Resolve Error – Microsoft Outlook Is Sending Multiple Copies of An Email

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Microsoft Outlook is sending multiple copies of an email

Summary: This article explains the causes of the user’s problem, “Microsoft Outlook is sending multiple copies of an email,” and provides a professional solution for resolving the issue.

“I use Microsoft Outlook to send and receive emails with my teammates. Microsoft Outlook has been sending numerous copies of emails over the previous few days. My sent box displays my email twice even though I only sent it once. I often get emails twice or three times in a row. I’ve tried some troubleshooting to resolve this, but the duplication is still there. I’m hoping for a fix because I’m having trouble keeping track of my emails. Would you kindly advise on a dependable solution to resolve this and ensure that I don’t receive duplicate emails?

Causes of Outlook Sending Multiple Email Copies

In today’s digital world, MS Outlook is preferred by users to send and receive emails, manage contacts, and other tasks, whether for personal, organizational, or business usage. But occasionally, even a minor problem with an alteration in Outlook behavior might cause problems. It is important to ask yourself, “Why am I receiving multiple copies of emails?” The following are some of the main causes of Outlook duplication:

  • If your Microsoft Outlook automatically connects to the antivirus program.
  • Another important reason could be a server timeout.
  • The little time between mail delivery and receipt.
  • If you have numerous devices connected to your Outlook account.
  • Outlook account configuration has gone wrong.
  • Alterations may be necessary for issues with the router, modem, WiFi, etc.

These are some possible causes of Outlook mail duplication. Let’s proceed to the fixes for this problem now.

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Methods to Fix ‘Outlook is Sending Multiple Copies of an Email’

In order to prevent Outlook from sending duplicate emails, you must first address the underlying issue. Once that is done, we will take the appropriate action. The following are some causes-based solutions:

#1. Integrated Microsoft Outlook and Virus Scanner

Outlook can generate duplicate emails when it integrates with the antivirus software that is installed on your system. All activities are scanned by the virus scanner, which also scans all incoming and outgoing mail. As a result, you must temporarily disable the antivirus. Try sending emails from Outlook after that. If you don’t see any duplicate messages, you should uninstall the antivirus program. If, however, the issue of “Outlook sending two copies of email” continues, try a different approach.

#2. Mail Send/Receive Time Interval

If the send/receive task interval is configured for a brief duration—let’s say under five minutes. The mail server uploading process then takes some time. In the meantime, even before the previous send/receive process is finished, the next one begins. The email is therefore saved in the Outbox for later sending. As a result, you must use the procedures listed below to modify the Send/Receive time difference.

Outlook 2007 and previous versions:

  • Access the ‘Tools’ tab.
  • Select the “Options” button.
  • Select Send/Receive after selecting Mail Setup.

With Outlook 2013 and 2010:

  • Navigate to File and select Options.
  • After that, select Advanced.
  • For varying time intervals, send and receive.

Note: The Send/Receive time interval is set to 30 minutes by default. The time interval needs to be set for longer than five minutes. Additionally, it shouldn’t be less than ten minutes if more than three Outlook accounts are configured.

#3.  Review the Server Timeout.

Server Timeout is an additional reason why Outlook may be sending duplicate copies of emails. You are aware that the server timeout affects how both POP3 and IMAP function. A one-minute timeout is also the minimum that must be taken. To stop duplicate emails, an Outlook user using a slow connection must increase the server timeout. As instructed, carry out the following steps:

  • Click File when Outlook is open.
  • Select Account Settings by expanding the Account Settings menu.
  • Click the ‘Change‘ button.
  • Proceed to More Settings after that.
  • Navigate to the Advanced Tab.
  • A Server Timeout slider will appear; move the slider to extend the Server timeout.

#4. Check Additional Variables

Additional reasons for “Outlook sending multiple copies of an email” include corrupt emails, erroneous rule configurations, Outlook synchronization errors, and turning on “Don’t save copies of saved items.” Additionally, you can resolve these problems and see if Outlook is still producing duplicates.

If you have an issue where Outlook is sending multiple copies of an email, these are some fixes and adjustments you should make. However, it won’t solve the issue that quickly or with much difficulty. On the other hand, duplicate emails can be deleted if they are making it difficult for you to manage emails. However, you cannot manually remove every duplicate if you have a large number of duplicates. Furthermore, you might unintentionally erase the original email and lose crucial information, so we advise using an automatic Outlook Email Duplicate Remover tool.

Automated Solution to Remove Copied Duplicate Outlook Emails

To get rid of all of your duplicates at once, use the CubexSoft PST Duplicate Remover Tool. If you are experiencing problems with Outlook sending multiple copies of the same email, this is an essential tool. The program is a sophisticated and capable tool that cleans out all superfluous data from Outlook Mailbox. It also has a number of cutting-edge features that simplify the process and give you precise results.

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Software’s Working Step to Fix Outlook Is Sending Multiple Copies of an Email

  • Start the program, and then choose the Select Files or Select Folder options from the software panel.
  • Click Next after selecting Outlook items from the software window.
  • Select a mode to prevent Outlook from sending duplicate emails.
  • Use the advanced settings based on your preferences and requirements.
  • To store the output data in a preferred location, click the Browse button.
  • To begin resolving the “Outlook is sending multiple copies of an email” error, select the Remove button.
  • When a completion pop-up message appears, click OK.
  • Obtain the output data by choosing the destination path.

The Bottom Line!

Now that you know why Outlook sends an email many times, do you understand why? To solve this issue, the first step is to identify the right reason and then implement a suitable solution. You may also quickly eliminate all duplicate items in Outlook with the automatic tool.

Answers to Common Questions

In Outlook, why am I receiving multiple copies of an email?

Outlook is duplicating every email for a number of reasons. Synchronization errors, Send/Receive intervals, server timeouts, Microsoft Outlook integrated with antivirus software, incorrectly configured rules, and many more are among them.

How can I prevent Outlook from sending me multiple emails?

  • Increase Server Timeout by Disabling Antivirus
  • Alter Interval for Send/Receive
  • Activate the option “Don’t save copies of saved items.”
  • Verify the synchronization of your Outlook profile.

How can I get Outlook to stop sending me duplicate emails?

You can adjust send/receive periods, server timeouts, send/receive programs, and other settings if you are dealing with multiple copies of an email in Outlook. In case you wish to eliminate all duplicate emails from your inbox simultaneously, you can utilize the expert Outlook Mailbox Duplicate Remover application.

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