Troubleshooting Tips + Fixes for Common Lotus Notes Issues & Errors

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Lotus Notes is counted as one of the advance email client utility as compared to other applications. It provides several functionalities to users such as contact management, calendars, forums, blogging, file sharing, emails and more. At times, user encounter issues that result in a serious problem. The frequent occurrence of IBM Notes error messages becomes frustrating and disturbing. Thus, in the write-up, we will discuss most common errors that takes place in Lotus Notes. Moreover, the blog will provide help to resolve such issues without hindrance. Basically, covering up common issues of Lotus Notes and associated solutions.

Top 10 Common Lotus Notes Errors with Solutions

Every user using Lotus Notes has faced several issues. Before you contact support team, make sure to complete basic steps of troubleshooting. Below listed are some of the common errors with solutions. However, you need to ensure that techniques you are using can help you in solving Lotus Notes errors as quickly as possible:

Error 1:

“IBM Lotus Notes file does not exist”

Such type of error occur when a user updated Lotus Notes program to new version. There are multiple reasons that are responsible for this behaviour presented by IBM Notes.

  • Poor internet connection.
  • NSF file saved in external storage device.
  • File name is changed.
  • When updating version, user tries to attach a different file rather than its primary file type.

How to Fix:

Ensure that internet is properly connected.
Go to Database, hit Properties, click Archiving Settings and check if file name is changed, renamed or misplaced. If file is removed, create new file and store the same at exact location where it was earlier stored.
Configure anti-virus app and retrieve DTF file.

If you want a solution for migrating Lotus Notes data, then go with NSF Converter utility. The only advance and user-friendly software that help you in making you free from stress of migration.

Error 2:

“Network operation did not complete in reasonable amount of time”

It is one of the most common error faced by number of Lotus Notes users. You can solve the issue by using two techniques. Both are listed below, take a look:

How to Fix:

If you receive this issue repeatedly, crosscheck the network status and Domino Server that you are accessing. Moreover, verify the application size that you are using. If the app is large, try operation when network state is less active.

If any space left, try to create local replica of large app for enhanced performance.

Error 3:

“You are not Authorised to Access the Database Lotus Notes”

This error occur when a user do not have the authority to open Lotus Notes data file. The NSF file may also secured with a password that stops unauthorized of data. When a user try to open NSF data without enough privilege then you are not authorized to access the database error displays.

How to Fix:

The error can only be solved if you have appropriate permission for database accessibility. This type of privilege is only allowed by the administrator. If admin is not present at the moment, then in such case, one need to remove security from NSF file by making use of effective security remover app.

If you are facing such issues frequently with Lotus Notes email client, then switch to MS Outlook, which is more user-friendly and equipped with secure functionality. Switching from Lotus Notes to Outlook is not simple but you can easily do it with NSF to PST Converter.

Error 4:

“Your Current ID does not specify an Internet Certificate for Signing”

This type of error is encountered when users of Lotus Notes set the default settings to sign up the emails. By making use of appropriate utility such as “Public Key Infrastructure”, the existing account of Lotus can be easily set. By taking help of User Public Key, the message signed by the client to other recipients easily. When email files are sent via internet but the key does not work perfectly.

How to Fix:

This can be simply and definitely repaired when user adds X.509 certificate into IBM Notes ID. Also, make sure to change default settings of signing messages.

Error 5:

“The object store used by this note was not found in database”

This error message signifies to IBM Notes shared mail, which is no longer in use. When the user of Lotus Notes wants to access the document of IBM Notes that is not available in Domino object store. In such a situation, error appears.

How to Fix:

One can easily solve the error by running “Collect” process on the data files to eradicate recommendations.

Error 6:

“Error Creating Product Object IBM Notes”

The error creating product object Lotus Notes occurs when a user tries to create an agent by making use of Lotus Notes connectors LotusScript Extension (LCLSX) to connect to table of Domino database.

How to Fix:

User cannot solve the issue manually. Therefore, a user need to take record or take picture of an error and contact support team of Lotus Notes. There are multiple help manual available where you can get troubleshooting ideas from LSX session.

Error 7:

You Cannot Start Administration Program while Domino Server is Running”

The Lotus Notes email client install its entire program files on local machine but make use of file server to store the data. Just due to this, Lotus Notes does not function properly. And, if you try to open Lotus Notes program, you face above error message.

How to Fix:

Follow the steps to resolve the above issue:

Step 1. At first, open IBM Lotus Notes configuration file Notes.ini either using Notepad or WordPad.

Step 2. Now, add “Directory =” under “Notes Program Files” such as

Directory=C:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus Notes\Data

Step 3. Finally, save IBM Notes.ini file and again start the app.

Still in a problem and not able to come out of it, save your database to cloud. Opt for direct app with the help of which you can move entire data files from Lotus Notes to Office 365, Exchange, Gmail, G Suite and more.

Error 8:

“Database Not Opened Yet Lotus Notes”

It is IBM Notes transfer error occurs by LotusScript code. The message appears when LotusScript code notices an invalid database object handle and tries to work on the same. The possible reasons behind such issue are as discussed:

  • The file or server entered improperly
  • The current machine unable to verify connection with target server
  • The user has no authority to open target folder data

How to Fix:

In order to solve the issue, one need to confirm all configuration settings and implement helpful ways.

Error 9:

“Lotus Notes Indexing not Working”

This error generally encountered due to locally edited policy. It occurs many times when a user configuring with Lotus Notes.

How to Fix:

To repair the issue, user need to edit and instantly save all given policies on server copy of names.nsf.

Error 10:

“The Object Store Database is Disabled Lotus Notes”

The error connected to Domino Server. When user open data files locally and open DAOS attachment, then error message occurs. A user should not open Object Service and Domino Attachment enabled data locally.

How to Fix:

To overcome this error message, one need to make use of Domino Server. Instead of starting the application locally, it is recommended to start it by connecting with Domino Server.

Wrap Up

In the segment, we have discussed Lotus Notes common errors and solutions. Lotus Notes undoubtedly is a great email application but at times, most of the users face such type of issues. So, by implementing the solutions correctly, users can solve tiresome errors.