A Correct way out in Forensic Investigation to Save MBOX File as PDF

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Save MBOX File as PDF

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Emailing is a wide-ranging means of communication. Nowadays, each and every person is using electronic mail to send/receive emails from one place to another. Everyone ranging from home users to professionals or from small organization to big enjoying the advantages of email applications. This type of task can be simply achieved by using email providers that are exist in a batch over the internet. Email applications become advanced related to the operating systems. Some get advanced for Mac OS X, some for Windows, some for UNIX, etc. They are becoming so much widespread and so much in use by users.

In today’s era, the electronic media is a source of evidence that is mainly used by all the Law Enforcement Agencies in the world to move evidence. Evidence that is collected from emails get cached and kept on the user’s local drive. In the field of Data Forensics, the most emails are taken as evidence that is generally saved in MBOX format, which is supported with a number of email client applications such as Eudora, Entourage, Opera Mail, Apple Mail, Netscape, Thunderbird, The Bat!, etc. And in order to achieve MBOX forensics, firstly require to know the location of MBOX files. Once performing the entire investigation, all evidence is found as emails that require to be analyzed carefully to resolve the case. Throughout MBOX forensic, first, it is needy to find MBOX file from the culprit system. Many times, these MBOX files are hidden and we have to discover the file.

Follow Step by Step Process to Make MBOX File Visible

  1. Go to control panel.
  2. Then select the Appearance and Personalization option.
  3. Now, choose the Folder option, a pop-up Window will open.
  4. Then go to the view tab and uncheck the “Hide empty drives” option.

After that investigator will get MBOX files from the system, now using any conversion program or method, you can successfully save MBOX file as PDF and analyze MBOX file. There are commonly three components of an MBOX file:

  • Header
  • Body
  • Attachments

But if you don’t have conversion program to save MBOX file as PDF, then there are various applications present in the online market that permit to access and view MBOX file. But the application, which is most effective by some of the technocrats is MBOX File to PDF Converter.

Converting in valid format

In order to present the proof or evidence before the court of law, it must be in the form of record, so we usually favour to use software that export MBOX file into a readable file format. Most of the software’s only permit to view the MBOX file not to export. But it is compulsory to move the file into presentable document format like PDF because the court have need of valid proof against the guilty. And as many users are facing the problem through MBOX files investigation. The matter will be resolved when looking for an email examination tool which are not only able to examine files in MBOX format but the other formats. Few of the software are present that can simply import and export bulk to carve the proof. You require a software that enable to convert the files as MBOX formats to achieve an advance search according to the particular phrases and keywords. As search feature is exist that simplifies the work of investigator and decrease the problematic manual searching.

Advance and Helpful Features of MBOX Mailbox to PDF Tool:

  • Trustworthy, time-saving, and simple to use application.
  • Easy and attractive graphical user interface that can be simply accessed by even non-technical users.
  • Perfect solution for Legal Experts and Lawyers to convert MBOX emails along with attachments to PDF document file format.
  • Offers multiple file naming conventions to organize the exported PDF data according to required subject, date & time format.
  • Provides two migration modes in order to move bulk MBOX files separately or to export MBOX folder completely.
  • During the entire conversion process of MBOX emails to PDF, Rich-text formatting and metadata properties remain intact.
  • All MBOX based email clients are well-supportable with the MBOX Migration to PDF software to save MBOX file as PDF.
  • Quickly accessible on all the editions of Windows Operating Systems including latest version Win 10.

Free Save MBOX File as PDF – Recommendation

Free Trial of the MBOX to PDF Converter is also available that allows you to check out its complete working efficiency, before purchasing the license edition of Save MBOX file as PDF Tool. It allows converting first 20 emails from each MBOX mailbox as PDF format with attachments. After satisfying with its working, you can buy its license key for performing bulk conversion from MBOX files to PDF format.