How Do I Save an Outlook Folder to OneDrive? – Query Solved!

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backup outlook email to onedrive

Microsoft Corp. created the email client program known as Outlook. With the personal information management system, the user is now able to send and receive emails. For Windows or Mac users, Outlook is a dependable and well-liked email client application. Email is the mainstay of practically every business, aside from this. The simplest method of internal and external communication is through this. You obtain the majority of your critical information from here.

Additionally, it provides you with storage space for shared files and crucial data. Outlook is just an email client that can set up any email service account; however, it does not offer email services. This reasons why Outlook has so many restrictions. You cannot access Outlook emails on any other platform if someone keeps their essential emails in the offline folder in Outlook. Because of this, many users are seeking to understand how do I save an Outlook folder to OneDrive.

Benefits of Moving Outlook Emails to OneDrive

Here are some incredible benefits of moving emails from Outlook to OneDrive, in addition to a straightforward user interface and centralised cloud storage:

  • Easier sharing: Users can back up their Outlook emails to OneDrive at any time, and they can share that content with friends, co-workers, or even anonymous users by using OneDrive’s sharing features.
  • Higher security: Your important Outlook data is always safe in OneDrive. OneDrive is regarded as a secure storage option that provides a variety of security measures. Additionally, you can always restore the emails you’ve backed up to OneDrive.
  • Better accessibility: OneDrive allows access to emails from any device at any time. Additionally, you can download and access data with the OneDrive sync client even when there is no internet connection. Therefore, saving Outlook emails to OneDrive will allow you to access all of the data locally in the future.
  • Cost-efficiency: In comparison to other storage options, OneDrive offers a lot of capacity for a reasonable price.
  • Convenience: You don’t have to be worried about investing in a large USB drive or a CD/DVD for backups when using a cloud storage service.

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Queries: How Do I Save All Outlook Emails to OneDrive?

“Hello, I use Outlook as my personal laptop’s email app. My Outlook offline folders include a few crucial emails. I wish to use my Android phone to access these emails. I’m not sure how to get to my Outlook offline emails on my Android phones, though. I should transfer these emails to any cloud account, according to my techie friend. My OneDrive account is active. However, I’m not sure how do I save an Outlook folder to OneDrive. How can I save Outlook emails to OneDrive, please? also looking for a solution on how to save attachments from Outlook to OneDrive. Kindly help me.” – Eva James from USA

“Hello, I use the Outlook email client on my personal computer. I’ve got a OneDrive account. The option to move Outlook emails to OneDrive is not available to me. Does anyone know how to backup Outlook emails in OneDrive? How can I access emails from Outlook to OneDrive? Securing, storing, and transferring Outlook emails to OneDrive. Please help me.” – Peter Smith from France  

Important Note: There are many manual ways to move emails from Outlook to OneDrive that you can find online. However, using manual techniques is never advised because there is always a chance of data loss whenever an Outlook PST file is used. This is due to the fact that professionals are almost always advised to pick a professional solution.

Easy Way to Save Outlook Emails to OneDrive Automatically in 2023

The most advanced and used method to export emails from Outlook to OneDrive is the CubexSoft Outlook PST File Converter. To automatically transfer emails from Outlook into OneDrive, this software instantly converts PST files into a suitable format. It offers numerous additional outstanding and advanced features.

Tips: Before purchasing the product’s license keys, try out the free demo version. You can use it to save the first 25 items of Outlook data to a variety of file formats that are compatible.

Method 1. Steps to Backup Outlook Data File to OneDrive with Attachments

A number of users are worried about how to save Outlook emails to OneDrive accounts. Here is the answer! Use the green download button below to get the Outlook to OneDrive Migration tool. Then, install the tool on any Windows system and take the following actions:

Step 1. Open the Outlook to OneDrive Backup Tool on your Windows PC

Step 2. Go to Add Files Option to load Outlook PST files with help of the dual option: Export Single Files or Export Multiple Files and hit on the Ok button to continue the further process.

Step 3. After that, pick the email folders you want to transfer from Outlook to your OneDrive account.

Step 4. Now, press the Export button to choose the necessary file-saving options from the provided list.

Step 5. Select a location to save the converted files now. Additionally, choose the preferred File Naming choice from the list of conventions.

Step 6. The backup of Outlook emails in the selected format can be started by clicking the Convert tab.

Step 7. The tool shows a completion message once the conversion is finished.

Method 2. Move Data from Microsoft Outlook to OneDrive

Your Outlook emails are now available in the preferred email or readable format. To transfer emails directly from Outlook to OneDrive, follow these three steps.

Step 1. Log in to your OneDrive account with Microsoft.

Step 2. Select the Upload option in the account’s top panel.

Step 3. Choose the files you wish to move from Outlook to OneDrive.

Advanced Features to Automatically Save Emails from Outlook to OneDrive

  • The app enables the automated saving of Outlook emails to OneDrive with no file size restrictions.
  • Users can effortlessly upload one or more email folders from Outlook for conversion.
  • Outlook email folders can be moved directly to your OneDrive account without any issues.
  • Outlook attachments can be quickly saved to OneDrive.
  • It does not require the installation of MS Outlook because it is an independent application.
  • Any version of Microsoft Outlook can be used to store Outlook emails in OneDrive.
  • Easily supports files in the New Outlook Unicode or the older ANSI formats.
  • For more effective email management, it provides a variety of file naming standards.
  • Keeps all of the Outlook files’ data integrity while it transfers them to OneDrive.

Final Words!

The entire process for archiving Outlook email to OneDrive is covered in this blog. You can backup Outlook emails to OneDrive directly with this automated Outlook to OneDrive tool, as well as save Outlook attachments. Any Windows operating system version will allow you to download this tool. Contact our technical support team if you have any questions.