eM Client to Thunderbird

Effectively Convert eM Client Data to Thunderbird in Bulk

  • Import email from eM client folder to Thunderbird with Attachments
  • Batch Migrate eM client email messages to Thunderbird at once
  • Dual options presented for eM Client export to Thunderbird
  • Keeps folder hierarchy intact during the conversion process
  • No installation required of any supported email application
  • Windows Supported platform which compatible with all Windows editions
  • Preview option provide brief view of eM Client emails

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There could be numerous reasons why a user wants to switch from eM Client to Mozilla Thunderbird. As it is already known that Thunderbird is a strong and commonly used email client which makes several task easier for a user to perform such as emails, calendar, chat and contacts. Mozilla Thunderbird delivers remarkable features to its users and are very much better for communication purpose as compared to eM Client. Therefore, the need of the software arise to those users who frequently switch from one email client to another.

Converting emails from eM Client to Mozilla Thunderbird.

* Upgraded to New OS

* Switching job profile and a new company demanding to work on Thunderbird instead of eM Client

* eM Client only works on Windows whereas Thunderbird is a cross-platform email client

From the above situations, users feel helpless and they need to go with Thunderbird instead of eM Client. Also, both are completely different in nature. Thunderbird does not even provide a direct solution of importing eM Client emails to Thunderbird application.


After performing a proper survey, This Converter comes with complete functionality to cater the demands that are required by users to import eM Client mails to Thunderbird. It will keep the email elements unchanged and also does not alter the attachment file type. It proves to be a qualified solution to convert unlimited eM Client folder to Thunderbird supported format.

The software has been came into existence after observing all the desired attributes. It does not take time to convert the bulk data in less time. The application has the ability to preserve the accuracy of emails during the migration process. Any type of user can download and operate the software to convert eM Client mail to Thunderbird format in spite of having a relevant technical knowledge or not.


eM Client to Thunderbird Tool with Quick & Advanced Export eM Client Emails to Thunderbird

Batch Import eM Client Emails to Thunderbird

The software carries the in-built functionality of batch migration which allows to convert multiple eM Client emails to Thunderbird at one time. A user can copy all individual emails in a single folder and export all of them in single process. Simply navigate the location where eM Client folder is stored, click on the required one and load it on the software pane to transfer eM Client files to Thunderbird in a batch.

Convert eM Client to Thunderbird with Attachments

When a user tries to batch export eM Client emails to Thunderbird using the software, then the attached files included in eM Client folder will also get automatically converted to Thunderbird. And the data contained by the attachment will remain safe and unchanged throughout the process by the application.

Maintains Email Attributes and Folder Structure

During the conversion of multiple eM Client emails to Thunderbird, the software will take care of the email properties such as To, Bcc, Subject, time, data, sent, from, received metadata, images, font, text, color, hyperlinks, tables, line etc. Moreover, eM Client to Thunderbird keeps the folder structure intact and exact as before when implementing the process of migration.

Tested Application – No Limitation of File Size

The software does not provide any limitation related to the size of a file for transfer of eM Client data to Thunderbird with attachments. Users are free to convert unlimited eM Client files to Thunderbird without facing any loss of data. It is a tested application by experts, therefore users do not need to take worries of exporting multiple eM Client mails to Thunderbird in a bulk.

Preview Functionality

The converter facilitate with amazing preview functionality that supports users for getting perfect and brief view of eM Client emails before to star the conversion process. While getting the preview facility, you can view the complete email content as like - To, CC, BCC, From and so on.

Supports all versions of Windows OS

Apart from unlimited conversion, there is another feature supported by eM Client to Thunderbird Tool is a Windows platform independent. It means that a user can download and access the software on all the earlier and latest versions of Windows OS without facing a single error.

eM Client to Thunderbird Tool Free Download

Know all Utility Specifications for Easy of Use

Software Name: CubexSoft eM Client to Thunderbird Tool
Free Download:

Download for Windows 100% Safe & Secure Buy Now 30 Money-Back Guarantee*

Version: 15.0
Processor: Minimum 2.4 GHz Processor
RAM: Minimum 512 MB
Minimum Hard Drive Space: 45.3 MB
Operating System: Windows OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003, etc.
Demo Version: Download eM Client Mail to Thunderbird Free utility that is available with free version which allows to migrate 10 items from eM Client folder to Thunderbird without cost. The tool is very supportive migration product which has all worthwhile functions and free demo edition is one of them which are for getting entire trust on it.
Installation & Un-installation for Windows: Guide Install/Uninstall EULA

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Export eM Client to Thunderbird

Get Answers to Users' Commonly Asked Queries

No, you can accurately export your emails from eM client into Thunderbird without configuration of Thunderbird application. With help of the eM client to Thunderbird program you can save eM client data to Thunderbird without configuration of any email client application.

Yes, it is possible with the software. You can transfer unlimited email files from eM Client to Thunderbird in single migration process without any data loss.

No, the software is a Windows based program that can run only Windows operating system like Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, etc.

Technical license of the software is best for you to convert multiple email messages from eM Client to Thunderbird in one time process.

You should not be troubled concerning such conversion, from the additional section you will get your all questions resolved.

At first, let us know about eM Client and Thunderbird and then we will describe for how to switch from eM Client to Thunderbird.

eM Client: It is a Windows based email client that helps in sending and receiving mails, managing calendars, contacts and task. It was developed as a user friendly app for e-mail client User. It supports all major platform like Gmail, Icewarp, Apple server etc. It is full featured email client with a modern and easy to use interface and supports .eml format to export emails.

Thunderbird: It is popular email client and supports to save mailbox with several email as .mbox format. And it was launched by Mozilla Foundation after the success of Firefox web browser. It makes stress-free to send, receive, saved search, quick search, folders ("virtual folders"), advanced message filtering etc., help to manage and find messages.

There are two methods available for you to import email from eM Client to Mozilla Thunderbird application i.e Manual Method and Professional Method to convert eM Client database to Thunderbird.

Manual process to Migrate eM Client files to Thunderbird:-

* Import emails from eM Client by using export option in this wizard.

* Keep them exported files at your required location with .eml format.

* Launch Thunderbird and import those .eml files into Thunderbird by using "drag & drop" way. Now, you can view them easily in Thunderbird.

But this manual process is not so safe for attachments while the conversion process. You can lose your important data but no one is here to lose data, so users like to go with third-party software which provides exact results.

Try the software which is appropriate to convert eM Client to Thunderbird. User might feel the necessity for the conversion process. There are lots of applications & procedures which can be used for the conversion process. You will have to look for another method which is non-another than a third party tool. You will be having sufficiently of options to indicate as your third party tool. You can easily eM Client export to Thunderbird with the help of a third party software. It also has some many abilities which deliver easy and simple steps to import email from eM Client to Thunderbird and are given below:-

* This tool has a capability to export eM Client to Mozilla Thunderbird in bulk.

* Attachments are also exported by this tool without any adjustment in their formats.

* It supports to keep entire emails details unchanged during the process.

* It is independent for Windows platform to perform the task i.e. eM Client export to Thunderbird.

* This tool has a simple user interface that means any user can handle this tool easily

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