Remove Duplicate Emails in Windows Live Mail 2012

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As we know that any professional email service like Windows Live Mail may contain many duplicate files.  These files are the same copies of an email message that you receive, sent, saved in draft. In this blog, we will discuss how one can easily remove duplicate emails in Windows Live Mail 2012 efficiently.  There might be question in your mind that why there are so many duplicate files of a same email. There are various reasons for this behind why Windows Live Mail creates so many duplicate files. One of among is when user utilize certain email programs such as Windows Live Mail, MS Office Outlook and also The chance of generating duplicate files prevails.

Do you ever wonder how removing duplicate file can help you? I must tell aware you of a fact that removing identical files is beneficial for you. It helps creating more space In your storage device as multiple files that has no use can consumes much space. Also multiple files also lower downs the speed of Windows Live Mail client. Now let’s move straight to solution of how to remove duplicate email from inbox Live Mail. Thereafter we will learn how to remove duplicate emails in Windows Live Mail 2012, and also all the advantages of the software.

Best Way to Remove Duplicate Emails in Windows Live Mail 2012

CubexSoft EML Duplicate Remover Tool is an advanced and easy way to remove duplicate emails from Windows Live Mail 2012. This tool helps to delete duplicate email files so effortlessly.  The software has made up to provide users an enhanced way de-duplicate files. There are many benefits of it, we will look at them later. Now first we will discuss on the procedural steps you need to follow.

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How to remove Duplicate Email from inbox Live Mail? – Follow 5 Simple Steps

Following are the step-by step instruction to remove duplicate emails in Windows Live Mail 2012 mention:

Step1:  Install and open the remover tool on Windows Operating System.

Step2: Dual options are here to load duplicate emails such as “Select Files” and “Select Folder”.

Step3: Users are able to choose particular files for removal one by one, from previously added files and folders.

Step4: Now add the desired destination path through “Browse” option. Users may search duplicate files with dual modes such as “Search duplicates within the folders” and “Search Duplicates Across the folders”.

Step5: Now add the required filter fields. And then press on “Remove” button. Within a few seconds of time users get success notification of the process, click “OK”. At this point users also receive status of the removal procedure.

How to Extract Emails From Windows Live Mail?

Below are the steps of email extraction given so that you save email of Windows Live Mail first:

  1. Firstly open Windows Live Mail Software on your system.
  2. Go straight to the file option, then click on Export Emails option, now select email messages.
  3. On the next stage, choose format Microsoft Windows Live Mail.
  4. Then, choose the desired destination path for saving emails.
  5. Now go to folder or subfolder to get maintain backup.
  6. The procedure start here, finally click on “Finish” button after export completion.

What Should Opt For The Email Duplicate Remover App? – Benefits

Delete Multiple Duplicate Emails: There are dual options for adding duplicate emails. These options help for selecting multiple files and also one can select complete folder.

Checkboxes Availability:  Users may check the required emails’ checkboxes to remove only those files. Users can tick the required item, one by one conveniently.

Original Email Remains Same: The software removes duplicates only without harming any original file and its content. The accuracy is well maintained here, without any doubt.

Add Filter Fields Option:  Users can add the filter options for example date range, to, from, subject, and root folder. These options help in a selective elimination of file removal.

No Size Limitation:  The software enables to remove duplicates of any size of file. No file size limitations are there in this technique.

Remove Duplicates of .eml- email clients: WLM File Duplicate Remover helps to remove email file duplicates of all emails client (based on EML format) such as Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, AppleMail, DreamMail, emClient, Eudora, etc.

Independent Software: Installation of any external software is not mandatory like Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, emClient, etc.

Select Desired Destination Path Option: WLM Duplicate File Remover App gives an option of select destination path. By clicking Browse, user can select the desired destination path accordingly.

Log-Report: After completion of duplicate removal process log-report automatically appears on the screen. The log-report contains info such as destination path, time, number of files removed, etc.

Easy to Handle: Users may face no difficulties while removing identical files. It is very simple to proceed with this method without any technical skill.

Wrap Up

This Windows Live Mail Duplicate Removal App works for Windows Operating Systems such as Window 11, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8.1, and Windows 8, etc. To get a complete understating of the process to know how to remove duplicate email from inbox Live Mail, free trial is open for all, it permits removal of 25 files free of cost. I hope by reading this article, all difficulties related with this file removal process has been solved now. Now you may download this reliable utility and do not miss free trial option.