How to Export Emails from Protonmail to Office 365?

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Protonmail is a simple to use email service, which is developed for clients who are neurotic about their safety. It utilizes an end-to-end email encryption framework that guarantees that only the sender and the recipient can peruse the messages. It is explicitly intended to ensure data protection while making sure about the emails against digital assaults. While its protection and security efforts are solid still multiple clients, mainly the ones with business and venture email accounts, can find the Protonmail to be limiting and disappointing. In spite of the fact that the Protonmail is advancing, organizations are looking for options. Let us see the Protonmail to Office 365 conversion evaluation for organizations that are looking for a more strong solution.

Reasons to Perform Protonmail to Office 365 Conversion

Protonmail is a commonly new email service that was made as of late as of 2014. While it has made fast walks, it is a feasible solution just for small organizations and teams. The following are some of the characteristic highlights of Microsoft Office 365 (now Outlook 365) that make it a better alternative than Protonmail are.

  1. An intuitive calendar that can be imparted to many clients
  2. Solid search and archiving facilities
  3. Capacity to advance emails that is absent on Protonmail
  4. Good spam filtration

Aside from these built-in advantages of Office 365 opposite Protonmail, an Office 365 scholorship incorporate a few other collaboration benefits that are not easy to get even with the editions of Protonmail.

How to Migrate Protonmail Emails to office 365?

There is no straightforward approach, which can quickly export Protonmail emails in Office 365 account. But no one can simply achieve the migration from Protonmail to Office 365 within a couple of clicks using an automated solution.

Step 1. Move Emails from Protonmail account

Step 2. Use MBOX to Office 365 Software to Export emails to Office 365

Read the steps described in this section about how to export emails from Protonmail to MBOX format:-

  • Sign-in to your Protonmail account and hit on the Import/Export option.

  • Then, choose the Export option in order to move all emails from your Protonmail to the MBOX format.

  • After that, choose the destination path where you want to save the Protonmail exported emails. Then, press the Export button.

  • Go to the specified location on your system to see all the Protonmail emails.

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How to Export Emails from Protonmail to Office 365 with Attachments?

Now, since you have emails in .mbox file format, then it becomes easy for you to move Protonmail to Office 365 account. Use Protonmail to Office 365 conversion tool to convert your emails. Instantly follow these steps to migrate emails from Protonmail to the O365 account. Firstly, install the software on your Windows OS machine.

  1. Load Protonmail MBOX files into the software by using the Add Files or Add Folder Then, click on the Next button.
  2. Now, choose With Impersonation or Without Impersonation option as per your requirements.
  3. If you go with the “With Impersonation” option, then enter the login details of your Office 365 admin account. And then, click on the Export button to start the conversion process.
  4. If you go with the “Without Impersonation” option, then enter the login Id and Password of Office 365 account for every Protonmail mailbox. Then, press the Export button to start the migration process.
  5. Now, you can view the live export process of Protonmail emails to Office 365. Once the process completes, this tool will show the message of “conversion completed successfully”. Then, click on the Ok for completing the process.

Highlighting Features of the Protonmail to Office 365 Tool

  • Easy and simple to use GUI that helps all the technical and novice users to access the application.
  • Migrate emails from Protonmail to Office 365 cloud with all attachments in an exact manner.
  • Keep the internal folder structure of mailboxes, even after moving Protonmail emails to the O365 account.
  • This tool supports all the edition of Windows Operating Systems.
  • Provide 100% accurate and quick conversion of emails from Protonmail to the O365 account.
  • Free Demo edition to test the functionality of the tool for email conversion.
  • Allow moving selective Protonmail emails to Office 365 by using date-filters.


If we talk about in terms of email safety, then Office 365 is safer than Protonmail. That’s the main reason to perform Protonmail to Office 365 migration. In this post, we have covered the all steps to do Protonmail emails to Office 365 conversion. This is an expert solution that allows the users to export all emails from Protonmail to O365. You can try the demo edition to check and evaluate the software’s working proficiency.