cPanel Email Migration to Office 365 Account in Simplified Way

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Once it comes to migration to the cloud application, Microsoft Office 365 is the one that comes first in our minds. That is because it comes up with complete MS Office suite within it.

But how a user can migrate the cPanel mailbox to Office 365? The query seems quite problematic but interesting also. Isn’t it? I also found it difficult, when I got fix where I planned to import cPanel email to Office 365 account.

I support a small association of pretty heavy email users. In recent times, the heaviest email users experienced the disappearing of emails after transferring to newly created folders. Even, we misplaced worthy emails in the folder. And the major thing was, that we were not taking any backup. These misplaced emails had meant dollars of lost data. As I have Office 365 subscription plans. Then I considered to migrate cPanel email to Office 365 account.

I was madly searching for some direct approach. But didn’t get anything. Then, I found a manual method but I was having a fear of data damage or loss. I had lost almost all my hopes of achieving migration. Then one day I was reading the article and by chance got IMAP to Office 365 Migration Tool. It gave me a hint of trust Then, I contacted to them of help me out and I was bless as they gave just a few steps solution to export complete data from cPanel emails to OWA directly as mentioned.

Step-by-Step Working Process to Import cPanel Email to Office 365

Now follow step by step process of the software to know how to migrate cPanel to Office 365 in easy way:

Step 1. Firstly, download and install the IMAP Migration Tool by clicking on the below-given button.

imap export tool

Step 2. Open the program and use Add Account button for entering the details to load cPanel emails for migration.

login to accounts for export

Step 3. After adding the details, the software authenticates the account successfully. Click the OK button.

account authentication

Step 4. Now, this screen shows you all the accounts that you have added in the previous step. Get a view of all listed accounts and click on the Next button.

added IMAP multiple mailboxes

Step 5. In this screen, choose the folders from the left section. Go to select Office 365 as a saving output option and add login details of the O365 account to save cPanel emails.

IMAP account folder list

Step 6. At last, use the different filters as shown in the screenshot and click on the Backup button that starts the migration procedure.

process completed

Once the migration process is done, a success message will immediately show i.e. Conversion Completed. Then, press on OK to accomplish the procedure.

cPanel to Office 365 Migration Tool – An Effective and A Reliable Solution

There is no one manual method available to migrate cPanel email to Office 365 webmail. So, here I recommend the best-automated approach i.e. IMAP Emails to Office 365 Migration Tool. It is a very helpful solution for all types of users either technical or non-technical. Here I provided the complete guidance of the software for you to easily migrate cPanel mailbox to Office 365 without any issue. The software comes with a very simple and friendly GUI, which doesn’t require any technical knowledge to import cPanel email to Office 365 account. The tool is well compatible with both single mailbox and batch mailbox migration to perform cPanel to Office 365 backup in a one-time process. And it is a Windows-based application that is capable to run on all Windows platforms such as Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc. It also provides a Save Report option when accomplished the process. Using the Save Report option you can save the complete migration details from cPanel to Office 365 in a CSV file.

Free to Try: cPanel Email Migration to Office 365

The cPanel Mailbox to Office 365 program also comes with a free demo edition that supports importing the first 20 emails from each cPanel mailbox to Office 365 account with attachments. If you want to migrate multiple emails from cPanel mailbox to O365 account at once, then you need to buy the license edition of the tool.

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