Know How to Securely Erase All Data from iPhone?

Sarabjeet Kaur | data eraser data wipe Software Technology | 4 minutes read | Modified on: 15-05-2024
how to securely erase all data from iphone

Do you wish to securely erase all data from iPhone to stop future data breaches and misuse? This article offers a method that guarantees there will be no recovery from an old iPhone at all. The solution can be used to remove old iPhone data before donating or selling.

There’s concern that digital data on iPhones could fall into the wrong hands due to the increasing number of cases of data leaks as well as misuse. When you sell, trade in, recycle, or donate your iOS device, you run the danger of losing your private images, contacts, messages, videos, or sensitive data like bank account information, shopping app IDs, and so on.

What steps can you take, then, to completely destroy your old iPhone data and keep it out of the hands of prying eyes?

The widely followed advice from Apple is one way to resolve the issue: select ‘delete all information and settings’ on your iPhone in order to remove all of its data. But, data erasure via this technique doesn’t provide data privacy because advanced tools and skilled hackers are readily available.

Professionals advise utilizing 100% secure and reliable iPhone Erasing Tool. Beyond the capabilities of any program, the tool has the ability to render iPhone data unrecoverable.

Let’s examine these methods in more detail to find out how to securely erase all data from iPhone.

Delete iPhone with “Erase All Content and Settings”

Use the ‘Erase All Content and Settings’ option in your iOS device’s settings to completely erase all data from your iPhone. It resembles a factory reset for an iPhone.

Following an iPhone factory reset, all of the data associated with the apps—including settings, passwords, music, audio files, contacts, documents, calendars, conversations, photos and videos—are erased. But remember to first make a backup of the data on your iPhone using iTunes or iCloud.

Working Steps to wipe iPhone via Settings

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Go to General > Reset > Delete All Settings and Content.
  • In the popup window, select Erase Now. When prompted, enter your Apple ID password & password.

By doing this, you can switch off the iPhone and delete its data. Upon turning on the iPhone, you’ll notice that all of its information, including movies, contacts, photos, and applications, has been erased.

Erase iPhone Permanently to 0% Recovery Using this Safe and Tried Solution

While clearing all data on your iPhone by using the ‘Erase All Content and Settings’ feature would restore your device to its original state, this step is insufficient. Hackers are still able to get the data on your iPhone even after a factory reset. Therefore, it’s important to wipe an iPhone using an ideal iOS Erasure Tool in order to safeguard privacy and avoid data leaks.

While there are several iOS Wiping Tools available online, CubexSoft iPhone Data Eraser Tool is the one we suggest. The most effective approach to erase an iOS device before selling, donating, or recycling is with this effective utility.

It deletes private files from your iPhone, including chat logs, messages, Instagram, WhatsApp, contacts, notes, calendar, browsing history, and other private data. The most recent iOS 15 and older versions are compatible with the safe DIY program. All versions, including those with the iPhone 6, 7, 8, X, SE, and 11 and higher, can be erased. You can evaluate the software’s features and usability by taking advantage of the free demo.

Steps to Delete iPhone Data Safely

First, use a USB cord to connect your iPhone to a Windows PC.

Next, launch the iPhone Data Eraser Tool and follow the directions to clean your iPhone entirely before selling it.

The software provides dual mode to remove data from your iPhone: Files & Folders and Logical Drives.

The iPhone Erasing Tool offers two wipe options: Total Space (erasing all data) and Free Space.

Select your iPhone’s memory from drives after that.

From the tool interface, choose all or the necessary iPhone folders.

Before selling, utilize the advanced filter options to fully delete the iPhone based on a date range, particular file extensions, and text overwriting.

To permanently wipe an iPhone before selling it, choose a wipe technique and hit the Wipe tab.

Following that, the iPhone Data Wipe Tool will show you a warning message like Files or Folders once deleted cannot be recovered back. Are you sure you want to continue? Finally, to begin wiping the data on your iPhone before selling it, press the Yes tab.

Key Highlights of Data Eraser Tool to Erase iPhone Completely

  • Removal of installed app and system activity traces.
  • Complete deletion of cookies and internet activity to guarantee total privacy from online risks.
  • Supports the deletion of erased data in order to maximize storage space and safeguard the system.
  • It offers two ways to remove necessary folders and iPhone logical drives.
  • With only one click under Wipe Options, users can erase all of their data from their iPhone (Total Space – All data will be erased).
  • Before transferring an iPhone to someone else, you can select a particular time frame to erase its contents.
  • Excellent app for fully wiping an iPhone before selling, as once destroyed, no one can recover your important information.
  • It has multiple wipe techniques that range from one pass to 35 passes to erase iPhone data.


There’s no need to worry about private information leakage once you’ve erased all of your data from your iPhone with a safe iPhone Eraser Tool. Even the most advanced iOS data recovery solution won’t be able to retrieve your data due to the program algorithms.