How to Transfer Webmail to Office 365?

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OptusNet to Office 365 Tool

I want to transfer Webmail to Office 365 by keeping the original folder hierarchy. I am using the OptusNet webmail for various years. But now I’ve decided to replace the OptusNet email with Office 365 account. Migrating emails one by one in my Microsoft 365 account is really boring task and I do not have that much patience. Can anyone please share with me quick instructions on how to migrate webmail to Office 365 account?

Overview– In this article, I will show you how to transfer webmail to Office 365 account in detail.

In this digital era, people are frequently transferring their data from one platform to another platform for more advanced benefits. Various Optus users currently plan or desire to transfer their data to O365 accounts.              

As we all know, Optus is the second largest Telco Company in Australia, providing TV entrainment, mobile sim plans, home internet, and email service to over 10 million people.

However, Optus issued a warning to their users a few months ago to be aware of cyberattacks, hackers, malware/virus attacks, and scammers. Because Optus was hacked by a cyberattack and lost a large amount of users’ data, including personal and professional information. So lots of Optus users are searching for methods to export data from Optus to M365.

The other Optus services, such as mobile sim plans and others, are dependent on subscriptions and can be ended at any time. However, what about your crucial emails?  

Do not worry, users can directly export their Webmail to Office 365 cloud account with all of their email data.

Because Microsoft Office 365 offers advanced security and a plethora of great features and programs that help users in managing their emails and other details. There are no manual ways to do it, thus we will show you the technique using a professional solution.

Professional OptusNet to Office 365 Tool for Mac & Windows OS

Using the best and most reliable CubexSoft IMAP Backup Tool, anyone can simply migrate OptusNet emails to O365 account without losing a single detail. The Webmail to Office 365 Migration Tool provides various amazing benefits and filters for error-free conversion task. Also, you can convert, export, move, migrate, transfer, and import multiple emails from OptusNet to M365 account in a single round with an actual folder hierarchy.

The IMAP Email Backup Software has a very simple GUI, and users can easily convert selected as well as bulk data at once. This tool takes only a few seconds to transfer the complete mailbox data. And, it doesn’t save your personal as well as professional details after the conversion process. Before we talk more about this wonderful utility, let’s see how this software works when it has to transfer all emails from OptuNet to Office 365 account. Webmail to Office 365 Tool- Learn the Program’s Working for Windows & Mac OS

Initially, download and install the setup file of “OptusNet to Office 365 Migration Tool” from the internet on your local machine. To speed up the installation process, you can simply click the Download button below.

win download buynow

Now, Enter Optus IMAP Account Credentials and click on the Login button. IMAP should be enabled for effective login.

login to imap accounts

Next, enable the needed Filter like “Use Batch Mode” or “Proxy Server” options. (Add the IMAP Host and Port No. is required).

enter proxy server details

Then, all the Folders/Items will load on the program panel, and choose the Needed Folders/Items from here.

view folder list of IMAP accounts

After that, press on the “Select Saving Options” list and select “Office 365” account to transfer Webmail to O365.

ofice 365 options

Then, apply the Advanced Filter Options and enter M365 Login Details.

choose sub options

Finally, click on the Backup button to export data from OptusNet email to Microsoft 365 and wait for completion.

IMAP backup progress

The migration process is running perfectly with a Completion Message at the end.

imap server backup done

Download and launch the Mac Webmail to Office 365 Conversion Tool on your Mac Operating System.

mac download buynow

Now, add the Email address & Password of Optus Webmail to the required field. Proceed by ticking the Login tab.

launch software and choose desired email source

The app will list all Folders in a hierarchical structure. Pick the Required Folders.

software shows folder list

Go to the Select Saving Options list and select Office 365. Enter the Login Details of the O365 account into the field given. 

office 365 option

Then, apply the Filter Options to migrate data from a particular date range, to, from, subject, etc. 

Last, click on the Backup tab to initiate the procedure to transfer email to Microsoft 365 on Mac.

click Backup button

Why Do Professionals Suggest Tool?

  • Users can move multiple emails from OptusNet to O365 account at once without any file size limits.

  • If you’ve various Optus accounts, so you can simply transfer them all at a time using the “Use Batch Mode” option.

  • It is specially designed to transfer Webmail to Office 365 environment directly. The software asks only for account login details of both email services for the completion of the migration.

  • This application will show all OptusNet folders in the program UI. So, users can check only desired folders for the email migration procedure.

  • The OptusNet to Office 365 Backup Solution is an amazing fully automatic utility that keeps all email properties, formatting, folder structure, attachments, header, subject, images, hyperlinks, etc. in the correct form.

  • Offers multiple advanced filters to export the particular email data from Optus via Date Range, From, Subject, To, and so on.

  • This utility comes with numerous advanced filter options. Any user can easily use these filters to migrate emails from OptusNet Webmail to M 365 account between specific dates. Even, the Optus to Office 365 Converter has filters to import email by subject or email address.

  • You can simply install the program on any Windows OS and Mac OS platforms including the latest editions.

Final Thoughts

We’ve already covered the comprehensive, step-by-step instructions for migrating your webmail to a Gmail account without losing any data. There are no manual techniques for this procedure, so we used a professional solution that offers remarkable and unique benefits. If you have any issues while migrating your data, our customer service is available around the clock.