How Do I Move Photos from One Google Account to Another Account?

Ritu Roy | Cloud Backup Email Conversion How to's Software | 4 minutes read | Last updated on February 8th, 2023,

In this blog post, we are going to explain some manual and automated solutions on how do I move photos from one Google account to another account. For entire free manual approaches, it is recommended to download photos locally as a backup because a single copy in the cloud is not safe.

Cloud storage facility is very important today because it becomes our routine to store the complete data in it. As per user’s needs, Google has launched a brand new facility at 1/0 2015 in California: Google Photos. If there is internet connectivity, this software directly backup all photos, videos which user takes on their smartphone to Google Photos. It stores the photos, videos, audios, and etc. in complete high quality without compressing copies. This application has the capability to take backup of images across multiple devices also it has automatic organization and a smart search option.  Moreover, Google Photos permit commenting on pictures, simple album sharing and respective image with contacts. It gives tags to images based on location, and image type, like selfie, screenshot, camera, video etc.

Therefore, if any user wants to transfer Google photos to another account, then it becomes somehow complicated for them. Hence, to resolve this difficult task we are going to discuss some easy and simple methods for the same. All you have to do is, go with the guidelines in order.

Approach#1. Move Google Photos to Another Account using Google Takeout

Google Takeout is a reliable technique to download all Google Images in the local machine. Then, we can easily upload these loaded photos to another Google Photos account. To do this, follow the below-listed steps:

Step 1: Download Pictures from Google Photos Account

  • Open Google Takeout on your system and login with your Google account
  • Now,  download your data page, press the Select none option
  • Then, enable the Google Photos option and hit on Next
  • Choose .zip as file type and hit on Create Archive tab
  • An archive data of your Google photos is arranging now
  • After saving data successfully by Google Takeout, click on the Download button
  • Now, again Google ask you for Google account password. Provide the password and hit on Next option.
  • After that, a backup file of Google Photos will start downloading
  • Let the downloading process complete successfully

Step 2: Upload Google Images to New Account

  • Login to Google Photos account.
  • Now, press the Upload option which is located on the top right side of pane.
  • Then, Browse the Google Photos downloaded file and hit on open.
  • After this, choose the upload size as High Quality (free unlimited storage) and press the continue button.
  • Wait until the data file upload completely
  • Now, you can quickly open your Google Photos of the previous account from this new Google Photos account

Approach#2. Transfer Google Photos to Another Account with Link Sharing

Link sharing is a different trick to transfer Google Photos to another account. In this approach, we will share the link of photos we want to move. Follow these steps:

  • First, sign in your Google account
  • Then, choose the pictures which you want to move
  • Press the Share icon which is situated on the top right corner of display
  • From new sharing wizard, give the Email ID of your second Google account
  • Now, hit on Send icon
    Note: You can copy this link and share with to anyone with any other medium
  • After this, sign in another Google account that you have shared the link.
  • Then, open the link and hit on View Photos option.
  • After viewing the images, you can download them to desktop also.

Approach#3. Copy Google Photos to Another Account by Download and Upload

Downloading and uploading photos is a mutual technique to move Google Photos to another account. Now, follow the below-listed steps:

Step 1: Download Pictures from Primary Google Photos Account

  • Login to the source Google account
  • Then, tick all the photos you want to move
  • Now, hit on 3 vertical dots icon and choose the Download button
  • Let the photos download completely

Step 2: Upload Photos to Another Google Photos Account

  • Login to the destination Google account
  • Now, hit on Upload option
  • Browse entire the downloaded photos and press the Open button.
  • Wait until the photos get uploaded successfully

Transfer your Google Photos to Other Account – Using Third-party Tool

Photos are the valuable memories for us any nobody ever wants to lose them due to hard drive crash or lost drives. So, we select to store them in the cloud account. But, if we want to move Google Photos to another account, it becomes a risky task using manual solutions. CubexSoft Cloud Drive Migration Tool is one of the best and standalone third-party tools to copy Google Photos to another Google account. User can moves the Google images by admin and individual user accounts. This perfect utility is able to move permissions and deleted photos to another account. There is no chances of any data loss during moving Google photos to another account with this third-party tool.

Final Words
There are multiple users who need to know “how do I move photos from one Google Account to another”. As per business need. Although, there is no feasible method available for the same.   Therefore, keeping all the user’s need in mind, an expert approach for the same is discussed in this post. Users can easily make use of it and move all data from Google Photos to another account efficiently.