best and most advanced solution to successfully solve the issue of how to delete multiple photos at a time on iphone permanently. With the help of an iPhone Eraser Tool, you may be confident that no picture on your phone can be recovered. But, your iPhone will also lose other data if you use this method. It is advised to utilize it if you wish to donate or sell an old iPhone that has private images on it that you would rather no one see.

Learn how to use a program to permanently erase iPhone data step-by-step here. Additionally, you can test out the software’s functionality without cost by downloading it using the button below.

#7- Erase “Bulk” Images from iCloud Permanently to Clear Up Space

You can decide that you would prefer to permanently remove your iCloud images. That being said, your iCloud might include thousands of images or movies. So how can I swiftly remove so many iPhone photos?

Don’t worry, it’s simple. You can use your iPhone’s Settings to do this. To completely get rid of every iPhone photo from iCloud, take the following working steps:

  • Navigate to your iPhone’s Settings.
  • Select the name of your account, Apple ID.
  • Select iCloud.
  • To follow, click Control Storage > Pictures

Figure- Go to the Photos Application in iCloud

  • Press the Disable and Delete

iCloud storage will no longer be used to store your iPhone pictures. All of the images and videos will be removed from iCloud in 40 days.

Conclusion & Frequently Asked Questions             

You may make more space on your iOS device and iCloud storage now that you are aware of all the ways to delete unwanted images from your iPhone, iPad, or iCloud.

All users, however, have different needs when it comes to removing images from their iPhones. These are some commonly asked queries with potentially helpful solutions.

Q1- Is it possible to remove images from your iPhone but not from iCloud?

A- To remove pictures only from your iPhone and not from iCloud, you must first turn off sync between your iPhone and iCloud in the Settings. Navigate to Settings > iCloud > Apple ID > Photos > Turn off iCloud Photos. Select to also Optimize iPhone Storage.

Q2- Is there a way to erase every single iPhone picture of a specific person or place?

A- Select the Search option in the Photos app to remove iPhone pictures of a certain person or category. Apple AI will provide photographs of individuals, locations, events, and so on. Additionally, you can look through Albums’ People & Places section. Choose which category photos of a person, place, etc. you wish to remove from your iPhone. Select and remove after clicking “See All.”

Q3- How can I get rid of 5000+ images on my iPhone?

A- Go to Photos > Library> All Photos> Select to wipe photographs on your iPhone in bulk. Now, drag your finger down the screen to pick thousands of images at the same time. Every picture will be chosen. To remove every photo from your iPhone at once, click on the trash tab.