eM Client to Office 365 Tool to Export & Import eM Client to Exchange Online

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Are you looking for a solution to migrate eM Client to Office 365 account? If yes, then this article is going to help you out for getting the complete and brief information about how to perform this task. Under this post, you will definitely get the proper working guide which supports to solve the issue of “how to convert eM Client to Office 365 account?” Using the best professional utility, users can perform the entire eM Client data to OWA conversion procedure. Well! There is no any other direct way to implement the eM Client to Office 365 conversion process except eM Client Converter. The software is well-capable to regulate the entire migration process successfully. Therefore, without wasting time anymore, let us start the discussion. But before we start the process, here some of the considerable user queries related with the eM Client to Exchange Online migration.

User Queries

“Hello, I am using eM Client application to access and manage Rediffmail account mails. A few days back, I used Office 365 application in order to manage some office work. It is amazing application to store the database on cloud. That’s why now I decided to transfer my eM Client database into Office 365 account. Can anyone please suggest me the solution to perform this task.”

“Hi guys, I am Weatson Gyatso working as a coordination manger and we use eM Client desktop application for managing and organizing our database and information. We have around 2000 of machines which includes millions of eM Client files. Now we planned to switch on Office 365 account from eM Client as because it offers strong features and functionalities to users. Here I am concern with all the eM Client database that we have, I want all the existing data in Office 365 safely, we have bought enterprise license of Office 365. Now, I want the direct way to transfer all database from eM Client to Office 365 account.”

Direct Technique to Migrate eM Client to Office 365 Account

To transfer the complete database from eM Client into O365 you have to go through with the two rounds i.e.

  • Export EML files from eM Client
  • Convert eM Client to Office 365

For getting brief about the process, just follow the both processes to export eM Client to Exchange Online.

Round l – eM Client Save .eml Files on Desktop

Step 1. First, you have to start and open the eM Client application on your machine. Then, go to the Menu option and hit on File button >> Export option will appear as mentioned in the below screen.

Step 2. After choosing Export from drop-down list, select “Export to .eml files” option for export mailbox folder and then press on next button given below.

Step 3. Now, choose desirable mailbox folders which you need to export into Office 365 account. Click Next tab.

Step 4. In this step, you can insert the destination path by using Browse tab where you want to store the eM Client files and after that press on finish button.

Round ll – Transfer eM Client Files to Office 365

Before starting this method, you have to download eM Client to Office 365 Converter on your Window machine. Then freely go with the steps mentioned below:

Step 1 – Open the software and insert the eM Client files which you have exported from eM Client in above round. To import these files you can use the left pane of software screen which shows the desktop items.

Step 2 – After importing the files, freely click on desire emails for getting brief view of eM Client files. Then hit on Export button.

Step 3 – A fresh Window open in which you have to choose Office 365 option from the drop-down list of select output format option.

Step 4 – Now, add the login ID and Password of your Office 365 account and then hit on Convert button to begin the migration process.

The process will be finished within a few minutes. After the completion of eM Client to Office 365 process, your screen shows the successful message of conversion.

Highlighted Features and Benefits of eM Client to Office 365 Converter Tool

  • The software gives trustworthy working guide, which enables how to safely copy eM Client files to OWA.
  • It comes with the simple graphical interface which is more familiar to its users.
  • All type of users can easily opt this solution whether the user is technical or non-technical.
  • Login credentials of your Office 365 account is necessary to complete the process.
  • If you have EML files on your desktop, then eM Client installation not necessary.
  • Enables user to transfer unlimited eM Client files to Exchange Online using a single click only.
  • eM Client to Office 365 Converter offers preview facility for brief viewing of eM Client emails before to start the process.
  • It’s a Windows based application so you can access this program on all latest and previous Windows editions such as 7, 8, 10 etc.

Final Verdict

I hope the above explanatory solution will help you out to resolve your problem of how to migrate eM Client EML to Office 365 using eM Client to Office 365 Converter. The eM Client Converter Tool also well-capable to migrate eM Client to Outlook, eM Client to Thunderbird and many more other applications. To get more information about this solution users can freely use and check the software before purchasing the license key. So, download the software free, which facilitates to move first 10 files from eM Client to Office 365 account at free of cost. After using free trial, go for its license key to perform batch conversion.