Convert PDF to TIFF File Format with Simple Steps

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User’s query

Hello, can anyone provide me a suitable method to import the bulk of PDF documents into TIFF format, I need it urgently I have tried several ways to tackle this, but could not find the perfect one yet. Kindly suggest me an easy way for cracking this issue, Thank you.

Are you guys looking for the easiest solution to the query of how to convert PDF to TIFF on Windows OS? As it sounds tough performing this task, but now it will not, you just need to read this blog, and adopt the method that I am going to describe, as the method is sufficient to wipe out all the complexities that you are facing while conversion of PDF to TIFF.

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Take a Quick Glance at PDF File Format and TIFF Image Format

PDF: PDF (Portable Document Format) contains data that cannot alter. The content of the PDF file includes text, images, videos, etc. PDFs are commonly said to be the most easily accessible file format worldwide, and it is the safest one for sure. This file format utilizes by the majority of users.

TIFF: TIFF stands for Tag Image File Format. TIFF files generally contain raster graphics. For representing any object it uses raster graphics. It is a computer-based file format that is more commonly used by photographers and graphic artists.

Are you one of the users who are searching for an adequate solution of the query of how to turn a PDF into a TIFF file? When it comes to converting the data in a bulk form, then it seems a more hectic task and time-taking also. Do not worry at all if you are facing the same situation as this. Read this blog it will resolve all your worries- so now let’s start the blog by introducing the tool first-

PDF to TIFF Image Tool- How Does it Process?

Following is the working of the tool mentioned includes only a few simple steps that take only seconds of time.

Step1: At first, install PDF to Image Wizard on the Windows OS of any version.

Step2: Here are the “Select File” and “Select Folder” options to add PDF files.

Step3: On the screen, you may see several output image formats, go with TIFF.

Step4: Click the browse tab and choose the desired saving path. Now press Ok.

Step5: Hit on the Convert button, it starts processing of conversion from PDF to TIFF.

PDF to TIFF Converter- Professional Way to Convert PDF Files into TIFF Format

CubexSoft PDF to Image Converter is the best way to convert PDF to TIFF image format. This tool efficiently makes the process of migration so easy that anyone can perform its functioning without facing any problems. The PDF to TIFF Tool enables you to convert PDF files in bulk in a few seconds. And the software provides other picture formats too including TIF. The PDF to Photo Converter works independently as there is no need of any other software installation while converting files with the help of this tool

Remarkable Attributes of PDF to Image Converter

  • PDF to TIFF Software enables users to select PDF files in batch mode to convert them into TIFF format in a single round. These options can save lots of time and effort of the users efficiently.
  • With using this tool users are able to export PDF files of any size, as there is no bar set on the file size. Thus it allows you to convert large-size PDF files easily too.
  • The functioning of the PDF to Image Tool is simple. So that anyone can perform it without any difficulties, even a user who belongs to a non-technical background.
  • Users have the amazing benefit to save the output image files in the location of their preference. As it provides you an option to choose the Select Destination Path accordingly.
  • When the procedure of the migration finishes, the tool immediately generates a log report. The log report opens in a TXT file format, and it comprises every information of the conversion such as the Number of Files Selected, Starting Time and Date, Saving Type, Total Files Selected, etc.   
  • The PDF to TIFF Converter is compatible with all Windows OS editions like 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, and Vista.

Users Reviews about the Software

Hello, I am Tim, and I have utilized this utility to convert PDF files to .tiff format. And I must admit that the migration result I got by using this tool is completely accurate and satisfactory.

Hey, guys I want to share my experience of using the PDF to Picture Converter, The tool is superb and I got converted TIFF files with pure quality and with accuracy. I recommend this tool to everyone who is searching for the best conversion tool to convert their PDF files into .tiff format.

Hello everyone, If you want to import the bulk PDF files into .tiff format then I recommend you to use PDF to Image Converter, as the tool provides quality content after conversion with maintaining the authenticity of the file.

Let’s Sum Up

Now after reading the above article, and getting a perfect solution to the query of how to convert PDF to TIFF on Windows OS and all those too that were mentioned above. Now the process to convert PDF to TIFF image format becomes quite simple for you I am sure. You can opt for this method for conversion before thinking twice, as it is the safest method that is able to acquire many positive reviews from users worldwide. Users may grab the software’s free trial edition to convert the first 5 PDF files to TIFF image format totally free of cost.