How to Upload or Open MBOX File in Gmail Account Online?

Admin | Email Conversion Software | 4 minutes read | Last updated on February 8th, 2023,

Are you still wondering for a solution to import MBOX to Gmail account? Then, no need to worry anymore, here in this article which will provide a perfect solution to upload MBOX file to Gmail. Here you will find two different ways to open MBOX file in Gmail 1. Manual approach, and 2. Professional approach. You can choose any method as per the requirement to convert your MBOX files into Gmail account without any interruption.

Manual Method to Upload MBOX Mailbox to Gmail

  1. Set up your Gmail account with Thunderbird
  2. Install “Import/ExportTools” Add-on for Thunderbird
  3. Move the zipped up Email Archive file provided to you
  4. Transfer the Emails from MBOX mailbox for the label that you wish to restore
  5. Open the Imported Emails into your Gmail account

Cons of Manual Method:

  • Time-taking and Lengthy process to follow.
  • Complete technical knowledge is required.
  • Difficult and confusing to understand.
  • High risk of data loss during the process.

Professional Method to Import MBOX file to Gmail

After dissatisfying with the manual method and frustrated with its too-long procedure, you should go with the professional approach i.e. CubexSoft MBOX to Gmail. Using this program, you can easily save your MBOX files in Gmail account along with all emails, emails formatting, and attachments on any Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) OS version. The software is a beneficial tool for both home users and business users to export, move, and transfer MBOX files to Gmail in any conversion mode i.e. single mode and batch mode. It is well-suitable for all MBOX based email client applications. So, you can access MBOX files in Gmail of any MBOX supported application such as Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Opera Mail, SeaMonkey, Pocomail, etc. without any error.

Now, follow the complete working guide of the software to Open MBOX in Gmail:

Step 1. Firstly, download the MBOX to Gmail software by clicking on the “Download Now” button.

To know more, click here:

Step 2. Now, open the software on your Windows screen, it will be shown as –

Step 3. Then, click on the Add File(s) or Add Folder option to add any type of MBOX files including extension like .mbox, .mbx, and .mbs or without extension for moving in Gmail and then click on Next.

Step 4. Now, you will get two different options to upload MBOX in Gmail:

Step 5 (a).  Convert All MBOX Files into Single Gmail/G Suite Account

If you select “Convert All MBOX Files in Single Gmail account” option, then click on Next and enter the Gmail login ID and password.

Step 5 (b). Convert Each MBOX File in Separate Gmail/G Suite Account

If you select “Convert Each MBOX File in Separate Gmail account” option, then click on Next and enter the Gmail login ID and password for each MBOX file.

Step 6. Now, click on Export to start the conversion process of moving MBOX files in Gmail account. You can view live progress with a File path, File Size, Items, Duration, and Status.

Step 7. Once, conversion has completed the software will immediately show a message i.e. “Conversion Completed”. Click on OK to accomplish the process.

Advance Features of this software:

  • Simple to use GUI: The tool comes with a very simple and user-friendly interface that is easy to use for every technical or non-technical person to open MBOX file in Gmail account.
  • Supportable for bulk conversion: The software is a well-suitable for multiple MBOX mailboxes conversion at once by using two different option i.e. Add File(s) or Add Folder. If you go with the Add File(s) option of the software, then you can choose a number of MBOX files by helping of CTRL key that also supports to achieve the selective conversion of MBOX mailboxes to Gmail account. Or if you go with the Add Folder option, then you can choose complete MBOX mailboxes folder to perform batch migration from MBOX to Gmail without any difficulty.
  • Option to Move MBOX Mailboxes in Different Gmail account: The MBOX email to Gmail software offers two options for saving your MBOX mails in Gmail account i.e. Convert All MBOX Files in Single Gmail / G Suite account or Convert Each MBOX File in Different Gmail / G Suite account. So, using the second option, you can save your each MBOX mailbox in separate Gmail account without any difficulty.
  • Provides Date-Filter facility: It also gives the date-filter option for users that is very helpful in transferring certain date-range data of MBOX files into Gmail with no one issue.
  • Save Conversion Details with Save Report option: After completing the whole migration from MBOX emails into Gmail, the software highlights Save Report option that allows saving the entire report of MBOX conversion to Gmail in CSV file with Item Count, Total Item, MBOX File, Start Time, and End Time. You can save the report as a record in your system.

Final Words

In this blog, we have described both manual and professional techniques to open MBOX file in Gmail account. You can go with any technique according to your choice or requirement. But mostly user’s find manual method very tricky, lengthy and so much confusing to follow. So I would like to recommend you to go with the professional method that is very simple and easy to use to successfully open MBOX in Gmail without any risk of data-loss.