Complete Guide to Migrate Email from cPanel to Zimbra

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Are you searching for a method to know “how to migrate from cPanel to Zimbra?” If yes, then read this blog to get the perfect solution. cPanel is the typical hosting control panel software, a number of people use it to host web pages, email accounts, FTP, etc. But email functions with this cPanel (Control Panel) are very restricted, therefore the best option is to break the service, provide the website with cPanel service, but preserve all your cPanel emails in Zimbra Collaboration Server. In this blog, we will discuss how to migrate cPanel email to Zimbra including (Open Source and Network Edition) with the use of cPanel to Zimbra Migration program.

The previous month, I got the new website with the new business cPanel email account. Before, they use cPanel for the major email account without any VPS service. But, now I have allotted from my manager to organize cPanel emails to Zimbra VPS server.  On initial, when I wish to migrate, export email from cPanel to Zimbra, I following my colleague suggestion. But unfortunately, I don’t have any method to set up all emails from cPanel account to Zimbra platform. Lastly, my technical friend suggests me cPanel to Zimbra Migration Tool to directly migrate cPanel email to Zimbra desktop.

In this blog, we describe the process of exporting cPanel email to Zimbra Collaboration suite directly. The tool also performs to migrate cPanel email files to TGZ file format. This blog provides the solution to move and transfer emails from cPanel mailbox to Zimbra platform.

Download, Export cPanel Emails to Desktop

The most common domain hosting for business email access with cPanel is Horde, SquirrelMail, and Roundcube.

Open your cPanel webmail with the domain name such as Fill your cPanel email details and log in to your website cPanel. Then scroll down and open Email account option to access cPanel account. Follow the below-described steps to download or export cPanel email to desktop.

Step 1. Open cPanel account with Horde Webmail.

Step 2. Choose any folder >> Right-Click >> Open Export option.

Step 3. Select the location to keep cPanel downloaded email mailbox files.

Step 4. The process takes a few minutes to finish and download all emails as MBOX file format.

Migrate cPanel Email to Zimbra with cPanel to Zimbra Migration Tool

After analyzing the above-mentioned queries, our technical experts finds the solution of similar like queries and finally, developed a direct solution to import, move, and transfer cPanel emails to Zimbra desktop client. cPanel to Zimbra Migration Tool is the correct and reliable solution for moving cPanel email to Zimbra platform. Professionally, you can configure the cPanel email account with Zimbra by using the IMAP and POP3 settings. Though sometimes you have deleted a few emails from Zimbra and the emails, unfortunately, deleted from the server. And with manual solution user need to extra time, efforts and technical knowledge. But, with the help of cPanel MBOX Converter to Zimbra Tool, you can directly migrate cPanel email to Zimbra without any need of extra time and effort.

In this blog, we guide all details of cPanel to Zimbra migration procedure. But first, you need to download and launch the program on any Windows-based system. Free download the program forward by Download link.

Step-by-Step Method to migrate from cPanel to Zimba

Initially, download and install the tool on your Windows machine. After completing the installation process follow the below-mentioned steps to successfully migrate cPanel email to Zimbra desktop.

Step 1. Launch cPanel MBOX to Zimbra software on your desktop. Then go to the Select Files button.

Step 2. Now choose Select File(s) or Select Folder button to load cPanel MBOX files for converting into Zimbra. Then, click on Next to proceed.

Step 3. View the selected cPanel emails in the preview pane of the software before applying the main conversion step. After that press on the Export to continue.

Step 4. Now select Zimbra as an export type to migrate cPanel email to Zimbra and then click on the Browse option to choose destination path where you want to keep the converted files.

Step 5. Hit on Export button to start the cPanel to Zimbra migration process. You can view live progress during the migration from cPanel MBOX to Zimbra TGZ format.

Step 6. When the process is done, a message will automatically appear i.e. Conversion is done. Then, hit on OK to accomplish the process.

The Final Words

In this article, we described the procedure of migrating email from cPanel to Zimbra desktop, Zimbra Collaboration Suite. This utility gives me the direct method to migrate cPanel email to Zimbra desktop with need any plugins. The software company offers a demo version of cPanel MBOX to Zimbra migration tool for analyzing the working. After successfully checked the process of cPanel email import to Zimbra, a user can simply buy a licensed edition of this product.