How to Migrate Desknow Mail Server to Office 365?

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Conversion of DeskNow Mail Server into Office 365 seems quite a complex task for many users, as it requires enough technical skill. That is why many users are searching for an easy and professional approach to converting Desknow Mail Server to Office 365 account.

DeskNow Mail users want a reliable solution for the query of how to migrate the DeskNow Mail Server to Office 365. As the users can not compromise data loss at all. Nowadays users are more inclined to move from DeskNow Mail Server to Office Office 365, as O365 requires easy maintenance and has many advanced feature options. And Office 365 is amongst the top email services as well.

Office 365 provides by Microsoft Company. There is a need of getting a subscription service to access it. Office 365 contains various applications such as word, Excel, PowerPoint, Skype, OneNote, Access, etc. It is easily accessible from anywhere as the application is cloud-based.

I am an owner of an organisation and we are using DeskNow Server for a very long time in our organisation, but few of my team mates not very handy using DeskNow Server, they find it very difficult to manage it, But they all are quite comfortable and familiar with handling Office 365. So, kindly suggest me a professional strategy to convert the DeskNow Mail to Office 365 account without loss of any data, as all such data is very important for our organisation.

Hello, I am Martha, I am working in a firm, where I need to complete a task of conversion of files from EML to Office 365, and I have no technical background as such I am supposed to do the task in a very minimal time I am clueless about how will it possible, If anybody has an easy approach to tackle this issue, then please share with me, as it is an urgency, Thank You.

Professional Method to Convert DeskNow Mail Server Email

CubexSoft DeskNow Mail Server to Office 365 Converter helps you to convert a bulk of EML files in a single processing, as we know DeskNow Mail Server saves its emails in the .eml extension. So, the tool enables you to easily export the EML files to Office 365 account directly. The software securely remains all the attachments and other email elements intact in the converted Office 365 form. Even the folder hierarchy also remains the same. The software works independently. And the tool is simple to use that does not require any specialized technical skills to operate its functioning. The software also provides complete conversion detail in a TXT file format after the conversion. And the file you may save.

Step-by-Step Working Procedure of the DeskNow Mail Server to Office 365 Account

First of all, users need to import DeskNow Server Emails into EML

Like DeskNow Mail Server specifically installed in the C:\Desknowdata\ folder while its emails are in C:\ desknowdata\ usermail\ folder. Now you need to go to the above-mentioned path and copy all the emails from there and paste it into the safer folder location.  

Just when you copy emails from C:\desknowdata\usermail\ folder. You see subfolders such as Deleted Items, Drafts, Inbox, Sent, items, and Spam. Open any folder and see all the files having .eml file extensions.

Now you can convert EML files into an Office365 Account.

Download the EML to Office 365 converter in the system first.

Use Add File option to load the files EML files. Then you can see the preview of all the selected EML files. After selecting the required files go to the Export option.

In the new window, there are various outputs available in the Select Saving Options. Choose Office 365 and fill in the details like email address and password.

Now click on the “Convert” tab to start the conversion process. After some seconds a message appears containing “Conversion Done Successfully” on the screen. Finally, click Ok, and now the process completes.

End Note

I hope your query about how to migrate DeskNow Mail Server to Office 365 gets solved now. The EML Software helps you in every possible manner and takes you out of a situation where you might stick, as it saves you from a lengthy and complex manual method of conversion. The software overcomes all the limitations that occur while converting files manually. The method that I mentioned above is time-saving and effortlessly performs the conversion task without any difficulty as such. So, you must download the software to grab its benefits.