How to Connect Amazon WorkMail to Gmail Email Account?

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The complete blog material will help out to perform the solution of how to connect Amazon WorkMail to Gmail email account without any error. So, if you are one of the user who needs to add WorkMail to Gmail directly can go with this entire blog post.

Amazon WorkMail is one of the popular email and calendaring service provider, which is designed and established by Amazon Web Services. It is the cloud computing unit of Amazon Inc that can simply access your WorkMail email files on the Web, Desktop with the use of email clients, or their native Android & IOS email application.

On the other side, Gmail is a free email service provider that is developed by Google. Like WorkMail, that means you can also access your Gmail on the Web, Desktop, and as well as in Android and IOS devices. In the current years, Gmail had technologically advanced and improved itself in the area of security, performance, storage, reliability, and many more.

After knowing about the proper definition of Amazon WorkMail and Gmail, Now let’s talk over on the topic of how to save and backup Amazon WorkMail to Gmail account including all details and attachments. So, keep reading…

AWS WorkMail to Gmail Tool – Export Emails from AWS to Gmail with Attachments

Download Amazon WorkMail Backup Free Demo Edition for freely testing the complete program without any purchase. The free demo edition of the Amazon WorkMail export tool is especially designed by professionals to the users for understanding the complete working procedure of the AWS WorkMail to Gmail at free of charges. So, use this demo facility and proceed to follow the complete working steps to add AWS WorkMail to Gmail.

Follow Working Steps:-

Step 1: First, go to download and open Amazon WorkMail to Gmail Tool on any Windows machine

Step 2: Select the Amazon WorkMail option from the left section of the source list and add the login details of the AWS email account in the right. Now, click on the Add button

Step 3: This screen uploads all the AWS WorkMail email folders on the left section so you need to choose the folders for backup into Gmail.

Step4: After selecting the folders, apply various filters if needed which supports to move important data files.

Step 5: you can choose the Gmail as saving output option from the list and then add a destination path for saving output files. And, at last click on the Backup button.

Step 6: The last click on the backup tab begins the Amazon WorkMail to Gmail conversion procedure and a few minutes later, it will be completed by showing confirmation of the successful backup process.

Different Queries Based on Amazon WorkMail to Gmail

Here are the few queries of a user who need to export AWS to Gmail-

Query 1: “I have around 10,000 email files on my AWS server that I need to move into Gmail email account with all email properties and attachments too. Now, please suggest me any of the best and reliable technique that helps me to access my bulk AWS WorkMail email files into Gmail account directly without losing any single email file?”

Query 2: “Hey, I want to access my all Amazon WorkMail email files on a local machine with its email attachments. And, I need a solution for how to connect Amazon WorkMail to Gmail email account without showing any error. So, can you help me to perform this complete task safely and accurately? Thanks in Advance…

To solve all these various queries, I think you should always go with the professional Amazon WorkMail export method that we have discussed above.

Why to Choose AWS to Gmail Tool?

Well! This tool includes so many features and benefits that attract a lot of users to opt for this professional utility for saving the AWS email database to a Gmail email account. Some of the benefits are mentioned below:

  • The Amazon WorkMail to Gmail Tool is one of the topmost trusted utility to add AWS WorkMail to Gmail without any data loss.
  • The AWS WorkMail backup tool supports the batch feature that helps the user to a backup a large number of AWS email files/folders to Gmail account in a single go.
  • By using this AWS WorkMail software, anyone can safely save AWS WorkMail emails to Gmail email account including attachments.
  • Additionally, it is also well-supported to perform selective AWS folder backup into the Gmail email account.
  • This program supports multiple saving output options to save AWS emails i.e. PST Outlook, PDF, MSG, EML, MBOX, EML, EMLx, MHTML, HTML, Gmail, G Suite, Office 365,, IMAP Server, Exchange Server, Yahoo, Hosted Exchange Server.
  • Avail its all the filters to move relevant email data. And, the filters is email filters and date filter.
  • Amazon WorkMail to Gmail Tool is a Windows supported tool that anyone can use on all latest and previous Windows versions.
  • Save report feature also available at the end of the AWS to Gmail transfer process. This feature will help out to save the complete backup report.

Ending Note

Amazon WorkMail to Gmail Tool is an all-in-one solution for all your problems related to the AWS WorkMail to Gmail email account without any trouble. For how to connect Amazon WorkMail to Gmail, use the tool for testing purposes, and then go to purchase the license edition of the software.

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