Method for Splitting Huge PDF Files into Several PDF

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Summary: This article will outline one of the finest and quickest ways to divide a huge PDF file into numerous files. The best method for splitting huge PDF files into several PDF files is provided here.

We are all aware of how crucial the PDF format is to our daily life. Additionally, in our technological age, it is even more crucial. Portable Document Format, or PDF, is a file type that stores all document information.

However, there are times when users want to divide a huge PDF into numerous PDFs for a variety of reasons, including:

Users might want to extract a specific page from a PDF file or the PDF file may include sensitive information that users don’t want to share.

If your PDF file contains several chapters or themes, you should divide it into distinct files so that you can easily find the information you need.

Additionally, breaking a huge PDF file into numerous smaller PDF files is the best course of action if it has multiple pages, high-resolution photographs, and significant attachments.

You can find all of your inquiries answered here, regardless of the circumstances or the cause. Before beginning any process, read the text in its entirety.

How Can a Large PDF Be Divided Into Multiple Files?

Here, we’ll demonstrate three techniques for dividing enormous PDF files into numerous files, including one professional method with cutting-edge features and two manual ways with drawbacks. The following lists every technique in detail:

Method 1# Split a large PDF file into several files using the browser

Open the folder containing your PDF.

Select the “Open With” option from the drop-down menu by performing a right-click on it.

Choose any browser, be it Chrome, Edge, or another.

When your PDF has opened, select the Print option.

As the destination, select “Microsoft Print to PDF”.

In the Pages option, type the page number you want to preserve.

To divide a huge PDF file into numerous files, click the Print button and choose a destination.

Method 2# Using Adobe Acrobat, split a large PDF file into many files

Adobe Acrobat can be used to view PDF files.

Choose View >> Tools from the dropdown menu.

Click the Organise Pages >> Open button to continue.

From the top corner, click the Split icon.

According to your needs, choose the Page Range.

Additionally, select the Split By option based on the volume of pages, file size, and top-level bookmarks.

Finally, click the Split button to divide a huge PDF file into several files.

Cons of Manual Process

If users want to save PDF files into several PDF files, they must repeat the process.

It will take a while to split these approaches.

It is necessary to use the expensive full edition of Adobe Acrobat DC. It is preferable to employ a professional technique that is less expensive than Adobe.

Professionally Split Large PDFs into Multiple Files in Bulk

Here, we’ll split a large PDF file into numerous files in bulk using one of the best and most highly regarded program, CubexSoft PDF Splitter Tool Software. The software has wonderful and sophisticated features that make it the users’ first choice while trying to complete the assignment. This tool’s highly sophisticated algorithms increase its potency and accessibility for all users.

Without any file size restrictions, the software can simply split huge PDF files into several PDF files. Below is a detailed list of all the incredible features, along with step-by-step instructions:

Working Procedures for Dividing a Big PDF into Several PDFs

Step 1. On any Windows OS platform, download and run the PDF Splitter Tool. Then select PDF Split from the menu.

Step 2. Next, add PDF files by utilizing the available options: File(s) and Folder Addition

Step 3. After selecting PDF files, a list of the newly added PDF files will be displayed. To continue the splitting process, select the Next tab.

Step 4. The app offers a variety of choices for splitting PDF files. Choose the desired choice based on your preferences. After selecting the appropriate location to save the output files, click the Split button.

Step 5. Start the PDF splitting process at this point and display the progress status in real time. When the splitting process is finished, it will separate your PDF files according to your setting and say “Process Completed Successfully”

Gather Some Benefits of the PDF Split Tool

  • Split the PDF into a single page so that it may be handled more easily.
  • It instantly divides your large PDF file into tiny pieces without any difficulty or complexity.
  • You can choose from a variety of split choices provided by the software, including divide by size, split by page range, split by pages, split by odd or even pages, and more.
  • It can convert distinct PDFs into single pages without requiring Adobe Acrobat to be installed.
  • Title, Author, Size, Owner, and other PDF characteristics can be viewed or modified.

Why Should Users Choose Professional Solutions Over Manual Methods?

  • The software may effortlessly split a huge PDF file into numerous PDF files without any constraints if it is owner-level password-protected.
  • Using the Select Files and Select Folders modes, the software offers two ways for users to quickly upload single or multiple PDF files and folders.
  • There are no file size restrictions, thus users can freely split huge PDF files into several files.
  • If your folder’s prior name was PDF4, it will still be called PDF4 after the process because the software doesn’t alter the original data in any way; all attributes and the folder name are kept exactly as they were.
  • Additionally, this tool gives users the option to decide where they want to save the output data. If not, it automatically selects the desktop location.
  • All of the PDF file’s components, such as high-resolution photographs, attachments, content, colour, and file quality, are maintained.

As you can see, there is a noticeable distinction between manual and expert approaches. With the company’s watermark, the aforementioned professional solution’s free demo version enables users to quickly split big PDF files into numerous files. Therefore, download the trial edition right away to evaluate the software’s performance before investing.

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Time to Say bye-bye

Here, we’ve covered the entire procedure for batch-splitting huge PDF files into several files with or without Adobe Acrobat. Although manual procedures are simple, they have significant drawbacks. Therefore, if you have certain PDF files, I advise using one way. Otherwise, you should not spend your money on Adobe Acrobat because a professional solution that offers more advanced capabilities at a lower price than Adobe Acrobat is preferable. I hope this essay was useful to you.