Reasons & Causes of IBM Notes Error 0x1A5 and Solution to Fix it!

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Lotus Notes is a desktop-based email client. It offers services such as; email calendars, contacts management, team rooms, discussion forums, file sharing, instant messaging, and many more. IBM Notes store emails in username.nsf file and contacts in names.nsf file. Lotus Notes works on client server architecture. It is commonly used in corporate platforms for services like email and accessing databases such as document libraries.

“For a few years, I am working on the Lotus Notes email client application. I choose this application because this provides many advanced and outstanding features. But, the problem is every time I open it, displays error messages. The messages which get shown on the screen in Lotus Notes Error 0x1A5. I am unable to understand what is the problem. Is this any hardware problem or a software problem? Even I searched about it on the internet but, cannot reach any useful result. It would be great if you can provide any relevant solution. Please help!!”

IBM Notes may sometimes encounter various errors that sometimes do not allow to continue the ongoing job. One of the common errors is explained below:

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Possible Causes of Lotus Notes Error Notes 0x1A5:

The causes due to which Error 0x1A5 shows in IBM Notes can be a hardware issue or a software problem. But, the most common reasons due to which this error occurs are.

  • Once the directory and the parameter is missing from Notes.ini File
  • When any operator uses the application for database maintenance like; Compact, Udpdall, or Fixup on a separate server.
  • NSF files get damaged and corrupted.

Do You Know About Notes.INI File?

Before starting the solution, we have to know about Notes.ini file. Notes.ini is a client configuration file. Notes.ini is generated at the time of installation for all the clients. There is a very important file for using Lotus Notes and Domino Server. If any user set the incorrect password in this file, then the domino server does not work properly. To fix these issues, I am going to discuss the following solutions.

How to Resolve Notes Error 0x1A5?

To resolve the Lotus Notes error 0x1A5, there are two best possible methods to fix the error.

Solution 1. If the “Directory=” parameter is not found notes.ini file.

This method is suitable when the parameter after “Directory=” is absent and lost from the notes.ini file. The method to eliminating this error is to select the location of the data directory on the Domino Server. To do this, a user needs to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Open Notes.ini File by Notepad or Wordpad as platforms
  2. After that, add the “Directory=”, for example, Directory= C:\Lotus\Domino\Data under “NotesProgram=”
  3. Finally, Save and Close Notes.ini File and Start Domino Server.

Solution 2. Whenever You Open IBM Domino Server, Lotus Notes Error 0x1A5 arise

This method provides a solution for the situation once the error happens while staring the Domino Server. This can be resolved with the help of the following steps:

  1. Locate any of the Partitioned Directories of the Domino Server. For example, see the following example: C:\Lotus\Domino\Data2
  2. After that, implement the following line: nfixup.exe names.nsf-F

The above-explained manual solutions will help to resolve the error: 0x1A5.

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