MDaemon to Thunderbird Tool to Export MDaemon Files/Folders to Thunderbird Easily

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Email Conversion from one email client to another is a trending activity nowadays. There are various email clients present in the email market which are distinct from each other. MDaemon and Mozilla Thunderbird are among them. Recently we found, a major proportion of users want to export MDaemon account to Mozilla Thunderbird. There are various factors which plays major role in MDaemon to Thunderbird conversion such as:

  • Mozilla Thunderbird has low maintenance cost as compare to MDaemon. Therefore it is cost effective affair to choose Mozilla Thunderbird over MDaemon.
  • Unlike MDaemon, responsive time is faster in Mozilla Thunderbird. Many independent surveys and users claim that Mozilla Thunderbird works faster than MDaemon.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird comes with junk filtering option therefore it provides higher security than MDaemon.
  • If you like to customize your email client that Mozilla Thunderbird is best option for you. In Mozilla thunderbird you can customize your profile according to your need.

Reading above mentioned bullets you can easily conclude why Mozilla Thunderbird is better than MDaemon. In this blog, we will tell you how to move MDaemon profile data to Mozilla Thunderbird in the most efficient way. Here we discuss about MDaemon to Thunderbird conversion and all the other facts related to the conversion. So keep reading the blog till end to know hoe MDaemon export mailbox to Thunderbird accurately.

What is Mozilla Thunderbird?

Mozilla Thunderbird is a desktop based email client developed by Mozilla Foundation. The email client is very popular among users and support files in MBOX format. It is an open source, cross platform email client, RSS, chat client and new client. Primarily an email client, Mozilla Thunderbird also provide other services like contacts, calendar, task, briefcase, journal, etc.

Export MDaemon Mailbox to Mozilla Thunderbird Professionally

MDaemon Converter is a professional third party solution that accurately perform MDaemon backup folder to Mozilla Thunderbird. The tool support to run on all Windows Operating System of sizes 32 bit and 64 bit. The MDaemon to Thunderbird conversion solution works in very efficient way and export batch MDaemon files to Thunderbird in single time processing. The advance utility move all MDaemon files along with attachments, contacts and calendar in precise form. There is no requirement of any type of technical knowledge to perform MDaemon import user account in Thunderbird.

The advance solution migrate MDaemon files in accurate mail properties such as header, hyperlinks, email address/content, time stamps, font, style etc. After conversion, you don’t find single change in hierarchy of MDaemon folders. MDaemon to Thunderbird Utility is an amazing software that provide direct MDaemon to Thunderbird conversion at affordable price. You can also try demo edition of MDaemon to Thunderbird Utility to understand software working properly. The demo edition export first 25 MDaemon files to Thunderbird for free of cost. Click below mentioned button for instant solution of MDaemon backup folder to Thunderbird.

How MDaemon Backup Mailbox to Mozilla Thunderbird?

  • Install and run MDaemon to Thunderbird utility in your system.

launch MDaemon Export

  • Select MDaemon folder/file which you want to export in Thunderbird.

add MDaemon files

  • Choose Thunderbird as output option for MDaemon backup folder to Mozilla Thunderbird.

choose saving file type

  • Next apply advance filters for selective MDaemon mail backup to Thunderbird.

live MDaemon files conversion progress

  • Click Convert button to start MDaemon backup mailbox to Thunderbird.

conversion done

  • All your selected MDaemon folders will be successfully transferred to Thunderbird.

Significant Features of MDaemon to Thunderbird Tool

  • MDaemon to Thunderbird Utility works in very efficient manner. It provides facility to batch migrate MDaemon mails items to Mozilla Thunderbird in single time processing without any misplacing any file.
  • The advance utility facilities direct MDaemon to Thunderbird conversion. You just have to install Mozilla Thunderbird in your system and the utility move all your selected MDaemon files to default location.
  • While using this smart solution, you don’t need to bother about security of other database such as contacts and calendar. The smart MDaemon to Thunderbird tool move contacts and calendar to CSV and ICS format respectively without any error.
  • MDaemon to Thunderbird Software perform the conversion in a very sophisticated way and retains all properties of mails such as header, hyperlinks, email address, email content, font, style, time stamps etc. after conversion.
  • The multi-tasking utility accurately move all attachments with their respective mails to Thunderbird. All type of attachments i.e. PDF, JPG, TIFF, GIF, DOC, PPT, ZIP, etc. are exported to Mozilla Thunderbird without any changes in properties.
  • Another benefit provided by MDaemon to Thunderbird utility is that it retains original hierarchy of folder. None of you work will be affected even after conversion.
  • Using this advance solution one can move only selective MDaemon files to Mozilla Thunderbird. The feature of selective conversion is very beneficial as it saves lots of time and space.
  • The tool also provide filters like to, from, subject, date, cc, bcc for selective MDaemon mail migration to Mozilla Thunderbird. You can apply any or all of them while moving MDaemon data to Thunderbird.
  • MDaemon to Thunderbird conversion software is designed to run on all Windows Operating System of 32 bit and 64 bit. You can use the tool on all Windows edition such as 10, 8, 7, 8.1, Vista, XP etc.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is installation of MDaemon necessary to move MDaemon database to Mozilla Thunderbird?

No, installation of MDaemon is not necessary to move MDaemon data to Thunderbird. MDaemon to Thunderbird Utility is an independent application that does not need any other application to depend upon.

Can I use the software on my Windows 10?

Yes, the tool support all Windows Operating System having version 10, 8, 7, 8.1, Vista, XP, etc.

Is there any file size limitation imposed by MDaemon to Thunderbird Tool?

No, the advance tool does not impose any file size limitation and can be used to export unlimited MDaemon files to Thunderbird.

What time does it takes to move 2 GB of MDaemon data to Thunderbird?

MDaemon to Thunderbird Utility move batch MDaemon files to Thunderbird in minimal time. The time taken depend upon the size of file you are migrating to Thunderbird.


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