Microsoft Outlook Connector for IBM Notes to Connect Microsoft Outlook with Lotus Notes

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There are many users who wants to experience new things in technology. So, they frequently move from one platform to another. And in between this they forget about how to access the previous stored emails in new one. Because every email client supports different functionality and carries different file formats to save the data. Most of the users are now switching from Lotus Notes to Outlook. Both are completely different applications. If a user tries to Lotus Notes export email with attachments in Outlook, then he/she has to face an error as Microsoft Outlook is the email client that does not allow to open any file other than PST. Whereas IBM Notes saves all its data in NSF format. However, keeping all such crucial issues in mind, MS Office Outlook Connector for IBM is designed.

MS Office Outlook Connector for IBM makes it possible to access Lotus Notes emails, calendar, contacts, tasks and other items while working on Outlook email application. But there are also some limitations involved in using this. For example, Lotus Notes client is needed to access IBM Notes data, documents and forms stored in Domino because all these items will not display in Outlook.

How to Use Outlook for Accessing Lotus Notes Data?

Step 1. Open MS Outlook >> Go to Tools >> Select E-mail Accounts.

Step 2. Email Account window will open. Select Add new e-mail account >> Additional Server Types.

Step 3. A pane will appear beneath Additional Server Types, select Microsoft Office Outlook Connector for IBM Lotus Domino and click Next.

Step 4. Message will display “The E-mail Account that recently has been added will only start if you select Exit from File menu, and then restart MS Outlook”. Now, close all the tabs and restart Outlook.

Step 5. From Outlook Connector for Domino Configuration window, enter the Domino server name under “Server name or IP address”. Click OK to continue.

Step 6. After checking all the default entries in Offline Folder File Settings, click OK. Also, click on Yes, when message prompts to create the file.

Alternative Ways for Accessing Lotus Notes to Outlook

If you are unable to implement the above process, then there are two alternative ways available that you can execute for the same. Let’s start the both methods in brief.

Method 1 – Professional Solution to Export HCL Notes to Outlook PST Format

In this solution, professionals recommended one of the finest and safe Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter software which is the suitable way to access Lotus Notes database to Outlook email client without any trouble. The tool is designed in a simpler interface so that it can be handle by any technical and non-technical user. Alongwith the suitable guide, it also provides amazing facility as like- batch transfer, preview files, custom folder mapping, email address translation, save attachments, maintains folder structure, save report facility, etc. So, without taking anymore time let’s go through with the steps of conversion that are mentioned below:

Step 1: Download and Launch the IBM Lotus Notes to Outlook on any Windows edition


Step 2: Start the program and go to the Add Files options from top menu bar

Step 3: Import the Lotus Notes Files using Export Single File or Export Multiple Files option

Step 4: After properly inserting the files, get the preview function by clicking on any email

Step 5: Now, press the Export option and choose the PST option from the list of saving output options. And, insert location to save output data files.

Step 6: Click Next that opens advance options as per the user requirement like- PST split, email address translation, custom folder mapping, etc.


Step 7: Hit on the Export button that starts the conversion procedure as given in the picture.

Step 8: Finally, the Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion is complete, and click Ok to finish it.

Method 2 – Manual Solution to Migrate IBM Lotus Notes to Outlook File Format

The manual solution includes two rounds of procedure that both rounds are properly described below:

  1. Export email messages from Lotus Notes
  2. Import the same to Outlook

Export all Email Messages from HCL Lotus Notes

In the first process, export all the email messages from Lotus Notes. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Launch IBM Notes email client on the system.
  2. Now, open Lotus Notes NSF data file.
  3. Go to Open button of IBM Notes application and choose the desired NSF file you want to open.
  4. Again, go to File tab of menu bar >> click on Export option.
  5. Export wizard window will open on the screen, select the location as per need to save new file. Press Save as type option and choose either CSV (Comma Separated Value) or Structured Text.
  6. Type the required name in the File Name search bar and click Export.
  7. After selecting CSV option, dialogue box will appear asking “How much to Export”, “Export Character Set” and “Data to Incorporate”. Select the options accordingly and click OK.
  8. In case of Structured Text, you will also find multiple options as CSV such as “How much to Export”, “Export Character Set”, “Separator Between Documents” and “Wordwrap within Documents”. Select the desired options and click OK.

Now importing the resultant file in Outlook email client

  1. Launch MS Outlook application in the system.
  2. Go to File >> click Open >> Select Import.
  3. Import/Export Wizard window will appear on the screen. Click the option “Import from another program or file” and tap on Next.
  4. Now, select the format which you want to import i.e. Comma Separated Value. Click on Next.
  5. Browse the earlier created file in the first process by clicking on Browse button. Then select the option “Replace duplicated with items imported”. Click Next.
  6. Now, choose the desired destination path where you want to import the data and then click on Next.
  7. The entire procedure will take few minutes in completing the import process. Finally, tap Finish button.

Now with the help of this process one can easily access all emails and other data of HCL Lotus Notes to Outlook.

Note: It is recommended before implementing the method, make sure that you backed up all your Lotus Notes data. Because if by chance the process stopped or shows an error in between the import export processing then there is a possibility of data loss.

Moreover, if you are from non-technical field, then you can try Lotus Notes to Outlook Tool. In just a few easy steps Lotus Notes export email with attachments will successfully converted into MS Outlook. You can try the software downloading its free demo which allows to convert 20 NSF files to PST with emails, attachments, contacts and calendar without any loss of data.