Pros and Cons of Using MBOX Files

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MBOX is the most usable email client file format, today I am going to explain to you its benefits and its disadvantages.

Also, you will also view the complete explanation of every aspect of the pros and cons of the MBOX format.

Here, I will also show you how you can save your MBOX email data into multiple file formats such as EML, PDF, MSG, DOC, PST, and so on.

This will help you to know how and when you need to convert MBOX files and how to use them with full relevancy.

Let’s start with its pros.

Pros of MBOX Format Files

  1. A Plain Text File Format

MBOX files are known for their simple format as it is in a plain text format and can be handled by any user.

  1. Messages Holding Capacity

It contains messages in 7-Bit ASCII text, which increase its reliability and makes it simple to use with other email clients.

  1. Attachments Saving Feature

In MBOX format attachments are encoded which means all attachments are safe and can be extracted for other uses.

  1. Available in Different File Variants

Variants are available in MBOX file format, you may find MBOX files in MBOXO, MBOXRD, MBOXCL, and MBOXCL2.

  1. File Compatibility

This format of files is capable to save huge data as it can support large size data also.

These are some common advantages of MBOX format files which help users to utilize its features with different platforms of file formats.

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Cons of MBOX Format Files

If you are using MBOX to save your email data, then you need to aware of some disadvantages of this particular file format:

  1. Not Supported for Microsoft: As the Microsoft applications are the most advanced apps many users want to utilize them which includes MS Outlook (email client). But MBOX files are not supportive of it.
  2. Encryption Issues: It is a simple text format of file and encryption of data is very low, so your data is not safe as much.
  3. Fewer Characters Messages Holding: Its message holding capacity is very less as it is a 7-bit ASCII text, so its supports only 128 characters.

To avoid these cons of MBOX files, you can utilize the CubexSoft MBOX Converter utility. This will help you to save your MBOX files into multiple file formats that are supported for almost all email clients including Web email applications.

Save MBOX Format in Other File Formats

You can follow the below steps to save your MBOX data in the best file formats:

Step 1. Install and open the software.

Step 2. Choose MBOX files or Folder by the use of Add Files tab.

Step 3. Preview your data and select the saving option from the Export section.

Step 4. Utilize other related options if required.

Step 5. Click on the Convert tab.

With this solution, you can easily view your MBOX data in various applications like MS Outlook, Zimbra, Entourage, Lotus Notes, Gmail, Office 365, Exchange Server, Adobe Reader, Yahoo Mail, Note Pad, MS Word, and many more.