Zimbra Admin Console Not Working – [Solved]

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The Zimbra Administration Console is a web-based user interface which enables to handle Zimbra servers and its multiple mailbox accounts in a centralized manner.

When installing ZCS i.e. Zimbra Collaboration Suite, the administrator’s user id and password are configured during installation and accordingly admin account is then configured. After this, you can log on to console immediately once installation gets finished. Now let’s just take a look on Administrator Accounts first.

Administrator Accounts

Accounts that only created as an administrator can log on to administration console to manage accounts and server configurations. For Network Edition, two types of administrator accounts can be generated:

Global Administrators

These type of administrators have full rights to manage domains, servers, global settings and accounts. And single global administrator account is created initially when the software is installed. Additional administrator accounts can be created.

Domain Administrators

It is the type of administrator that can create, modify and delete account for particular domain. The user can choose the administrator account type accordingly and continue with the task.

How to Access Zimbra Administration Console?

For accessing Administration Console, go to Zimbra account >> Zimbra OSE ZSP will appear on the top right corner of the screen >> click the arrow >> drop-down menu will display >> select Admin Console.

Once the process is finished, Zimbra Administration Console window will appear (security warning message will appear that Zimbra will accept with no danger).

Login with credentials, and Administration Console screen will display on the system.

By implementing the above process one can easily access Zimbra Admin Console. But sometimes, a situation comes when a user tries to open the administration console but face an error. I will explain the process with a scenario:

Many codes and other methods are available to perform the same. But at times, it is not necessary that they will work.

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