DreamHost to Office 365 – Direct Migration Guide of DreamHost Email to O365

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Are you keenly seeking for an ingenious solution to migrate DreamHost webmail to Office 365? If you nodded your head in yes then read this blog as it provide you all the information you needed currently. Here you get to know how to migrate DreamHost email to Office 365 accurately in direct way. DreamHost to Office 365 Tool is an advance single utility which provides solution of multiple problems. Configuration of any external application is not mandatory for DreamHost webmail email migration to Office 365. The advance utility provide 100% guarantee of no data loss with assured result. Let’s go through some users queries to understand the problem deeply.

Hello, I am working for a web designing company since last two years. I have many important emails in my DreamHost account as I used it to manage my database. Now I want to switch my profile from DreamHost to Office 365 for some security issues. Many people suggested me different method but all those method provide partial solution. Please suggest me a complete solution provider to migrate my DreamHost email to Office 365.

– Keith J. Easterwood

Hello! I want to back up the database of my DreamHost account to Office 365 because I am facing security problems. Please suggest me a trustworthy tool where I can perform the conversion without fear of database leakage.

– Chapin Henrichon

How to Perform Webmail Migration of DreamHost to Office 365?

Step 1: Install and Launch DreamHost to Office 365 Tool in your system.

home screen

Step 2: Choose DreamHost from the list of Select Email Source. Enter credential of DreamHost Account and IMAP Server details such as IMAP Host and IMAP Port No. After filling all the vacant spaces click on Login button.

scanning process

Step 3: Now the software load all the mail folders of DreamHost account and shows them on the left panel of the software.

load gmail folders

Step 4: Next tick the required folders, apply selective backup filter then choose Office 365 as output format. Click on Backup Button which is available at the rightward corner of the software.

Select Folders Sub-Folders

Step 5: Now the tool start DreamHost Webmail data migration and shows live conversion status. The migration process will be completed in just few minutes.

Export Process

Step 6: At last a pop-up Windows opens with a message “Conversion Completed”, Click on Ok to end the process. You can also save the backup report in TXT format for future analysis.

backup of emails done

Remarkable Attributes of DreamHost Webmail Email Migration to Office 365 Tool

  • The software provide facility of selective migration of required emails. Through DreamHost to Office 365 Tool you can easily backup selective emails to Office 365 account according to your suitability.
  • Backup report of whole conversion process is generated at the end. The log report contain each minor detail of backup such as starting date/time, destination path, selected format, status etc. the backup report can be saved in TXT format for future use.
  • The tool is designed in such a way that it can maintain all the properties of DreamHost email while performing the conversion such as header, time stamps, email links, email formatting, hyperlinks, email formatting, Unicode characters, font styles, images etc.
  • DreamHost to Office 365 Converter is capable of migrating all attachments along with respective emails. The software migrate all type of attachments such as images, word docs, spread sheet etc. to Office 365 account.
  • The software is a desktop based application which support migration in all version of Windows such as 10, 8, 7, 8.1, Windows Vista, Windows XP etc.
  • The hierarchy of your DreamHost folders remain unchanged after the database get transferred to office 365. The software perform DreamHost webmail data migration keeping the database intact.
  • Using DreamHost to Office 365 Tool you can backup email of certain date range by applying date filter. It also offer other advance filters such as to/from/subject etc. for migrating emails selectively. The feature is very useful as it saves lots of time of users.
  • The software is an independent utility which doesn’t require configuration of DreamHost and any other third party application to perform the conversion. The tool works solemnly and doesn’t depend on any other utility to migrate DreamHost Webmail to Office 365.
  • DreamHost to Office 365 Tool perform the conversion with 100% accuracy and integrity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run this software on Mac OS X?

No, the software only support Windows machine. You can perform DreamHost webmail email migration to Office 365 on all Version of Windows such as 10, 8, 7, 8.1, vista etc.

I want to transfer my whole DreamHost profile to Office 365. Can I transfer it in one time processing?

Yes, you can migrate bulk of DreamHost email in just one go by DreamHost to Office 365 Tool.

Is the software support selective migration of Email?

Yes, the software is capable of performing selective migration. Through this software you can transfer only required emails to Office 365.

How many emails can be migrated using DreamHost to Office 365 Tool demo version?

You can migrate maximum of 20 emails with the demo version of DreamHost to Office 365 Tool.

How many filters I can choose at once while performing the process of migrate DreamHost webmail to Office 365?

You can choose multiple emails at single time processing. The software gives you liberty of choosing filters as much as you want.


In this blog we explain one of the best method available to migrate DreamHost email to Office 365 accurately. The software is the trustworthy and reliable utility which efficiently perform DreamHost webmail data migration. To know more about the software download its demo version. The demo version is available for user convenience and understanding. DreamHost Email Backup Tool enable user to migrate first 20 email/folders to Office 365 for free of cost.